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5 Tips for Success Rate of Health and Care Dependent Visa UK

Healthcare visa for the UK

The UK’s Health and Care Worker Visa is aimed at non-EEA nationals who wish to work in the UK’s health or social care sectors. It’s a faster route to enter and work in the country, specifically tailored to address the skills shortages in the health and care sectors. But what about the dependents of these health and care workers? This article will delve into the specifics of the Health and Care Dependent Visa UK, which caters to family members of health and care workers.

Tier 2 Health and Care Dependent Worker Visa Extension

  • Eligibility: If you’re on a Health and Care Worker Visa, you might be eligible for an extension provided you continue to meet the job requirements and your employer still requires you.
  • Duration: An extension can be granty for another 5 years, depending on your circumstances.
  • Application Process: The extension application process involves filling out an online form, providing required documents, and possibly attending an interview or biometric appointment.

Carer Dependent Visa UK Requirements

  • Relationship Evidence: Dependents include spouses or partners, children under 18, or children over 18 if they’re already in the UK as dependents. Proof of relationship is vital.
  • Maintenance Funds: Proof that the dependent(s) can be financially support in the UK. This could be shown via savings or a letter from the primary visa holder’s employer stating their salary and confirming the ability to support the dependents.
  • English Language: For adult dependents, they may need to provide evidence of English language skills.
  • Medical Examination: A TB test might be need in certain countries.

Health and Care Dependent Visa UK Processing Time

  • Standard Processing Time: Once all necessary documents are submit, the visa decision is made within 3 weeks for applications outside the UK.
  • Delays: Incomplete applications or missing documentation can lead to extended processing times. Always ensure you submit all required documents in the appropriate format.

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Health and Care Dependent Visa UK Refusal Reasons

  • Insufficient Documentation: Failing to provide necessary documents or inaccurate information can lead to a refusal.
  • Financial Shortcomings: The application can be denied if the primary visa holder cannot financially support the dependent.
  • Criminal Record: A criminal record or past immigration offences could lead to a refusal.
  • Deception: Providing false information, forged documents, or not disclosing necessary information could result in visa denial.

Tier 2 Health and Care Visa UK Fees

Standard Application: The fee may vary depending on the length of stay and age of the dependent. Always refer to the official UK government website for the most current fees.

 NHS Surcharge: Dependents will also need to pay the health surcharge of £624 per year for each applicant as part of their application, but health worker dependents and health and care visa UK child dependents don’t have to pay IHS Health Surcharge. 

Standard Service and Priority Service

  • Standard Service: This is the regular service where the decision is typically made within 3 weeks for applications outside the UK.
  • Priority Service: For an additional fee, applicants can choose the priority service, which aims to decide within 5 working days. There’s also a super-priority service where decisions can be made even faster, within 1 working day, but it comes with a significantly higher fee.

Health and Care Dependent Visa UK Checklist

1. Completed Application: Always ensure you fill out the application accurately.

2. Valid Passport: This should have at least one blank page.

3. Proof of Relationship: Marriage certificates for spouses, birth certificates for children, etc.

4. Financial Evidence: Bank statements, pay slips, or employer’s letter confirming the ability to support dependents.

5. English Language Requirement: For adult dependents, evidence of passing an approved English language test might be need.

6. TB Test Results: If the dependent is from a country requiring a TB test.

7. Previous Immigration Records: If the dependent has previously been to the UK, any past visas or documents related to their stay can be crucial.

8. Payment: Ensure the visa fee and NHS surcharge are fully paid during the application.


In conclusion, the Health and Care Dependent Visa UK is a valuable provision for health and care workers in the UK wishing to bring their family members to live with them. Proper knowledge of the process, requirements, and possible pitfalls can ensure a smoother visa application process. Always consult the UK government website or a licensed immigration adviser for the most current and accurate information.


Tier 2 Extension When to Apply?

Tier 2 Extension can be apply before 28 days of visa current leave to remain ending of any candidate; it’s a general rule any visa category can use this service to prepare, draft and collect all mandatory requirements.

Care Worker Dependent Visa Work Restrictions

No such work restrictions exist for the dependents of care workers or senior carers; they are entitle to work anywhere according to the guidelines.

What is the Shortage Occupation Code for Health Care and Senior Care Workers UK?

6145 is the occupation code for care workers, home carers and senior care workers inside or outside UK. 

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