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7 Year Child Route Success Rate | New Rules & Policies

7 Year Child Route Success Rate | New Rules & Policies

The 7 years child route is one of the fantastic routes for kids living with their parents in the UK under their supervision without having their own legal status. They are growing up in the UK and getting an education here but have some fear of their visas expiring. This route ensures a secure and protective environment for such kids and permits them to stay in the UK. 

However, the success rate of this route depends on different circumstances, but it has the maximum success ratio compared with other immigration routes. This is because the stability and security this route provides to kids make them comfortable. There are also many different reasons for this route’s high success, which we will explore below. 

What Is a 7 Year Child Route?

The 7-year child route is beneficial for your child’s ILR or citizenship. Those kids can apply for this route whose parents are already living in the UK and have settled, and they are alone in their home country and want to join their parents. Kids living with their parents as dependents and not having legal status can apply for this only after qualifying. 

In addition, you need to understand the purpose of this route is to provide welfare and safety in the new environment with their parents. Based on this seven-year residency track, you can live in the UK with protection. Learn about this route’s requirements and apply appropriately to get the chance to enter the UK under this route. 

Rules Of 7 Years Child Route

The following are the new rules for the 7-year child route. Without following them, you can not enter the UK:

  • Children born outside the UK but with 7 years of residency and their parents settled can apply for this immigration route. After 30 months of getting this grant, these kids can apply for a settlement.
  • Children born in the UK with 7 years of continuous residency can apply for settlement whenever they want. 

Eligibility Criteria

Following are the eligibility criteria for seven year child route:

  • Applicants need to meet seven years of continuous residency.
  • I need to pass the Life in the UK test.
  • Applicant age must be under 18.
  • Applicants have to pass the English language test. 

What Factors Affect The Success Rate 7 Year Child Route Success Rate?

Several factors affect the success rate of 7 year child route:

  • The success rate of the application process of this route depends on your application preparation. If your applicant is well prepared and has no errors, it will be approved successfully. Meanwhile, applications with information will be accepted. 
  • Applicants need to provide supporting documents to strengthen the application and increase the success rate. However, missing these supporting documents affects the success rate. 
  • People who hire immigration lawyers for legal representation will not face complexities. If you do not consult with professionals in case of confusion, it leads to rejection and affects the success rate. 
  • Some common but primary reasons might affect the success rate, such as the child’s age, lack of residency, and absence of required tests. 
  • Applicants who do not keep up to date with the latest policies and are unaware of new changes will suffer rejection. 

Obstacles and Challenges

People thought that they had evidence of successfully maintaining continuous residency now they will not face any obstacles, but sometimes they have to face the following barriers and challenges:

  • Families with little budget may be affected by the high application fee, immigration lawyer fee, and other fees. These costs make this process challenging for such types of people.
  • People with less information in the English language find challenges in understanding the paperwork, requirements, and other documentation. 
  • People with less information in the immigration process will face obstacles in the visa process and miss the visa.
  • The home office has the right of discretion. This means they can cancel your visa if there is any confusion. 

Solutions to these obstacles 

  • Before you plan to travel, make a budget accordingly to avoid mishaps in the future.
  • You need to consult with immigration authorities and translate the burdensome reading requirements.
  • Hire immigration lawyers who help you understand the process of a visa and provide more valuable knowledge about the visa procedure. 
  • To avoid the discretion of the home office, submit supporting documents and make your application understandable for the home officers. 

Tips For Success

To increase the success rate of your route, you need to follow these essential tips:

  • Consult with an experienced lawyer to make all confusion clear.
  • You need to follow all the vital instructions the home office gives; otherwise, they will reject your application. 
  • Constantly be updated with the new rules and policies and make your application according to the latest requirements.


To summarise, the 7-year child route is one of the best immigration routes that enable kids to reside in the UK and bring them to legal status. The route aims to provide your kids with asylum protection and a secure and stable future. Despite that, the 7-year route highlights the protection of kids’ rights and well-being, increasing its success rate compared to other immigration routes. Eventually, the success rate of this route ensures that it is a perfect opportunity for those eligible kids. Parents need to apply this route for their kids, but understanding the criteria is necessary before that. 


How does a 7 year child route work?

The 7-year child route considers an application to stay in the UK for the last seven years. You need to claim that you did not leave the UK and have been living there. Along with your maintained residence, further criteria like your age, language proficiency, and other requirements should also be considered. After being granted this route, you will get the chance of PR or ILR.  

What is the success rate of this route’s application?

The success rate of this immigration route is relatively high compared to other routes, as it provides security and stability to kids. Also, following this route will close you to PR, while other routes offer PR directly. Moreover, this route is designed for those who want to reside in the UK for a good education and healthcare and to establish themselves in a new environment. 

What factors affect a 7 year child route success rate?

Several factors affect the success rate of the 7 year child route. 

  • Some parents are afraid to leave their children alone.
  • People need to provide a lot of evidence that shows they were in the UK, and sometimes they need to prove it.
  • Kids under 18 must be more mature to protect themselves in other countries with their parents. 

What happens if a 7 year child route application becomes successful?

Once the application is approved, the kids under this route will be allowed to live in the UK for 30 months. After this time period, they can move to ILR to get citizenship. Also, by fulfilling the eligibility criteria of any settlement route, they can move to that route and are permitted to work here in the future, study, and avail themselves of better healthcare. 

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