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7 Years Child Route Application Fees | For Parents & Carers

7 Years Child Route Application Fees | For Parents & Carers

The 7-year child route is a new pathway in the immigration journey for kids whose parents are already living in the UK and want to make their kids settle there for a secure and stable future. However, the process has rules and requirements that you need to fulfill to get information on whether you are eligible for this route. 

In addition, the process has some financial considerations that affect low-budget individuals, so before planning, check the fees involved and then make your budget. Moreover, the 7 year child route application fees also have some waivers to help those who want to apply but need help managing their budget. Continue to read to understand the process of the whole route. 

What Is a 7 Year Child Route?

The UK government provides a route for the welfare of children whose parents are living in the UK on legal status and who are alone in their home country, and no one is with them to take care of them. The kids must have a seven-year residency track; this route is possible. You must fulfill the application requirements and fee criteria for this route and complete the necessary paperwork. 

Eligibility Criteria

You need to follow the points to apply for seven years child route:

  • Applicants must be 18 years old while applying for this route.
  • You need to continuously complete the qualifying residence period of living in the UK for seven years. 
  • The aim of this route is the well-being of the kids. So, after being granted this route, the kids must attend school, be good members of British society, and make friendly bonds with their surroundings. 
  • The purpose of this route is to integrate kids into the British community, but the parents of the kids are required to have legal status. 

Application Process

Following is the application process for 7 year child route:

  • You must collect your kid’s essential documents, such as evidence of continuous residence, school records, medical records, identity proof, birth certificates, and passports. 
  • Fill in the FLR and FP application form for the 7-year-old child route.
  • Pay application fee while submitting application form because without fee your application form will be rejected. 
  • You have to make a file where you need to keep the application form, supporting documents, and the paid receipt of the application fee, then submit it.
  • Applicants must provide evidence of biometric verification, such as fingerprints and photos. Without them, your application is invalid. 

Fee Involved

The fee involved in the process of 7 year child route is included in the following components:

  • A 7-year child application fee is the basic fee for processing the application, which costs £1033. If four family members are applying, each has to pay this amount. 
  • The immigration health surcharge is mandatory, and this IHS costs £624 per year. The time frame of this route is 2.5 years, which means the net amount of IHS for this period is £1560.
  • The biometric fee is the additional fee for this route, which is £19.20. 
Type of feeCost 
Application fee£1033
Annual Immigration health surcharge £624
Biometric fee£19.20

Fee Waivers 

Following are the waivers for the reduction of 7 year child route application fees:

  • If the applicant’s family has a low income and does not have other means to meet additional expenses, they can apply for a fee waiver.
  • If, due to a low budget, you think that the application fee makes you needy, you can apply for this route.
  • In some cases, applicants are exempted from the application process. If you think you come under these conditions, you must seek assistance from the home office. 

Fee Impact On Families

A fee of the 7-year-old child route impacts significantly on the low-budget families. Parents with multiple kids can spend a lot of money on a single child. The total cost of a single child for this route is £2600, which includes the application fee, IHS fee, and biometric fee. The total budget for the parents with four kids would be £10,000 for the whole family, which is impossible to afford. If such parents try to apply for their kids, they must compromise on food, study, and other necessary things. 

Professional Guidance

People with complex cases hire immigration solicitors for professional guidance. It is another cost added to their budget but provides many benefits. The lawyers specialize in immigration law and know every little detail about the immigration policies of all visas. Immigration lawyers try their best to avoid rejection and delays and guide you through fee waivers. You can seek a lawyer’s assistance in getting a fee waiver. 


To summarize, navigating through this 7-year child route needs your knowledge to understand the various types of fees associated with this route. Three main fees are involved in this category: biometric verification fee, IHS fee, and application fee. The cost is to provide a secure environment for your kids with fundamental human rights. However, families struggling with financial issues can overcome these expenses by getting a fee waiver. You must explore these waiver-like requirements, who can get this, and how to be eligible. Before taking a new step, you need to understand the policies of this route and the things involved. 


What is the IHS? Do I need to pay IHS under this route?

Immigration health surcharge (IHS) is a fee that allows overseas individuals to pay and get national free health care from the UK government. You must pay this fee as it is mandatory; only individuals under the exception will pay. The immigration health surcharge for a seven-year child route is £624. 

What are the additional costs involved in the 7 year child route?

The significant fees involved in this process are the application fee and IHS. In the case of translating documents, you need to pay a hidden fee, and the biometric appointment fee is also hidden. For complex cases, you need to hire an immigration solicitor, which costs you a lot. Moreover, the amount for preparing the English Language is also hidden. 

How often must I pay a 7 year child route application fee?

The 7 year child route is valid for 30 months, equal to 2.5 years. After that period, you need to extend it. Every time you apply, you must pay an application fee, health surcharge, and other fees you paid when you applied for the first time. You will pay this fee until you become eligible for ILR. Even applying for ILR, you must pay the application fee and all associated fees. 

Can I get a waiver under the 7 year child route application? 

Yes, you can get a fee waiver under the 7-year child route if you cannot pay the fee. Paying a fee will make you compromise on basic needs like food, education, and residence. In this case, you need to submit financial evidence which shows you deserve a fee waiver. 

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