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Apply for Dependent Visa UK In Only 10 Minutes

Dependent Visa UK

What is a Dependent Visa UK?

A Dependent Visa UK allows the spouse, partner, or child of a UK visa holder (British, ILR, Student, Skilled Worker, Innovator) to live in the UK with them. The main visa holder (sponsor) must be on a work visa, student visa, or another type of visa permission that allows them to live in the UK together.

Dependent Visa UK Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a Dependent Visa UK, you must:

  • The applicant must be the spouse, civil partner, unmarried partner, same-sex partner, or child of a UK visa holder. Someone can prove this by providing marriage or civil partnership certificates.
  • The sponsor must meet the financial requirements criteria set by UK Visa and Immigration Authorities. 
  • This varies and is dependent solely on the sponsor’s permission holder. For example, in the case of a spouse, a visa sponsor must show £18600, but for a skilled worker, this is only £1270 in the shape of maintenance funds requirement. 
  • Pass the English language requirement test (if required because in some of the visa categories, this is A1, and in some, it’s not needed.
  • Providing TB Tests is compulsory for many countries, but please check it varies from the country where dependents are applying.

How to Apply for a Dependent Visa UK

Applying for a dependent visa in the UK is not an easy task. You have to go through many procedures and legal legislation. Here is a step by step guide that can make your immigration process much easier and convenient.

First Step:

 Identify your correct application form and choose the option carefully. It’s different if the applicant applies from inside or outside the UK.

Second Step:

 Fill in your required information, relationship dates, travel documents, and numeric data with extra care. Make sure you check every date and number twice.

Third step:

Pay the required fee that suits your category and submit your application form. Download the checklist and consent form you must sign at the end.

Fourth Step:

 Download the checklist file and provide all those documents written in the checklist and all those additional documents that suit your claim to be dependent.

Step Five: 

Book a Biometric appointment near your Home. Ensure you are at the biometric appointment center 15 minutes before with your passport and checklist document handy. 

Step Six: 

After attending the biometric appointment and submitting all your related documentation, please wait patiently for the decision, and if it’s late, please contact the UK Visa and Immigration Teams on this link.

 How KQ Solicitors Can Help?

KQ Solicitors’ expert immigration team has been serving clients around the globe for more than a decade. Furthermore, for more accessibility, we are providing free immigration legal advice for the first 15 minutes. Please email us at and book your free slot.

UK Dependent VISA Processing Time

The processing time for a Dependent Visa UK can vary depending on your country of origin and the complexity of your application. However, it normally takes 3 to 4 working weeks for your visa application to be processed. In some cases, like the spouse of a British or leave-to-remain holder, it can take almost eight weeks to twelve weeks as well. Please check your visa category before you decide something on the Official Government Website.

Applying from Inside or Outside:

Time varies upon different categories of permissions to other services, which are as follows:


For instance, if someone has applied for a skilled worker visa from outside the UK, normally, they get an answer in 15 to 20 working days. But in the spouse visa category, it’s 8 to 12 weeks.


But if an applicant is inside the UK, they can pay £500 extra and get a decision in 5 working days, and by paying £800, they can get the decision on their application in a day. 

Dependent Visa UK Visa Cost

The cost of a Dependent Visa varies on different categories and the time limit of the permission of your sponsor. For example, if someone is applying as a partner of a settled or British citizen, then your visa fee will be different compared to a person used as a skilled worker dependent 

Spouse Visa Fee UK:

Spouse visa fee in the UK is different if you are applying from inside or outside the state.

Outside UK:
  • this fee applies when someone has used it from outside the UK
  • Application Fee: £1846
Inside UK:
  • Application Fee: £1048
  • IHS Fee: The Immigration Health Surcharge is the same £624 per individual annually.

General Skilled Worker Dependent Visa Fee

General skilled worker visas for dependants cost differently according to your state. If you are applying from inside the UK, it costs less than applying from outside the UK.

Outside UK

The applicant will pay £719 each if the sponsor has a three-year visa. If it is more than three years, then the fee is £1420

Inside UK:

The application fee is slightly different if dependents are already in the UK

for up to 3 years, you have to pay £827 per individual, and if it is more than three years, then the applicant must pay £1500 for each individual.

Visa Categories on Shortage Occupation List

  • Applicants usually have to pay less if their job code is on the shortage occupation list. For more, kindly check the shortage occupation list.
  • Applicants have to pay £551 if their partner visa is up to 3 years
  • and £1048 if your stay is more than three years.

UK Dependant Visa Requirements

When applying for a Dependent Visa UK, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Applicants’ passport and all travel documents and proof of ID.
  • Proof of relationships like birth certificates, marriage or civil partnership certificates, and in case of an unmarried partner, you must show proof of living together for the last two years.
  • A cover letter explaining your relationship to the main visa holder and your purpose for coming to the United Kingdom.
  • Proof of your financial dependency with the sponsor, like payment transferring receipts, joint bank accounts in the sponsor’s name, and application.
  • Evidence of your English language requirement This option varies because a spouse visa-dependent applicant must provide an A1 English test. Still, in a skilled worker visa, a partner can give it without delivering it.
  • A Tuber class medical certificate is required, whether you apply as a spouse or skilled worker dependent. Please check if you need to provide tb test or not.
  • Provide a Police Character Certificate if your main sponsor works in the Teaching, Health, or social care sectors.


Applying for a Dependent Visa UK can be a tricky process for people who don’t have proper know-how about UK Visa and Immigration Law. Still, it is important to provide all correct information, mention if you have any refusal, be patient after submission, and follow the steps carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, you can seek professional advice from an immigration expert of KQ Solicitors. Please send us an email at and win a chance for a free telephonic consultation about your visa. or 

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