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Charity Work Visa UK: Eligibility & Application Process

Charity Work Visa UK: Eligibility & Application Process

Charity Work Visa UK are silent heroes for those who get them. Also, this is known as a volunteer visa, temporary visa, or short visa, as it is offered for a short duration. The visa permits the holders of this visa to work in the charity sector. The purpose of this visa is to provide charity benefits to your sponsor, but your work will be unpaid. 

In addition, the visa gives you a chance to study in the UK, and you can do another job with this one if your expenses are high. Your sponsor can get a permanent job, tax treaties, and other benefits through your job. The details about this visa are further described. Continue reading and gain valuable knowledge. 

What Is A Charity Work Visa UK?

The true meaning of a charity visa is a short-run visa for just a year. In this fugitive time, you can do a lot of work, such as you are permitted to study and work. Also, the visa allows you to bring your loved ones to the UK. However, there are claims that you will not take the money you earn from any second job other than that offered you by visa. Despite that, you can procure funds from the government, or you can be hired for permanent work. 

In addition, there are a lot of temporary visas with a temporary validity period that is permanently paid, like:

  • Skilled Worker Visa
  • Global talent visa
  • HPI (high potential individual visa)
  • Health and care visa

Temporary visas are short. Paid these are:

  • Creative worker visa
  • International agreement visa
  • Second worker visa
  • Religious worker visa
  • Government-authorized exchange visa.
  • Seasonal worker visa

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for Charity Visa UK are given below:

  • On this visa, you have to do voluntary work unpaid.
  • With this visa, you can not get a job in administration for any post.
  • Your age should be 18 when you apply for the visa.
  • Hold a sponsorship certificate.  
  • You have enough funds to support yourself. 

What Are The Requirements For Charity Work Visa UK?

Holders of a Charity Work Visa need to complete these three mentioned requirements:

Financial Requirements

These are the financial requirements of a charity work visa uk:

  1. As this is valid for 12 months, you must keep £1270 in your account monthly.
  2. You can manage the expenses of your residence if your sponsors claim that you will live with them.
  3. For dependents, the same rules will be followed. They also need to show their bank statements that show they can manage their expenses by themselves.
  4. The minimum amount of financial funds specified for a partner is £285, for one kid £315, and for each additional kid £200. 

Requirements Of Voluntary Work

These are the voluntary requirements of a charity work visa uk:

  1. As some companies temporarily hire you, you can not get a permanent job.
  2. If you are living hand-to-mouth and want to do a second job, you will get the amount for this job. But if your first job covers all your expenses and you still want to do a second job, you will not get a salary. 
  3. You are not permitted to work in any fundraising departments or administrative departments.  

Sponsorship certificate Requirements

These are the CoS requirements for a charity work visa uk:

  1. You have a valid CoS.
  2. You have a license that claims you will not apply for an extension of this visa or get it again. 
  3. You will do unpaid voluntary work.
  4. CoS is valid for three months.  

Required Documents

A complete portfolio is needed to strengthen your application and show that your documents make you compatible with this visa. These documents are:

  • A passport that is currently valid.
  • Reference number of sponsorship.
  • Evidence of financial funds.
  • TB test results.

Process Of Applying For Charity Work Visa UK

The process is relatively easy; simple steps are mentioned below. Follow them to avoid problems:

  • Complete the application form.
  • Submit it until the due date arrives. The submission of the application date starts three months before the day you enter the UK.
  • Pay application fees, biometric fees, health surcharges, and all other additional fees. 
  • Use a mobile phone application called ID check to prove your true identity.
  • Go for biometric appointments.
  • Provide documents that prove your identity, evidence of bank statements, nationality, and other required documents.
  • If you have dependents, prove your relationship with them. 

Process To Bring Family Members

You can not bring your family on this charity visa. You need to use different visa routes. One of the best examples is a family visa. Use the unmarried visa route for unmarried partners like civil partners and finance. Also, many visas allow you to move to the UK for a better lifestyle. 

A dependent visa is one of the best routes to make it easy for dependents to come and live with you. Kids under 16 who rely on you for everything must only fulfill some requirements and eligibility criteria. For those above 16 years old, the process is challenging. You are required to show they are your dependent, do not have any relationship, and are not doing any job. 

What Is The Current Fees For A Charity Work Visa?

Type Of FeeCost
Application fee£298
Healthcare surcharges for 12 months£1035
Biometric fee£19.20

What Is The Processing Time For Charity Visa UK?

Charity visas have two different processing times depending on whether you apply inside the UK or outside the UK. If you apply from inside the UK, you will get results in just three weeks. And if you apply outside the UK from the home country you belong to, it takes five weeks to get results. 


To conclude, people find charity visas boring, but they are tools that positively change their lives. It is best for talented individuals who cannot find the best employment opportunities in their society and want to do something big. You can get everything in the UK, like education, healthcare, and good work. This small step will make your life bright.  


Can I volunteer in the UK?

Yes, you can but with a charity visa. A charity visa is made for overseas nationals that is also considered a tier 5 visa, categorized as temporary. When you get this, you can volunteer at a registered charity according to UK rules. 

Can a charity visa be extendable?

Yes, but if you fulfil the conditions of the charity visa extension, you can not get this visa again. However, you can get other visas of this type, such as skilled workers and global talents. These visas are also valid for a temporary duration, but their validity time is longer than that of charity visas. 

What does a charity visa holder do after getting a visa?

Once you get this visa, you can volunteer in the UK, but remember the registered amount. Perform your duties well to make yourself honorable, and try to abide by what you claim at the time of your application; otherwise, your visa will be canceled. 

Are there any chances of refusal of this visa? 

Yes, there are possibilities that your application might be rejected if you do any one of the following:

  • They need to fulfill the criteria.
  • We are providing false details.
  • I need help to volunteer properly.
  • Lack of funds.

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