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What is the fee for an immigration lawyer at KQ Solicitors, Luton?

At KQ Solicitors, we believe in transparency when it comes to our immigration lawyer costs. Our approach is primarily based on a fixed fee structure. When you begin working with us, we will provide you with a clear breakdown of the expected costs for your specific case. Additionally, a small administration fee may be applied, and in cases where the involvement of an expert witness is necessary, their fees will be your responsibility.

For those seeking more comprehensive guidance, we offer a one-time advice service for a fixed fee. This service includes a written letter containing detailed advice tailored to your situation.

The fixed fee may only be subject to change if there are significant alterations in your circumstances that require additional substantial work. Otherwise, the initially agreed upon fixed fee remains unchanged.

Fee Packages

At Immigration Legal Services, we provide the flexibility of offering customized packages to our clients. For instance, if you require assistance with applications such as Indefinite Leave to Remain followed by British Citizenship, or permission to enter the UK as a fiancé and subsequent permission to remain as a spouse or civil partner, we can offer discounted rates.

"My mother's visa been refused twice but a big thanks to Khurram Amir who helped me out and fix all the paperwork for me yesterday I received email from Home Officer that my mum has been granted UK Visit am very happy I can't explain in words"

To give you an idea of our average fixed fees for various application types, here are some examples. Please note that these fees serve as an estimate, and if your case involves exceptional complexity, a higher fixed fee may be applicable. Rest assured, we will inform you of any adjustments in advance. For more details, feel free to get in touch with us.

25% Off ends in:



Fees (25% Discounted Fees)

Spouse Visa Application

£ 850

Visit Visa Application

£ 650

Sponsorship Letter Writing

£ 250

Tier 2 (Skilled Worker Visa)

£ 800

Skilled Worker Dependent Visa Application

£ 700

20 Year Immigration Route Application

£ 800

Tier 4 Student Visa Application

£ 650

PSW Visa Application

£ 600 Each

Student Visa Extension

£ 650

Deportation Application

£ 950-1350

Leave to Remain Application

£ 800

Appeal Against Home Office Refusal

£ 1650-2150

Sponsorship Licence

£ 2650-3250

EU Settle Status Application

£ 550 for Simple & € 750 for Complex

Bail Application

£ 1150

Immigration Assistance That Doesn't Cost a Fortune

Many people are in the same boat to find the cheapest immigration solicitors prices in UK. So, have no fear – this blog post will explore a variety of money-saving resources and give you tips on where to look for affordable immigration solicitors across the UK.

Get the Scoop on Free or Low-Cost Consultations!

Just give them a call and they’ll find you an affordable solution, whether it’s free consultations or something more cost-effective.

It’s worth investing a few minutes of your time to check out this service – after all, what have you got to lose? Even just a quick chat can make a huge difference and set you off on the right path. Come on, go ahead and give yourself a break – it’ll do you the world of good! Even if you don’t end up using that specific solicitor, you’ll still be armed with crucial facts for making an educated decision. So why not give yourself a helping hand and explore your options?

So, don’t hesitate – to reach out today!

Pocket-Friendly Solutions: Fixed-Fee Services

If you need the reassurance of knowing what your immigration costs will be for sure, it may be worth considering fixed-fee services.

You can rest easy ’cause you’ll know exactly what amount you’ll have to cough up for a lawyer’s assistance immediately – no nasty surprises further down the path! Try to get the cheapest immigration solicitors prices in UK. Sometimes, these fees are itemized according to tasks like applying or going to court.

Or, if it works better for ya’, some solicitors offer bundled packages covering all stages of immigration – although they tend to cost more, at least there won’t be any hitches in calculating your expenses. So, if security and peace of mind are worth more than an unpredictable total cost, fixed fees could give you just that.

Fee Flexibility: Sliding Scale Solutions

Doing research to find the firm that sets their legal services at a sliding scale fee is important for those who can’t splurge on the cheapest immigration solicitor prices in UK but still require expert guidance.

This dynamic system modifies fees to suit an individual’s income degree, so those with lower earnings won’t be dealing with as hefty charges as those with more ample funds.

It’s all about ensuring quality law assistance is available to everyone in need – regardless of financial standing!

Savings for Struggling Households

If you’re strapped for cash and can’t shell out the money for the least expensive immigration solicitor fees in the UK, low-income discounts could be a real blessing! Various immigration law offices offer reduced rates to people short on funds.

These price reductions range from 10% all the way up to 50% – it just depends on the regulations of that particular firm.

Before you commit to the cheapest immigration solicitors prices in UK, you must ask about their discounts and check on the quality of service – don’t sacrifice quality for a cheaper price tag! Ensure you’re getting everything you need; after all, there’s no point in getting a bargain if the assistance offered is inadequate.

Expertise in Immigration Law

Our immigration solicitors at KQ Solicitors are highly skilled in immigration law, providing accurate and up-to-date advice tailored to each client’s needs.

Client-Centered Approach

At KQ Solicitors, we prioritize our clients, offering personalized service and tailored immigration strategies to align with their objectives.

Strong Track Record

KQ Solicitors has a proven history of successfully helping clients achieve their immigration goals by navigating complex regulations with expertise and precision.