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cookies policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are the small amount of text and data which are used to make a website’s performance better by collecting the information of your browser. Your browser’s IP address or your information on that specific browser can be saved for future use. Some cookies allow third-party to use your information and data but not necessarily. Cookies help you to restore or review the same data or relevant content again in your next login. Mostly cookies only save your login information to make your access easy and quick if you visit that same site again.

Cookies policy of our website

We,, use cookies to make our visitors more convenient and appropriate for using our site.

Fundamental cookies

The basic and essential cookies without them you cannot have access to our basic services and pages. These cookies get permitted by our visitors and only save the login info and the visited pages and content for future use. Your previous visited pages’ info is saved and when you log in again, our cookies show you the relevant content and info again to save your time.

Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies to check and count the visitor’s numbers and their approach to our site, how they use and search the data on-site to make our performance more alleviated.

Social networking cookies

These cookies collect the info, from which social media platform, do people get access to our site and how can we make our clients more acknowledged by our information and services? This may help us to spread the right amount of content to our clients.

Promotional cookies

By using these cookies, we get info about advertising and promotions on our website. These cookies help us to find out the best advertising campaign running, and it’s the outcome. These cookies can help us to show you the right advertisement trailer according to your showed interest. For more info about us, have a look at our privacy policy: