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Detailed Guide If Somone Wants to Apply for PSW in 15 Minutes


The Post Study Work Visa (PSW Visa) is an updated iteration of a previous visa pathway, permitting overseas students who have graduated with any qualification ranging from a bachelor’s degree to a Ph.D. from a UK institution to reside in the United Kingdom for a duration of two to three years subsequent to the conclusion of their academic program. This visa will allow you to touch new skies of work experience in the UK and be eligible to tap new professional markets around the globe. 

PSW Visa UK Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for a Post-Study Work Visa, you are required to:

  • The first and main eligibility criteria for applying for a post-study work visa is that the applicants must complete their degree successfully in the UK.
  • Have completed a course that was at least 12 months long. You must complete a lesson from an institution that has a compliance record.
  • Have maintained valid student visa status, and your presence must be legal and lawful throughout your stay in the UK.
  • There is no requirement to meet the English language requirements; it’s simple: if the applicant has completed his study, he automatically fulfils this requirement.

PSW Visa Processing Time

There are no priority or super-priority options available for this visa category while you apply for a PSW visa in the UK. But per my legal expertise, a decision can be made between 3-4 weeks. Ensure you provide all correct information; otherwise, your decision may take longer than that. 

Post Study Work Visa UK Fees

As per the update of 04 October 2023, the application visa fee PSW is £822. Although there is no fee rise if we talk about the IHS Surcharge yet, you will also need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge, which is currently £624 per year of leave in the UK per individual. Book a free telephonic consultation with our expertise of KQ Solicitors, by emailing us at

How to Apply for a PSW Visa

To apply an application for a Post-Study Work Visa, fill out the digital application form and forward it to the UK Home Office. You are also required to supply accompanying documents, including your passport, existing visa, and degree certificate.

Create an online account 

with the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) website. You will need this account to submit your application and to track the progress of your application.

Gather your supporting documentation

This includes your passport, British resident permit, and other relevant documentation.

Complete the online application form

The application form is quite comprehensive, so it is important to take your time and answer all the questions accurately.

Pay the application fee

The application fee is £820 per the last update of October 2023. You will also need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge, which is currently £624 per year of leave in the UK.

Submit your online form

Once you have completed the application, filled up all necessary information in the state, and paid the required fees, you can submit your application. Ultimately, you will get an email confirmation of your IHS Number and Visa Application Submission. Keep that info safe.

How KQ Solicitors Can Help?

Seek professional advice if needed. If you have any questions or concerns about your PSW Visa application, contact our experienced team by emailing us at Info@kqsolicitors. Please don’t hesitate; our UK Visa and Immigration advice is free for students.


The Post-Study Work Visa presents an excellent chance for overseas graduates from UK institutions to remain in the country and initiate their professional journey. Should you pursue education in the UK or accumulate professional experience within the country, you will be included in the Global Marketplace. If you are eligible for a PSW Visa, I encourage you to apply and explore some opportunities as a step towards upgrading your life.                


Q: Do I need a new CAS Letter to Apply for PSW?

A: The answer is no; an applicant does not need a new CAS Letter you got when you applied for your student visa, which will work fine, although it’s a mandatory requirement to provide a CAS number while you use it.

Is it mandatory to provide a degree or transcript for a PWS visa?

A: Applicants who do not provide a degree and diploma certificate while they apply for PSW visa authorities will directly contact students’ universities to verify their result status.

Q: Can I work any job on a PSW Visa UK?

A: Yes, an applicant can work any job on a PSW Visa. As stated in its name, a post-study work visa gives freedom to the permission holder to work on any job for two or three years. There are no restrictions on this visa type. 

Q: Can a postgraduate diploma holder apply for PSW?

A: the answer is no. A student will get a PDH (Poststudy Diploma Certificate) when they don’t complete their degree, and our primary requirement is to finish your degree successfully. Then, you are eligible for PSW.

Q: Can I extend my UK Post Study Work Visa?

A: No, you cannot extend your PSW Visa. However, you can apply for another type of visa, such as a Skilled Worker Visa or a Startup Visa.

Q: Can I bring my family to the United Kingdom on a PSW Visa UK?

A: Yes and No at the same time. If dependents were in the UK when the main applicant was a student, the answer is Yes. If the dependents are outside the UK and the main applicant has switched from student to Post study work visa category, then a big No. 

Q: Are there any English language requirements for a post-study Visa UK?

A: The answer is no, you; indirectly if the applicant fulfills the primary reason for eligibility by completing coursework successfully. The applicant has bypassed the criteria with it.

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