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Family Visa | Join Your Family In UK | Application Assistance

Family Visa | Join Your Family In UK | Application Assistance

A Family visa permits you to move your family members to the UK for a long time. It would help if you had ILR, immigration status, or permanent residence; otherwise, you can not bring your family to the UK. Moreover, your relatives are not your family members; if they want to come to the UK, you can bring them in on a visitor visa.

However, the process is relatively easy. You have the authority to settle your family in the UK. On a family visa, you can establish your dependents, parents, fiance, spouse, kids, adults, and anxieties. To learn more about family visas, continue reading. 

What Is a Family Visa UK?

A family visa allows you to bring your whole family to the UK to care for them. It is for those who want to stay longer in the UK, for more than six months or an extended period. There are different visas under family visas, like PBS, spouse, etc. 

There are some requirements for a family visa for which you have to consult with your immigration lawyer. The immigration solicitor will guide you through the eligibility criteria you need to fulfill and the documentation that you and your family submit with the application. 

What Are The Requirements Of Family Visas?

The following are the basic requirements of family visas for sponsors:

  • You must have a settlement visa, ILR, and work visa and have passed the 5-10 years required. 
  • You cannot bring your family here if you have a youth scheme visa.
  • Have pre-settle status or an EU national.
  • You have a Turkish work visa of Turkish, or you are a Turkish business person.
  • You have your residence in the UK.
  • You have asylum protection in the UK.

The following are the basic requirements of family visas for family members:

  • Applicants include spouse, civil partner, kids, parents, child, and fiance of the settled person.
  • Being a dependent, you are allowed to live with your sponsor, you are independent of your sponsor, and you are still unmarried. 
  • Sponsors should be stable to meet the expenses of the dependents.
  • Applicants must have the knowledge to communicate in English.
  • Applicants have no criminal record or claim not to create domestic violence in the UK. 

Different Categories Of Family Visa

Following are the categories of family visas: 

Spouse Visa

The family visa allows the eligible spouse to move to the UK and join their partner to live, work, and stay easily here for a long time period. For this, the applicant must be:

  • Civil partners and spouses.
  • All these partners have a certificate showing they have been together for the last two years. Relationships of less than two years will be rejected. 
  • Applicants for spouse visas must clear the A1 level of the English language test. 
  • The sponsor has to show £29,000 annually. 

Spouse visa holders can stay in the UK for two years and nine months; afterward, they can extend their visa for two years and six months. Thereafter they will be eligible for indefinte leave to remain. 

Parent Visa

Sponsors can bring their parents for their help if they find any difficulty in living alone in the UK. You can only settle your parents if you were dependent on them when you first came to the UK. Now, you must be:

  • UK citizen
  • Have settlement
  • Have a pre-settled EU scheme
  • Continuously living in the UK for the last seven years
  • Child will not be responsible if you leave the UK

Child Visa

If one of your parents has ILR PR or citizenship, you are not required to apply for a family visa. You can go without it. After going to the UK, you can apply for indefinite leave to remain. The child’s requirements will depend on whether they were born in the UK. the child is born in the UK and is under 18 will be considered as a dependent family member. If an over-18-year-old child is born in the UK, it depends on whether the parents want to keep their child with them. 

If the applicant’s children are not in a relationship or are still unmarried, they will be dependent on their parents. A child visa is extendable, and the children can apply whenever they want. 

Adult Visa 

Adult visas permit adults of the sponsor to come for the care of themself. Mature people can be your parents, relatives, siblings, kids, and relatives, and they will have a chance for PR. The requirement for an adult visa is mentioned below:

  • Applicants of 18 or over 18
  • Applicant claims the look after of the sponsor in terms of illness and disability. 
  • Applicants also claim they will not get public funds for the next five years. After five years, they can assess public funds. 

PBS Visa

PBS visa has to meet the following requirements to live in the UK:

  • Dependents like fiance, civil partners, and married partners are allowed.
  • Kids under 18 and over 18 also if they do not depend on you.
  • Under 16 kids will rely on the sponsor for all their expenses.
  • Independent kids do not have kids.
  • Unmarried under 18 can come.

What Are The Reasons For The Rejection Of Family Visas?

Due to the following reasons, you can face refusal these are listed below:

  • If the home office thinks you are in a fake relationship or failed to prove your relationship.
  • If you have not enough money to show for your financial requirements.
  • If your sponsor has no personal accommodation.
  • If something is missing, it needs to be added to the documents.
  • If you have any criminal record. 
  • If you provide wrong information or fake documents.


A family visa enables your loved ones to visit the UK to meet you or settle there with you. The visa can bring your parents, dependents, spouse, partner, relatives, siblings, and finances. The application process is easy, but applicants must claim residency and income, which they will manage independently. Family visas develop strong family bonds, and you can happily establish your own community in the UK. 


What documents are required for a family visa?

You need to submit all those documents that are mentioned on the application to support your application:

  • Proof of your identity
  • Evidence of your relationship with the sponsor
  • Bank statement that you will not depend on public funds
  • Paper of your accommodation that you will stay with the sponsor

Can I study or work on a family visa?

You can work, study, and travel on a family visa. There are restrictions for the family visa for some time, so first, you need to consult with the home office or your family lawyer to understand the rules and laws of the UK union. 

Can I apply for PR on a family visa?

Yes, after you complete your qualifying time period, you can apply for PR. Some visa holders, like child visa holders, can apply for PR immediately after entering the UK. But visa holders like spouses, finance, parents, adults, and PBS have to wait five years to get the opportunity of PR or ILR. 

How much time does it take to process?

The processing time depends on your application. If all the requirements are completed, you will get your approval soon. The average time frame for processing a family visa application depends on the visa type; it takes weeks to months. 

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