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FLR Visa For Students UK | A Success Guide To Visa Extension

FLR Visa For Students UK | A Success Guide To Visa Extension

Students who are allure of studying used to embark on visa journeys to get higher education. But every visa has to end one day to blossom a new desire for work and further study. People choose the FLR Visa For Students UK extension to continue their growth for an unstoppable journey. 

However, once your study visa expires, you can extend it to an FLR visa. Whether you want to study, work, or have your family stay longer with you, go for that visa extension. Time limit for FLR is not specified. Just complete your work and degree here in the UK, and your purpose of staying afterward is to move back to your home country. 

What Is An FLR Visa?

The flr visa meaning is further leave to remain. As you know, all visas expire to some extent. Some can be renewed, while some are one-time visas, so in this case, you can use FLR for the extension. The application process has no hard and fast rules; it depends on the type of your current visa. 

Further, there are various types of FLR, like FLR M, FLR (IR), FLR (PR), and FLR (HOR). FLR (HOR) visa is used for overseas human rights, flr m visa is used for family visa extension, and flr (IR) visa is used to stay longer in the UK. All these visas have their own requirements and eligibility criteria that you must know before applying. 

What are the requirements For an FLR Visa for students?

The requirements of a uk flr visa are listed below:

  • The course you choose must be registered with the sponsor for Tier 4.
  • You must have a student visa if you want to get this visa.
  • Your sponsor must give you CAS to confirm your course enrollment and outline. 
  • Your visa will be rejected if you break any immigration law in the past.
  • It would help to have enough bank statements to support yourself during the course.
  • It would help if you claimed that you are coming to study here. And will only go back after completing your course. 

How To Apply For FLR Visa For Students?

The application process of flr visa for students depends on various methods that are mentioned below:

  • You must gather all supporting documents, such as your current visa, passport, proof of financial statement, proof of your previous degrees, and other documents.
  • Search for the application on the official UK website. Double-checking of applications is required to make your application process hassle-free.
  • Book biometric verification appointment for photographs and fingerprints. After the biometric verification, you again need to go for documents and biometric details.
  • You would have to wait for the decision after submitting the application. Depending upon the type of application, it can take a few weeks or a month.
  • A license named “BRP” (biometric residence permit) will be issued once the application is approved, you must collect it within a specific period.

Required Documents

Sometimes, the required documents will not prove your application, so some supporting documents are needed that are:

  • Travel documents and valid passport.
  • Also, you need to provide your previous passport. 
  • Provide a valid BRP card.
  • Proof your bank statements, funds, and scholarships. 
  • CAS of your institute.
  • All your previous academic degrees.
  • Need an English language test like TOEFL and IELTS.
  • Residence proof in the UK.
  • Police certificate.
  • TB test.
  • Evidence that proves your relationship with your dependents.

Important Points

Before applying, you need to consider the following points:

  • Before your current visa expires, start your renewal process two months earlier.
  • You must have that bank balance to support yourself for an extended period.
  • Kindly provide all the required information about your application and recheck it before submission.
  • Consult with a solicitor if you feel that your application is not up to the mark.
  • You have to keep your record with you in case of missing original documents.
  • Need to fulfil visa conditions even after the renewal. 

What Are The Current Fees For FLR Visas For Students?

The flr visa fee for every candidate will remain the same during the visa, while health surcharges may vary. 

Type Of FeeCost
FLR Application fee£475
Healthcare surcharges fee £470
Biometric fee£19.20

What Is The Processing Time For Students With An FLR Visa?

The processing time of the flr visa uk usually takes 8 weeks. However, it also depends on the number of applications. If there are more applications, it takes time. Moreover, if your application is completed, it will be processed quickly. 

In addition, use priority service to process your application faster. It may cost extra charges. By using this priority service with additional charges of £500 you can get results in just five working days. This service can give results in just 24 hours with additional charges of £800. 


FLR is a significant opportunity for those individuals who want to extend their visas for work, family, and study. First, understand the eligibility criteria and requirements to avoid rejection because sometimes you do not check the criteria and pay an application fee that is not refundable. Application process is a crucial point in the whole procedure. To make it easy and smooth you should have adequate knowledge. Hire a lawyer to seek advice about what to do and what to avoid. With an FLR Visa For Students UK, you can attain your best chances and achieve your dreams. 


Can I work on an FLR Visa For Students?

Following the visa rules, you can work on an FLR Visa For Students UK. For Public funded colleges and universities you have 20 hours in a week to do work and on holidays you can do a full time job. While if you are a student of a private institute you have 10 hours per week for work also you can do a full-time job in holidays. 

How long does an FLR Visa For Students last?

It depends on the circumstances of your studies and your visa type. If you are studying a short-term course, you must leave after that. You leave if your course lasts 2, 3, or 5 years. But if your visa is based on anything except studies, it can be from a few months to years, depending on the duration of your work. Be mindful that if you are enrolled in a two-year program, and after two years, your course is still ongoing, you are allowed to move from the UK. 

Is the FLR Visa For Students and Tier 4 the same?

No, both these courses are different. Tier 4 visa specified course and course duration. People in tier 4 can apply for an FLR visa for an extension after their visa expires. FLR Visa For Students UK is also an extension of the tier 4 student visa. 

Why is my visa flr m rejected? 

There are various reasons for rejection. These all are listed below:

  • Criminal Record
  • Application errors include needing to complete the application accurately.
  • Meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Bank statement should be strong enough to make you stable during your journey.
  • Fail to provide evidence of your residence. 

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