FLR(O) UK : Easy Steps to Extend Your Stay in the UK


FLR(O) UK is an extension visa type in the UK for individuals who want to stay in the UK for unlimited reasons in different categories. It stands for Other further leave to remain. The visa is designed to offer versatile options like family unity, job, and study to individuals under various conditions for those who can not cover specific categories. 

Moreover, the individuals who eagerly want this visa extension must become eligible. Also, the applicants must ensure they meet the financial criteria and documents required and follow this visa’s policies. Further, the visa form has not been used since 2016 and has been discontinued for reasons you will read below. 

Who Can Apply For FLR(O) UK ?

Individuals who can apply for FLR (O) are listed below:

  • If your visa is about to expire and you are dependent on a UK visa holder, you can extend your stay duration by using FLR (O). 
  • People in the UK seeking treatment for such a disease whose cure is not possible in the applicant’s home country can apply for FLR (O).
  • People with discretionary leave to remain are permitted to get this extension.
  • Moreover, your visa extension is possible in an emergency for people who qualify for this FLR (O). 

Application Process

The steps involved in the application process of FLR (O) UK are given below in detail:

Gathering Of Required Documents

Gather all the documents necessary to support your application. Typically, you require a valid passport, so you need an extension, BRP, etc. 

Applicant Form

Once you prepare the file of all your documents, get an application form online through a legal website. The form asks about personal information, visa status, and reason for extending the visa. 


Fees are the most critical factor when applying for a visa because you might face rejection without them. For extension, you must pay IHS, application, and biometric fees. The IHS fee is used to provide you with free healthcare. 

Application Submission 

After filling out the application form, recheck and submit it to avoid mistakes. As you submit the form, go for the biometric appointment without wasting time. 


Wait for the decision. Generally, it takes eight weeks, sometimes up to two months. This is because of errors in the application and misleading information.

Availability Of FLR(O) UK

FLR (O) is for individuals not considered under work, study, and job criteria. It permits the applicant to extend their visa for broad reasons. However, the availability of this form stopped in 2016, so it is essential to check whether it is available. Individuals can use the following method to confirm the availability of this form: 

Consultation With Immigration Lawyers

Sometimes, immigration policies are more complicated than expected due to frequent changes. Hire an immigration lawyer and get detailed information about the FLR (O) form. 

Visit Government Websites

Visit government websites because all currently available forms are available there. The forms which need to be fixed should be present on the websites. 

Why is FLR(O) UK Discontinued?

Key reasons for the discontinuation of the FLR (O) UK are given below:

Simplification Of The Immigration System

FLR (O) UK needs help understanding. To make it straightforward, the UK immigration system has undergone various reforms. FLR (O) UK can be called a catch-all category, meaning it covers all conditions and allows visa extensions. The elimination of this form simplifies the process, and applicants now apply for specific forms according to their circumstances. 

Creation Of More Categories

All other reasons for staying except work, study, and family did not fit in FLR (O) UK. The government of the UK introduced new categories to cover all the visa extension reasons, which are divided as:

  • FLR (FP): For family life under private life.
  • FLR (IR): Based on immigration rules for leave to remain,
  • FLR (DL): Based outside the immigration rules under discretionary leave.
  • FLR (M): For partner, dependent kid, and parent of a settled person. 

Enhance Security & Compliance

A wide range of applications with the same category confuses the immigration authorities in keeping a record of these under different circumstances. At the same time, dividing the FLR(O) UK into other categories makes maintaining records accessible. 

Improved Accuracy

The division of FLR (O) makes the process easy for home officers as they can easily distinguish the type of application and make quick decisions accordingly. People under their category apply under it, which reduces the chances of rejection. With the help of this discontinuation, the efficiency of the overall process increases. 

Addressing New Immigration Needs

With time, the reasons for visa extension are increasing frequently, and they can not fit in FLR (O). Under a single category, it is hard to find the correct application that is entirely completed.  


To conclude, the FLR (O) UK is an essential and versatile option for individuals who can not get an extension in other categories. For this process, applicants need to understand the policies and requirements of this visa. Manage the file of required supporting documents, arrange the amount used for the visa, and plan your trip. However, this form is not available anymore because other forms are available for individuals that cover all the categories of FLR (O). In addition, it is necessary to seek guidance in this regard from immigration lawyers.  


Can I work or study in FLR (O) UK?

Depending on your current visa status, you can work and study in the UK by informing the home office. Some applicants on FLR (O) UK get permission to work and study, while some need to follow the visa restrictions. So before doing anything, check the requirements, eligibility criteria, and visa policies to determine the do’s and don’ts. 

What necessary documents are required?

While applying for FLR (O) UK, the following required documents are needed:

  • Travel ID or documents and current passport. 
  • Proof of the applicant’s current LR.
  • Medical records.
  • Explain why you want to get this extension. 
  • Accommodation proof.
  • Financial documents, such as bank statements.
  • Sponsorship letter.
  • Marriage certificates.

What are the eligibility criteria for FLR (O)?

The eligibility criteria of FLR (O) UK are:

  • If your visa is about to expire and you are dependent on a UK visa holder, you can extend your stay duration by using FLR (O). 
  • People in the UK who need treatment for such a disease whose cure is not possible in the applicant’s home country can then apply for FLR (O).
  • People with discretionary leave to remain are permitted to get this extension.
  • Moreover, in case of some emergency, your visa extension is possible for people who qualify for this FLR (O). 

How long does an FLR (O) visa application take to process?

The processing time of the FLR (O) UK application is generally eight weeks, which can also take longer to process in case of any error or wrong information. However, if an applicant wants to process quickly, opt for super-priority and priority service by paying additional charges. By using these services, you can get the decision in five days with priority service, and with super priority service, you can get the decision in 24 working hours. 

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