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Guideline about Spouse Visa Extension Requirements

Spouse Visa Extension Requirements

Navigating a spouse visa extension’s complexities and technical requirements can be challenging and hectic. Please ensure you meet all spouse visa extension requirements to avoid unnecessary delays or even refusal. Below is a comprehensive guide on spouse visa extension requirements, which includes various components like documents, cost, processing time, and common reasons for renewal refusal. If you want KQ Solicitors to provide Free Spouse Visa Extension Advice, please email us at and book your slot for a free 15-minute legal consultation.

Spouse Visa Extension Documents

Documents serve as the backbone of any visa extension application. For a spouse visa extension, the following documents are typically required:

1. Current Passport and Visa: 

Copies of the current passport and existing spouse visa.

2. Proof of Relationship:

Marriage certificate, joint bank account statements, photographs, and other evidence of a genuine relationship.

3. Financial Evidence:

Proof of income to meet the minimum financial requirement, including bank statements, employment contracts, and payslips.

4. Proof of Living Together: 

Evidence of a suitable living arrangement such as a rental agreement or mortgage documents.

5. English Language Requirement: 

Certification that proves the applicant’s ability to understand and speak English to a certain level is an A2 or B1 Certificate of English Proficiency.

6. Immigration Health Surcharge: 

Comprehensive health coverage for the applicant.

7. Immigration History: 

Records of previous immigration and travel history, with their exact in and out dates and reasons, if applicable.

Spouse Visa Extension Cost

The cost of extending a spouse visa can vary because of several circumstances of the applicant, but generally, applicants should be prepared for the following:

1. Application Fee: 

The primary cost must be paid while applying, which is £1,048, called the visa fee. Without paying the fee, you cannot submit.

2. Biometric Information Fee:

The cost for recording biometric information starts from £85 to £250, as per our knowledge, but please check the latest fee updates of UK Immigration as well.

3. Healthcare Surcharge: 

A fee to cover potential healthcare costs during the stay for 2.5 years; you have to pay £1560 as per the latest immigration update, but please check with gov. uk and ensure the fee.

4. Free Legal Advice: 

Consultation fees of KQ Solicitor are free if you employ us as your immigration attorney; from drafting, submitting, and booking a bio-metric appointment for you, we charge £700 for each spouse visa extension application. Furthermore, if you want us to upload your documents, then it’s £50 extra. 

Dependent Visa Extension Processing Time

Processing times can vary greatly depending on the country where you are applying and several other circumstances of the main applicant. On average:

1. Standard Processing: 

After eight weeks in this service, the applicant will receive an answer to their application. Furthermore, applicants are not paying any additional cost.

2. Priority Service:

At an additional cost and by paying a £500 additional charge, an applicant can get an answer to their application in 5 working days.

3. Super Priority Service:

 At a significantly higher cost of paying £800, additional applicants will get answers within 1-2 working days.

Spouse Visa Renewal Refusal Reasons

There are several reasons why a spouse visa extension might be refused:

1. Insufficient Documentation:

 Lack of enough evidence to prove the genuineness of the relationship, financial stability, or proof of living together like bank statements, payslips, etc.

2. Language Barrier: 

Failure to meet the English language requirement, the applicant has to provide a fresh English language assessment test certificate or B1 certificate of English proficiency.

3. Criminal Record: 

Any criminal history can become the reason for the refusal reasons of the spouse visa renewal application.

4. Overstaying:

 If you have overstayed your current visa, applied for an extension late, or, in case of immigration breaches, it will significantly affect your renewal application.

5. Incorrect Information: 

Submission of incorrect or false information, as the applicant needs to fill in the correct travel document number or its issue and expiry date, is one of the biggest refusal reasons for spouse visa extension renewal.

Spouse Visa Extension Checklist

To streamline the process, here’s a checklist you can follow:

1.Review Eligibility: 

Ensure you meet all the criteria and have gathered all the required documentation before applying.

2. Gather Mandatory Documents: 

Compile all necessary documents in a single place and carefully examine your travel document expiry dates.

3. Fill out Spouse Visa Application Form: 

Fill out the application form with accurate details. Any false information like the wrong passport number or any other mistakes in your identity documents can become a real reason, so be aware.

4. Financial Proof:

Ensure you meet the minimum income requirement of 18,600, and it’s okay if the sponsor provides this financial stability proof that their spouse can provide their payslips and bank statements to meet the criteria.

5. Health Surcharge: 

Secure comprehensive health insurance coverage and pay £624 Immigration Health Surcharge annually. 

6. Consult KQ Solicitors Free: 

Get free legal advice if still determining any aspect by emailing us at

7. Submit the Application:

Send the application well before the visa expiration date, download your checklist and book your biometric appointment.


By following this guide and carefully approaching it, an applicant can be better prepared to navigate a spouse visa extension’s complexities and technical points. Always consult official resources or legal professionals like KQ Solicitors by emailing us at to ensure you’re current with the most recent regulations.


1. Which English test is required for a UK spouse visa extension?

The English test required for UK spouse visa extension is a Secure English Language Test (SELT) at CEFR level A2 in Speaking and Listening. This means that you must be able to understand and use simple English for daily communication.

2. Can I use B1 for a spouse visa extension? 

No, you cannot use B1 for a spouse visa extension. The minimum level required is A2. If you have a B1 certificate, you can use it to apply for settlement after five years in the UK.

3. Does Universal Credit Affect Spouse Visa Extension?

Yes, Universal Credit can affect spouse visa extension. If you receive Universal Credit, you must prove that you seek work. You will also need to show that you have enough savings to support yourself and your family if you are still looking for a job within three months of your visa extension being granted.

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