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Healthcare Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In The UK

Healthcare Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In The UK

For foreigners, healthcare jobs with visa sponsorship in the UK are huge. Outsiders have a great opportunity to work in England with professionals. Most UK medical companies support foreigners coming and working in the state. So, the labor shortage can be fulfilled by offering jobs to new and talented people from abroad. Healthcare jobs with visa sponsorship in the UK are well-paying jobs. Financial benefits and support are great to consider. You can assist people in hospitals, schools, and homes also.

Requirements for healthcare jobs

Do you wish to have a healthcare job in the UK? You must know the requirements and criteria to apply for a healthcare job here. Here is a short list you must check before applying

  • If you are a qualified medical worker
  • You have a job offer
  • You are working with a well-known medical department
  • You have a sponsorship offer from a licensed company
  • You have enough money to pay the application and visa fee
  • You can survive here and can manage your expenses for a whole month

Healthcare Visa sponsorship job offers

Getting a working visa for the UK is difficult and tricky. But if you get a sponsorship offer from a legal and authentic company, this process becomes quite easy. Medical departments and the NHS can offer visa sponsorship for healthcare jobs. The NHS also sponsors and supports medical experts to come and work in the country. 

You can find many jobs offers on different sites online, like and When you have a sponsored visa for healthcare assistants, you can work with other companies also if needed. To improve your income and salary rate, you have permission to work part-time with any related employee.

Salary for healthcare tier 2 jobs

According to the latest statistics, a health worker’s normal salary is about £16000 to £ 18000. However, experienced workers make up to £31000. Entry-level assistant workers earn £8.5 to £9.5 per hour, and experts are offered £11.51 per hour.

Weekly you can get £69 for working 35 hours. You can also get some other benefits while working on weekends also. When you are working as a home care assistant for someone, you have the right to have holidays as legal minimum paid holidays. It’s approximately 28 holidays per year.

While working as a medical assistant or health carer, you can claim extra allowances like support, pension, and income-based assistance.


In short, healthcare jobs with sponsorship visas in the UK are quite difficult. But once you get a chance to work here, you can get many benefits; financial, residential, and allowances. If you are an expert in your profession, you must try to settle here.

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