Healthcare visa for the UK

Healthcare visa for the UK

A healthcare visa is a recently introduced category in visa migration in the UK. Under this category, you can apply for a visa if you are a medical professional, a doctor, a nurse, or an adult social care worker. You can get a chance to work in England with professionals. A Healthcare visa allows you to work in the UK for the NHS, an NHS adult social care department. This category was introduced to make the visa process easy, quick, and affordable for foreign medical workers to contribute to health services in the state.

Benefits of a healthcare visa

The healthcare visa is an upgraded “skilled worker visa.” However, the healthcare visa provides more benefits to its holders. They can get this visa for a less expensive fee and get a concession in paying “immigration health surcharges.” The visa is only issued to medical professionals and healthcare workers in hospitals, schools, or homes.

Validity of the visa

This is issued for five years, but you can extend your visa as often as you want to stay in the country. If you get a good job during your visa validity, you can get a permanent stay by applying for “indefinite leave to remain.” After completing your five years, you can have your own home here if you meet all your job criteria.

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Requirements for the healthcare visa

You can get a healthcare visa for the UK if you fulfill these basic requirements.

Medical Professionalism

Suppose you are a qualified doctor or nurse in a well-known medical sector. Having experience in the related field.

Have a sponsorship letter

You can also get this visa if you have a sponsorship letter from the employer working with the Home Office.

Get a job offer in the medical department

If you are from another country and applying for a job online, you can get a visa in case you get a job offer from any medical department.

Eligible for working in the health sector

This visa can also be issued for people with a strong medical studies background. If you are eligible to work in the health sector, age doesn’t matter. Though you are physically fit, you can work in any medical department.

Good in spoken English

You must know basic English. If you can speak, write, listen, and understand the basics of English, you can get the visa. So, if you have passed your academic studies in English and have cleared the GCSE national qualification level, you can also have it.

Financial maintenance required

If you want to stay in the UK, you must show your money. You must demonstrate that you can fulfill your needs during your stay. The minimum amount you must show in your bank account is £1270. Your sponsor can also show you the certificate if he can support you for the month.

 Criminal record certificate

If you are under 28 years and have stayed in another country for 12 months, you must show a criminal record certificate. However, you must have a certificate of a criminal record if you have ten years of stay in any country if you are above 28-year age.

Tuberculosis certificate

If you are applying for a visa from the listed countries, you must take this TB clearance certificate.

Tier 2 sponsorship care assistant jobs

Tier 2 sponsorship care assistant jobs are available here. But before going further, we discuss the entire process and job sponsorships.

What does tier 2 sponsorship mean?

Tier 2(general) jobs mean to appoint positions to individuals from outside the country to fulfill the labor shortage in the state. The tier 2 jobs are assigned to qualified experts in different fields. If the country’s labor and market demand have a gap, skilled workers are offer level jobs. When you get a tier 2 job in the UK, you can migrate with your spouse, children, and any dependents at the same time.

Point-based system

Tier 2 sponsorship is the legal referral certificate issue by the licensed worker or employer working with the Home Office. You can get sponsorship by applying online and paying a fee. The Govt of the UK has issued a point-based system; following that system, you can get a tier 2 visa. You must have 70 points score to make yourself eligible for a tier 2 visa can get 30 points if you have sponsorship and an extra 30 if you are resident in a place on the “skills shortage list.”

Tier 2 visa is valid for five years; you can extend it as often as you wish. You can also apply for British citizenship if you meet the requirements. You can travel abroad and come back to the UK with this visa. So, You can get a tier 2 visa if you have a job offer from a licensed company or employer as proof.

Care assistant tier 2 sponsorship

A medical professional can get care assistant tier 2 sponsorship easily. Anyone with a medical studies background and experience in a related field can apply for a care assistant tier 2sposonship.

Care assistant sponsorship is offered when you have a licensed company in the UK and you are a citizen of England with age above 18 years. When you get a sponsorship licence from the Home Office, you can invite workers from outside the UK for work and jobs.

How to apply for care assistant tier 2 sponsorship?

You can be eligible to get care assistant tier 2 sponsorship if you meet these requirements

  • If you are an experienced and qualified doctor, nurse, or health care worker.
  • You have a job offer from a well-reputed company
  • You are working in the UK with the health department or medical field.

Care assistant tier2 visa sponsorship

Care assistant tier 2 visa sponsorship is the referral visa granted by an approved and authentic company to workers outside the EEA. The licensed company from the Home Office has the right to offer jobs and sponsorship to skilled and experienced workers. They provide positions in case of a labor shortage and employers in the country.

How to apply for tier 2 visa sponsorship?

You can apply for tier 2 visa sponsorship if you are eligible and have these qualifications

  •  If you have an eligible business company in the UK
  • You have suitable jobs for sponsorship
  • Type of your business and your offered job to sponsor
  • Apply online and pay a fee to get a sponsorship

NHS England supports care assistant visa workers and their dependents working in England. The workers studying and qualifying from the UK educational system are preferably supported. However, outside workers can also request this support.

How much time does it take for tier 2 visa sponsorship?

 It takes almost eight weeks (about two months) to get a response for your application from the submitted date. But it can take longer if you have a previously refused visa or the Home Office needs more information about your documents.

Cost for the tier 2 visa

Although the tier 2 visa cost is affordable for some workers, most people consider the UK sponsorship visa the most expensive. It costs £1235 as an application fee, an immigration skill charges £1820, an immigration health surcharge £3120, and a certificate of sponsorship £199. At KQ Solicitors our legal team is professional and properly capable to file your tier 2 visa application, highly recommend paper handling skills.


After a detailed discussion, we conclude in easy words that a healthcare visa for the UK is challenging to get. But, if you have a sponsorship job offer here, getting a permit and job is easy too. The medical field is sponsoring foreigners under the license from Home Office. The NHS also supports the workers and their dependents to improve their performance. After five years of stay here, you can also apply for British Citizenship. You can also work here as a tier 2 care assistant with a sponsorship offer.

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