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Immigration Invitation Letter UK

Immigration Invitation Letter UK Supporting Visitors Application 

The document invites you to the UK for a tour, a business trip, to join family, to study, and for other purposes. A known person of the applicant who has citizenship can write this letter to invite the applicant. The letter is an evidence paper that claims the purpose of the applicant’s visit is that the applicant will leave soon.   

Moreover, in this letter, the inviter includes all the necessary basic details about the applicant and the applicant’s travel plans. The inviter will explain the relationship with the applicant and be sure to write accurate information about the applicant. The invitation letter facilitates the application process, and if you provide your application will be rejected fake information. 

To Whom Invitation Should Address?

The immigration letter of invitation is used to invite someone in your home country, but you will not address this letter to the visitor. The letter conveys all the detailed information, which is a formality and a supporting document for additional information about the applicant’s case. 

However, do not write this letter in a way you speak with visitors. It would help if you addressed the consular officer of the UK or ECO. Try not to use sentences such as dear visitor or officer; instead, you can use formal wording, dear sir and madam. In the letter, you need to write the applicant’s name and refrain from using wording like visitors want to come here for this purpose. 

What Are The Requirements Of An Invitation Letter?

The following are the requirements for an immigration invitation letter from the UK:

  • The inviter should be a permanent resident of the UK and have citizenship.
  • The inviter should have a strong relationship with the applicant. For example, it could be your partner, parent, friend, or relative. 
  • Inviter must own a personal residence.
  • The inviter has enough to make accommodations for the applicant. 

Basic Required Information 

The following basic required information is needed: 

  • Inviter and applicant name.
  • Provide contact information and the complete address of the inviter.
  • Settled status of the inviter.
  • Occupation of the inviter.
  • Inviter relationship with the applicant.
  • Visitors’ travel duration and travel plans.
  • Should mention about the time frame of the stay
  • Entry and exit dates should be mentioned. 
  • Details about accommodation and funds

Additional Information That Must Be Included

In the letter, the inviter should explain how visitors will manage expenses when they come to the UK. You need to show the visitor’s bank statement, or if the visitor needs more funds, you, as a sponsor, must bear your guest’s expenses. In this case, you must provide evidence of your shared costs with the visitor. 

In addition, if you have an idea about your guest’s stay, write the estimated dates according to your information. If a visitor will not stay with you and has another accommodation, you must tell them the required details. The letter’s purpose should be understandable; your writing should be formal, use simple language, and not be an expert. Do not try to add fake additional information; try to provide precise but correct details about the application. 

Key Points To Consider

Before planning your visit, you need to know about these additional details:

  • It is mandatory to mention whether you are coming for the first time or have any previous visits. 
  • Language is not mandatory, but you are sometimes required to take an English test.
  • If you are coming for business purposes, mention the company name, job title, company owner name, and company contact details. 
  • You must have sufficient money in your bank for your expenses. 

What Supporting Documents Are Required?

Include the given documents with your application to support it:

  • A scanned copy of the host’s UK passport.
  • The inviterThe inviter needs to provide evidence of personal residence. 
  • A copy of BRP (biometric residence permit).
  • Proof of rental house.
  • Show a bank statement to claim that you can support the visitor.
  • You need to manage all the activities and travel plans and provide a copy of your plans as evidence.
  • Please provide all the legal documents supporting the visitor’s application. 

Structure Of Invitation Letter Of Immigration

Follow the below-given structure to write an invitation letter of immigration for an impressive look:

  1. Choose payment package express and regular.
  2. Your payment will be made with PayPal or a credit card. To complete the payment, you will need to provide your name, address, email, residence, and country name.
  3. Complete the invitation letter form with honest and accurate information about the visitor. Your information about the embassy must be accurate and correct. 
  4. Press the finish button once your application is complete. If your application is received, you will be drafted. 
  5. Depending on the payment package, you will receive your letter in PDF form within a few days.
  6. When you receive your letter, sign it, print it, and send it to the visitor. The visitor attached a copy of the letter to the application as a supporting document. 


To conclude, an invitation letter confirms the applicant’s visit by supporting your application. The letter required all the information about the applicant and the relation with the sponsor. The purpose of the letter is to affirm the character of the visitor. If a sponsor is inviting the applicant on his part, it means the visitor is a trustworthy person. Whether you are going for a business meeting, to attend an interview, for a tour, for health issues, or all other activities, the letter is like a smooth barrier that makes your journey effortless. Be mindful that you can get the visa with accurate information. You must have fake details to come to the UK. 


What should be the format of the immigration letter of invitation?

An invitation letter should be written in formal language, and it should include the following things:

  • Write the inviter’s address, name, information, and email.
  • Write the date when you write the letter below the invitation details.
  • The letter should be addressed to the UK officer.
  • The purpose of the letter is mandatory.
  • Claim you will take all the responsibility of the applicant. 
  • Signing the letter is necessary before closing.

Is an immigration invitation letter mandatory?

No, invitation letters provide additional support to the application and reduce the chances of rejection. An understandable letter can easily convince the consular and present yourself as a trustworthy person. 

Who can write an invitation letter?

Any person with citizenship can write an invitation letter for you. The inviter could be a family member, relative, friend, or organization inviting you to business conferences or meetings. Also, the person who claims to take your responsibility can write this letter for you. The inviter should be sincere and honest and give honest information about the applicant and the embassy. 

What kind of information is required to write an invitation letter? 

The following details should be mentioned in the invitation letter: 

  • Inviter and applicant name.
  • Provide contact information and the complete address of the inviter.
  • Settled status of the inviter.
  • Occupation of the inviter.
  • Inviter relationship with the applicant.
  • Visitors’ travel duration and travel plans.
  • Should mention about the time frame of the stay
  • Entry and exit dates should be mentioned. 
  • Details about accommodation and funds.

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