Immigration solicitors Cardiff

Immigration Solicitors Cardiff

Immigration solicitors Cardiff play a vital role in supporting immigrants as they navigate the complexities of the UK immigration system. From providing legal advice and assistance with visa applications to representing clients in court proceedings, solicitors offer invaluable support at every stage of the immigration process. Our staff consists of highly skilled immigration lawyers if you require an immigration expert in Cardiff. KQ Solicitors has a group of immigration lawyers who have worked on legal cases in Cardiff. As a specialized firm, we can offer legal advice and help on immigration, asylum, and nationality law for clients in Cardiff. We aim to provide the best immigration legal support in Cardiff.

Our Services

If you’re wondering about the services provided by KQ Solicitors, you can find them listed below:

Skilled worker visa services

  • Non-UK citizens are permitted to hold qualifying jobs in the UK with a skilled worker visa.
  • To be eligible, applicants need to score 70 points and meet other requirements such as skill level, income, English proficiency, and a job offer from a UK business with a valid sponsoring license.
  • Dependents including children, spouses, and “durable” partners can also apply to join the primary visa holder in the UK.
  • The worker can apply for indefinite leave to stay in the UK during the maximum five-year validity of the visa.

Criteria for UK Skilled Worker Job Eligibility

  • Minimum requirement of RQF level 3 (comparable to an A-level) in the role for eligibility under the new Skilled Worker Visa route.
  • Mandatory to be paid the “going rate,” which is the minimum wage appropriate for the job, with a minimum annual salary of £25,600.
  • Employer must have a current Certificate of Sponsorship and be approved by the Home Office.
  • An occupation code is necessary, which can be obtained by asking the employer if a job offer has been received previously.

Skilled worker extension visa services

  • Skilled worker visa extensions must be applied for from within the UK.
  • Application must be made before the existing visa expires.
  • The application process is done online through the official website.

Processing time for skilled worker extensions

  • Applications for skilled worker visas are typically decided within eight weeks, although for a variety of reasons, this time may extend.
  • Potential delays could be caused by the need to verify supporting documentation, the need to attend an interview, or problems relating to private matters like criminal convictions.
  • If more information is required after the original application submission, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) will get in touch with the applicants.

Skilled Worker Visa Application Fees

Application LocationDuration of StayFee per Person
Outside the UKUp to 3 years£719
Outside the UKMore than 3 years£1,420
Inside the UKUp to 3 years£827
Inside the UKMore than 3 years£1,500

Services for Health and Care Worker Visas

If they work for the NHS, as one of its suppliers, or in social care for adults, healthcare workers are allowed to enter or stay in the UK on a Health and Care Worker visa.

Requirements for a Health and Care Worker Visa

Basically, a health and care worker visa is a tier 2 worker visa or a skilled worker visa that allows the overseas skilled health professionals to come to the UK and work with some health and care departments. Whether you are a qualified doctor, nurse, or a professional health worker of your country, you can apply for the health and care visa in the Uk. Here are some basic and necessary requirements for a health and care visa for the UK.

Age Criteria

  • You have to be at least eighteen.

Professional Qualification

  • You have to be a licensed physician, nurse, health care provider, or adult social worker.

Qualifying Profession

  • You must work or intend to work in an eligible health or social care job listed in approved occupation codes.

Employer Approval

  • You must be employed by or plan to work for a Home Office-approved employer in the UK health and care sector.

Certificate of Sponsorship

  • You need to have a current “certificate of sponsorship” from your company that outlines the position that is being offered.

Proficiency in the English Language

  • You must demonstrate competency in English language to at least CEFR Level B1 (equivalent to IELTS 4.0).

Salary Requirement

  • You must be paid either the minimum salary or the ‘going rate’ for the type of work, whichever is higher.

Financial Independence

  • You must have sufficient funds to support yourself without relying on public funds.

Certificate of Criminal Record

  • If working with vulnerable people, you must provide a criminal record certificate.

TB Certificate

  • If from a listed country, you must provide a valid TB certificate.

Health and Care Worker Visa Application Fees

Duration of StayStandard Fee per Person
Up to 3 years£284
More than 3 years£551

Whether you apply from within or outside of the UK, the cost is the same.

Skilled worker to indefinite leave to remain

If you are working in the UK on a skilled worker visa and have stayed for the last five years, you can apply for indefinite leave to remain. You can apply for ILR when you meet the basic requirement of consecutive stay in the UK. Moreover, you can apply before 28 days of your qualifying time period for indefinite leave to remain. You can get all the basic benefits of permanent stay in the UK if your application for indefinite leave to remain is successful.

Benefits of ILR for Skilled Workers

  • ILR grants permission to live in the UK permanently, free from immigration restrictions.
  • Offers the right to live and work in the UK indefinitely without the need for further extensions.

Contrast with Further Leave to Remain (FLR)

  • FLR allows staying in the UK as a Skilled Worker but for a limited period, subject to compliance with conditions.

Application Process

  • After initial leave, Skilled Workers typically apply for FLR before becoming eligible for ILR.
  • Skilled Workers can apply to extend their visa multiple times under the rules, as long as requirements are met.

Eligibility for British Citizenship

  • After living in the UK with ILR for an additional 12-month period, eligible for British citizenship.
  • Grants the right to hold a British passport, offering full citizenship rights.

End of Visa Renewal Cycle

  • Once granted ILR, no longer required to renew visas, providing peace of mind and stability.

Pathway to British Citizenship

  • ILR serves as a stepping stone towards British citizenship, enabling individuals to fully integrate into British society.

Evidence Required for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

Understanding the necessary documentation is crucial when applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK

Life in the UK Test

  • Evidence of passing the Life in the UK test, mandatory for individuals aged between 18 and 65.

Employment Status

  • Confirmation of continued employment by the same sponsor license holder.

Salary Requirements

  • Documentation proving that you still meet the minimum salary requirements as per the visa regulations.

English Language Proficiency

  • Proof of maintaining sufficient English language skills as required for the visa category.

Costs for Switching from Skilled Worker Visa to Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

Standard application fee£2,404
5-day priority service£573
Next working day super priority service£956
‘Life in the UK’ test£50

Student visa services

Navigating the complexities of international study? Explore our comprehensive Student Visa Services to simplify your journey abroad.

Eligibility Criteria for UK Student Visa

  • Understanding the eligibility criteria is crucial for obtaining a UK Student Visa.

Age Requirement:

  • Applicants must be 16 years or older to apply for a Student Visa.

Course Offer:

  • A confirmed place on a course offered by a licensed student sponsor is necessary.

Financial Sufficiency:

  • Demonstrated ability to support oneself financially and cover course expenses, with the required amount varying based on individual circumstances.

English Language Proficiency:

  • Proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and understanding English is mandatory.

Parental Consent (for 16-17 year olds):

If aged 16 or 17, applicants must provide evidence of parental consent when applying for the visa.

Application LocationEarliest Application TimeDecision TimeframeAdditional Requirements
Outside the UK6 months before course startWithin 3 weeks
Inside the UK3 months before course startWithin 8 weeksApply before the current visa expires, the new course must start within 28 days of the current visa expiring.

Student visa extension services

KQ Solicitors offer comprehensive assistance and guidance for extending your student visa, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be in the UK on a Student visa or Tier 4 (General) student visa.
  • Hold an unconditional offer from a licensed student sponsor, demonstrated by Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).
  • Academic progress requirement: Your new course must be at a higher academic level than your current one, with exceptions applicable.

Financial Requirement

  • If in the UK for less than 12 months with a valid visa, must demonstrate sufficient funds to support yourself.

Application Process

  • Your partner or children must apply separately for visa extension.
  • They can apply concurrently with you or anytime before their current visa expires.

Student dependent visa Services

We offer comprehensive services tailored to assist students in obtaining dependent visas for their family members.

Changes in UK Immigration Rules for International Students

  • Stay updated with the latest modifications to the UK’s immigration regulations affecting international students.

Dependants on Student Visas:

Starting from January 2024, international students will no longer be allowed to bring dependents on their student visas, except if enrolled in a postgraduate research programme.

  • Applicable to new international students starting their courses from January 2024 onwards.
  • Restrictions on Switching to Work Visas:

Foreign students will not be permitted to switch to a work visa unless they have completed their studies.

Grandfather Clause:

  • Current international students and their families, enrolled in courses that commenced before January 1, 2024, are exempted from these changes.
  • They can continue to have their families living with them until their visa expires.

Graduate route visa/ Post study work visa services

Exploring the Graduate Route Visa and Post-Study Work Visa Services.


  • Available to international students completing undergraduate and postgraduate courses at UK universities.


  • Allows graduates to search for work in the UK for 2-3 years after graduation, depending on the duration of their course.
  • Doctoral degree holders (PhD or equivalent) can stay for at least 3 years.

Work Rights:

  • Enables students to work at any skill level without the need to meet minimum salary thresholds or require job sponsorship from employers.


  • The Graduate Visa cannot be extended.

Transition Option:

  • Eligible individuals can switch to the Skilled Worker Visa if they wish to remain in the UK after the expiry of their Graduate Visa.

Updated Spouse Visa UK fee (2024)

Application Made Inside UKApplication Made Outside UK   
Visa Fee: £1,048Visa Fee: £1,846
Immigration Healthcare Surcharge: £1,035 per year (starting from 6 February 2024)Immigration Healthcare Surcharge: £1,035 per year (starting from 6 February 2024)
Biometric fee: £19.20Biometric fee: £19.20
Super priority service charge (for expedited decision): £1,000 (decision by end of next working day)Super priority service charge (for expedited decision): £1,000 (decision by end of next working day)

Document checklist for UK spouse visa

Required DocumentsDescription
Completed application formSubmission of fully filled application form along with the requisite application fee.
Valid passportPresenting the current valid passport.
Previous passportsIncluding any previous passports held.
Evidence of relationshipPresenting evidence of a real and ongoing relationship, including joint bills, pictures, texts, letters, etc. 
English language proficiency 
Passport-sized photosSupplying two passport-sized color photos adhering to UK specifications.
Financial proofDemonstrating meeting financial requirements through bank statements, savings statements, wage slips, etc.
Previous immigration detailsRevealing details on any past applications for immigration that may have existed.
Information on penalties for crimesRevealing any past convictions for crimes.
A national insurance numberIf you have one, please provide your national insurance number.
Evidence of accommodationsSubmitting evidence of accommodation arrangements in the UK.
Biometric informationProviding biometric information, such as digital photos and fingerprints.
Test results for tuberculosis Presenting tuberculosis test results if required by your country of origin.

Required Minimum Income for a UK Spouse Visa

Current Requirement (Before Spring 2024)
Minimum income: £18,600
Higher if accompanied by non-British citizen children
Spring 2024
Proposed minimum income requirement: £29,000
January 2025
Further increase in minimum income requirement
New threshold: £38,700

Spouse visa extension services

Navigating the Spouse Visa Extension Requirements for 2024: What You Need to Know

Relationship Requirements:

  • Maintain a genuine relationship with your spouse/partner.

Financial Requirements:

  • Demonstrate the ability to meet financial obligations as per the UK government’s criteria.

English Language Proficiency:

  • Fulfill the English language requirements stipulated by the immigration authorities.

Compliance with Laws and Immigration Conditions:

  • Have no history of breaching any laws or immigration conditions during the visa period.

Character Assessment:

  • Exhibit good character traits and adhere to the moral standards set by immigration regulations.

Spouse Visa Extension Fees

Fee TypeCost
Application Fee£1,048 per applicant
Health Surcharge (per year)£1,035 per person (over 18), £776 per person (under 18)

Before your current spouse visa expires, you can apply for a spouse visa extension in the UK. It allows an individual to remain in the UK for an extra three years. 

Spouse visa indefinite leave to remain

Understanding the process and requirements for securing permanent residency for spouses.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Hold a spouse/civil partner visa in the UK for a consecutive period of 5 years.
  • The leave as a spouse must have been held for exactly 5 years (60 months) before applying for indefinite leave to remain.
  • Spend this period as a spouse of a British national or settled person, following a 5-year route to settlement.

Settlement Routes:

  • Two routes available: 5-year route and 10-year route.
  • Applicants need to determine which route they are on to calculate eligibility for spouse visa ILR.
  • Review Home Office correspondence from the most recent extension application to ascertain the settlement route.

Requirements for 5-Year Route:

  • Applicants on this route typically need to fulfill Appendix FM requirements, including financial, accommodation, English language, and relationship criteria.
  • Supporting evidence provided during the most recent application usually addresses these requirements.

Application Forms:

  • Initial and extension applications on a 5-year route use form FLR (M), while those on a 10-year route typically use form FLR (FP).
  • If unsure about the situation, consulting an immigration lawyer is advisable for clarification.

ILR Spouse Visa Fees:

  • Standard Application Fee: £2,885 per applicant.
  • Super-priority Service Fee (Optional for expedited decision): Additional £800 per applicant,

When completing your application, it is advised to verify the real fees on the website, as the fees listed here are accurate as of the date this article was published. 

FLR (HRO) further leave to remain

For detailed information on FLR (HRO) Further Leave to Remain, please read the following guide.

Purpose of FLR(HRO) Form:

  • Used for applications related to human rights claims, acknowledging changes in usual rules, and unique situations not covered by standard application forms.
  • Specifically for seeking an extension of stay in the UK due to compassionate and compelling circumstances.

Categories Covered by FLR(HRO) Form:

The FLR(HRO) form encompasses various categories to address specific immigration and residency requirements.

Leave Outside the Immigration Rules:

Allows for applications outside the standard immigration rules.

Human Rights Claim (Non-Article 8):

Pertains to human rights claims not directly related to Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Medical Grounds or Ill Health:

Relevant for individuals facing medical conditions impacting their ability to return to their home country.

Discretionary Leave (DL):

Applicable if previously granted a period of Discretionary Leave without being refused asylum or granted less than four years of Exceptional Leave.

Extension of Stay in the UK:

  • FLR(HRO) form facilitates applications for extending one’s stay in the UK under compassionate and compelling circumstances.
  • Provides a pathway for individuals facing unique situations to seek leave outside the Immigration Rules.

Application fee for FLR (HRO)

Fee DetailsSingle ApplicantWith Family
FLR (HRO) Form Fees£1,033£1,033 per dependent
Biometric Fingerprint Fees (per applicant)£19.20£19.20 per dependent
Home Office Appointment Booking FeeSeparate Fee AppliesSeparate Fee Applies

Application for Further Leave to Remain (M)

FLR (M) is for persons who wish to stay longer in the UK as the spouse, child, or other family member of someone who has one of the above categories.

Among those categories are:

  • British nationality
  • settled individual with an indefinite leave of  remain
  • someone who has been pre-settled under the EU Settlement Scheme
  • A person in the UK with humanitarian protection or refugee status
  • Someone who is on leave as a Turkish ECAA worker or as a businessperson

How a parent can apply for FLR (M)?

In order for you to apply for ILR as a parent, your child needs to fulfill specific requirements.

For your child, one of two things must be true:

  • If you’re under 18 when you apply
  • When obtaining entry clearance or leave to remain, you were under the age of 18, and they will still be reliant on you

Also applicable to your child is one of the following:

  • Your child needs to be a citizen of the United Kingdom
  • They ought to be in a stable position
  • Own a pre-settled EUSS status
  • If your child intends to remain in the UK and has lived there continuously for the past seven years prior to the submission of your application

How a child can apply for FLR (M)?

Children may apply for FLR (M) if

  • Your parent was given permission to stay in the UK or enter the country as the partner of someone who has already established there, as the partner of someone who was pre-settled on the EUSS, as a Turkish ECAA worker, as a businessperson in Britain, or as a stateless person with authorization to be in the country
  • Your parent already has permission to enter or stay in the country as the parent of a British kid, a child who is established, has pre-settled status, or who has spent seven years living in the UK
  • Someone with whom you are applying to stay in the UK and who has been given permission to stay due to their personal or family circumstances
  • Furthermore, should plans for your care in the UK have been established and you have good cause to stay

Documentation supporting FLR (M)

  • The passport
  • Proof that you can afford the financial criteria
  • Evidence of your relationship, such as a marriage license or birth certificate
  • Evidence confirming you live together and are still with your partner, if applicable
  • Information about any prior criminal convictions
  • Evidence of your proficiency in the English language, such as a degree from an institution

You must apply for FLR (M) using the Family Routes section on the government website.

Contact KQ Solicitors for these all services. Please email us at or call +44 7853 844688 to schedule your appointment.

Why KQ Solicitors?

Before diving into the services offered by KQ Solicitors, let’s explore why you should choose them in the first place.

Strong Reputation:

  • Clients often come through recommendations due to KQ Solicitors’ good standing.


  • Advisors are dedicated to their work and approach it with enthusiasm.

Quality Client Service:

  • Advisors prioritize client needs, offering patient and attentive service.

 Reasonable Costs:

  • Tailored pricing considering client circumstances, providing competitive rates.

Clear Communication:

  • Emphasis on straightforward explanations for easy understanding.

Specialist Solicitors:

  • Fully accredited Lawyers with expertise, some proficient in multiple languages.


In conclusion, immigration solicitors in Cardiff, such as KQ Solicitors, play a pivotal role in assisting immigrants through the intricacies of the UK immigration system. Offering a wide range of services including skilled worker visa applications, health and care worker visa support, student visa services, spouse visa assistance, and more, these solicitors provide invaluable guidance and representation to individuals navigating various immigration processes. With a team of highly skilled and dedicated immigration lawyers, KQ Solicitors stands out for its commitment to excellence, clear communication, and personalized service. By offering support at every stage of the immigration journey, from initial applications to visa extensions and settlement, KQ Solicitors helps immigrants in Cardiff achieve their goals of living and working in the UK legally and successfully. Their strong reputation, passion for their work, and emphasis on quality client service make them a trusted choice for immigration legal support in Cardiff and beyond.


Q: What role do immigration solicitors in Cardiff play?

A: Immigration solicitors in Cardiff provide vital support to immigrants navigating the complexities of the UK immigration system. They offer legal advice, assist with visa applications, and represent clients in court proceedings.

Q: What services do immigration solicitors in Cardiff offer?

A: Immigration solicitors in Cardiff, such as KQ Solicitors, offer a wide range of services including skilled worker visa applications, health and care worker visa support, student visa services, and spouse visa assistance.

Q: How can I contact immigration solicitors in Cardiff?

A: You can contact immigration solicitors in Cardiff, such as KQ Solicitors, through their website, email, or by phone to schedule a consultation or inquire about their services.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for a skilled worker visa?

A: To be eligible for a skilled worker visa, applicants need to score 70 points and meet requirements such as skill level, income, English proficiency, and having a job offer from a UK business with a valid sponsoring license.

Q: What documents are required for a spouse visa application?

A: Documents required for a spouse visa application typically include a completed application form, valid passport, evidence of the relationship, proof of financial sufficiency, and biometric information.

Q: How long does it take to process a skilled worker visa extension?

A: Skilled worker visa extensions are typically decided within eight weeks, although processing times may vary depending on various factors such as the need for additional documentation or interviews.

Q: Can international students apply for a post-study work visa in the UK?

A: Yes, international students completing undergraduate or postgraduate courses at UK universities may be eligible for a post-study work visa, allowing them to work in the UK for 2-3 years after graduation.

Q: What are the fees for applying for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) as a skilled worker?

A: The fees for applying for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) as a skilled worker vary depending on the service chosen, with options including standard application, priority service, and super-priority service.

Q: How can I apply for further leave to remain (FLR) using the Family Routes section?

A: You can apply for further leave to remain (FLR) using the Family Routes section on the government website by filling out the relevant application form and submitting the required documents, such as proof of relationship and financial sufficiency.

Q: Why choose KQ Solicitors for immigration legal support in Cardiff?

A: KQ Solicitors in Cardiff are known for their strong reputation, passionate approach to their work, quality client service, reasonable costs, clear communication, and expertise in immigration law, making them a trusted choice for immigration legal support in Cardiff and beyond.

Summary Table

Skilled Worker Visa ServicesAssistance with skilled worker visa applications, including eligibility criteria, documentation, and fees.
Health and Care Worker VisaSupport for medical professionals seeking UK entry or remaining, detailing eligibility and application fees.
Student Visa Guidance on UK student visa eligibility, application, financial sufficiency, and documentation.
Graduate Route Visa ServicesHelp for international students seeking post-graduation work opportunities in the UK, including eligibility and work rights.
Spouse Visa UK ServicesAssistance for spouses applying for UK visas, detailing procedures, fees, and eligibility.
FLR (M) Application ServicesAid with FLR (M) applications for family members, covering eligibility, forms, documentation, and process.
Why KQ Solicitors?Highlights reasons to choose KQ Solicitors for immigration support, emphasizing reputation, passion, client service, costs, communication, and expertise.

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