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Immigration solicitors in Peterborough

Immigration solicitors in Peterborough

Immigration solicitors in Peterborough play a vital role in supporting immigrants as they navigate the complexities of the UK immigration system. From providing legal advice and assistance with visa applications to representing clients in court proceedings, solicitors offer invaluable support at every stage of the immigration process. Our staff consists of highly skilled immigration lawyers if you require an immigration expert in Peterborough. KQ Solicitors has a group of immigration lawyers who have worked on legal cases in Leeds. As a specialized firm, we can offer legal advice and help on immigration, asylum, and nationality law for clients in Peterborough. We aim to provide the best immigration legal support in Peterborough.

Our Services

The following are professional guidance on immigration and judicial recommendations that our dedicated team of immigration lawyers may offer: –

1. Family Visa UK

You can get a family visa in the UK while you stay in the country having a job or working in the state in any field of life. Your dependents, children , spouse, or parents can get a family visa by your sponsorship. Moreover, they can apply for the family visa if you are eligible for permanent residence rights in the UK. You can apply for a family visa for your spouse or children if you are living and working in the UK for five years. Although, your spouse can apply online if she/he wants to live permanently with you. If you have kids under 18 years old, they also can get a family visa. 

Eligibility criteria for Family Visa:

You can apply for a family visa to join your family member if you live outside of the UK or if you are currently in the country and want to stay.

Applicable Categories for Family Visa

Family visa applications cover various categories, including:

  • Members of settled individuals’ or British citizens’ families.
  • Relatives of EU nationals who have either pre-settled or established status in the United Kingdom.
  • Dependents of those with work visas.
  • Members of the armed troops’ families.
  • Student family members.
  • Members of the refugee family.
  • Members of the family of those who have permission to continue living without a state.

Residency Status:

Your eligibility may depend on whether you are in the UK or residing outside it.


As part of the application process, you must provide appropriate documentation proving your relationship with the family member in the UK and meet other requirements based on the specific family visa category.


Applicants may need to meet specific financial requirements to demonstrate their ability to support themselves and their dependents while in the UK.

Language Proficiency:

Depending on the circumstances, applicants may need to demonstrate their proficiency in the English language.

Medical Examination:

In some cases, applicants may need to undergo a medical examination to ensure they meet the health requirements for entry into the UK.

Application Process:

The application process typically involves filling out the appropriate forms, submitting necessary documentation, paying fees, and attending interviews or biometric appointments if required.

Processing Time:

Processing times for family visa applications can vary depending on the specific circumstances and the volume of applications being processed.

Appeals Process:

If the authorities refuse your application, you may have the right to appeal the decision, depending on the circumstances.

2. Work Visas for the UK

Looking for a work permit and want to apply for a work visa in the UK? You can easily apply whether you are from any working field or having any background entity. You can get a work visa for the UK if you have a medical background or a graduate degree from any university of the UK. Furthermore, we have categorized the work visa in following groups to make it easy for you to choose.

KQ Solicitors provides thorough support throughout the whole application procedure for a work permit, such as:

  • Entry clearance for a work visa.
  • Switching to a work visa from within the UK.
  • Renewal or extension of work visas.
  • Applications pertaining to work visas for indefinite leave for Stay.

3. Sponsor Licence

Mandatory Requirement: Employers in the UK who wish to sponsor migrant workers for work visas must have a sponsor licence that has been given by the Home Office UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration).

Sponsor license granted by Home Office UKVI:

The sponsor license is given by Home Office UKVI, which is in charge of handling immigration proceedings in the UK.

Duration of License:

Typically, a sponsor licence is granted for four years initially.

Renewal Process:

Employers can apply to renew their sponsor licences before they expire, typically for another four years.


Holding a sponsor licence entails certain obligations and responsibilities for employers, including compliance with immigration laws and regulations, record-keeping, and reporting duties.

Assessment Criteria:

To obtain or renew a sponsor licence, employers must meet specific criteria set by the Home Office UKVI. These may include demonstrating the genuineness and viability of their business and their ability to comply with sponsorship duties.

Types of Sponsorship:

With the sponsor licence, employers can sponsor workers under a number of visa categories, such as skilled workers’ Tier 2 visa, temporary workers’ Tier 5 visa, and other applicable visa categories.

Consequences of Non-Compliance:

Failure to comply with the terms of the sponsor licence can result in penalties, including fines, suspension, or revocation of the licence, and potential reputational damage.

Support and Guidance:

Employers seeking to obtain or renew a sponsor licence may benefit from seeking professional advice and guidance to navigate the application process and ensure compliance with the requirements.

Importance for Recruitment:

A sponsor licence is crucial for employers hiring skilled workers outside the UK to fill specific roles and address skills shortages within their organizations.

4. EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)

You and your family may be eligible to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme in order to stay in the UK if you are citizens of the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, or Liechtenstein. However, you may also be allowed to apply if you are a member of the family of a Northern Ireland recruiter.

Those who were living in the UK by December 31, 2020, with family, can still submit applications. To apply for the EU Settlement Scheme you must meet the following needs

  • You must have eligibility to meet criteria to the deadline
  • Have firm reasons to apply 
  • Must apply before the deadline
  • If you have indefinite remain permit you can stay without apply

Pre-settle status to remain in the UK

Once you have been in the UK for five consecutive years, you are able to apply for settled status. you can apply it free of cost.

To change your status from pre-settled status to settled, you have to submit a fresh application to the scheme. Your pre-settled status will be extended for two years by the Home Office if you forget to apply for it before expiry.

Moreover, you can get the UK Citizenship after 12 months of your settled status in the UK.

Benefits you can enjoy in EU Settlement Scheme

Once you get a settled status in the UK, you can enjoy the following benefits from (EUSS)

  • You can get all medical facilities free from NHS healthcare
  • You can also study here
  • You can do any business
  • You can rent any property in the UK
  • You can benefits from any insurance schemes

Fee surcharges

It’s totally free of cost to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme. You can freely apply and get eligibility for indefinite leave.

5. Study Visa UK

If you are 16 years old or above, you can apply for a study visa in the UK. A study visa can be issued for a minimum 2 years to maximum your degree completes. Moreover, you can also work in the UK along with your studies. 

How to apply for a study visa in the Uk?

To apply for a study visa in the UK, you must know the basic information. You can apply from inside or outside the UK. if you are applying from inside the UK you 

  • Can apply before the three months of your course start date
  • Can apply before your current visa expires
  • Can also apply if your course is starting within 28 days of your visa expiry

If you are applying from outside the UK you 

  • Must apply before six months of your course starting date
  • You can get a response within 3 weeks after application submission

Fee information

Fee charges for study visa are as below:

From outside the UK

  • £490 to apply for a Student visa from outside the UK and healthcare surcharge is paid separately

From inside the UK

  • £490 to extend or switch to a Student visa from inside the UK and healthcare charges are separate.

6. British Citizenship Applications

British citizenship application to stay permanently in the UK is more complex and knotty. Proper guidance and information can make this application process more easy and convenient. You can get all the rights and benefits of the UK nationality when get a British Citizenship. You can also have a British passport to travel around the world. Furthermore,you can also enjoy the healthcare services along with pensions after retirement from the job.

Criteria to apply for British Citizenship?

To apply for British Citizenship, you must have some criteria and eligibility for application submission.

  • Must have minimum 5 years consecutive residence inside the UK
  • May have foreign partner or spouse
  • Have indefinite leave to remain
  • May have settled status under the EU Settlement Status

How are you eligible for British Citizenship?

There are several ways to prove your eligibility for British Citizenship. Some of them are discussed here

By birth

You can apply for British Citizenship if you are born in the UK. If your parents or one of the patents is not British citizens but settled in the UK and you are born in the UK, you can apply.

Birth outside the UK

If your British parents are outside the UK at the time of your birth, you are not a British citizen until your parents apply for MN1 form before you reach 18 years of age.

Adoption cases

British citizenship can also be applied in case of adoption. If the court has issued the adoption orders before a child is of 18 years.


Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to apply for British citizenship if you are an adult who has been in the country for at least five years (three years if you are married to a British citizen) and complete further requirements.


 Some Commonwealth citizens, specific groups of British individuals, and some teens under the age of eighteen are eligible to register as British citizens.

Members of the armed forces in the UK and their families also can get immigration and have rights to apply for citizenship too. 

Non-British armed forces members

When non-British nationals join HM Forces, they automatically have exemption from UK immigration laws. In other words, they can enter and stay in the UK without a visa or immigration clearance. Immigration controls do not apply to non-British family members of active military personnel.

Immigration rules for families of British armed forces members

Immigration rules are applicable for the families of British armed forces members who are not British nationals. They are not exempted for visa requirements. However, they can apply for a visa if their soulmate is currently serving in the armed forces. When an armed force member sponsors the family for the UK visa, he must meet the needs of financial (minimum) income requirement of £18,600 per year (or more if non-British children are also included). 

Who can join the UK armed forces?

The Royal British Legion is advocating for price waivers for family members of non-British personnel and for individuals seeking Indefinite Leave following four years of service. This briefing paper describes the nationality requirements for non-citizens of the United Kingdom who want to enlist in the armed forces.

Categories of armed forces in the UK

British armed forces are categorized in following 

  • The British army 
  • The Royal navy including Royal Marines
  • The Royal Air force

All the UK armed forces who are non-British and joined the Army have exemption for visa immigration. But their dependents need to apply for visa immigration on the sponsorship.

8. Asylum & Humanitarian Protection

 Asylum and humanitarian protection in the uk can be claimed for certain reasons. If the state Secretary allows the refugees who meet the needs of humanitarian protection criteria. In which 

  • According to the article 1 of the 1951 Refugee Convention, they are not refugee
  • they have entered or are currently in the United Kingdom through an international point of arrival.
  • They have solid reasons for asylum claim and get humanitarian protection

Guidance about asylum request

Anyone about asylum requests submitted on or after June 28, 2022, should refer to these guidelines. Under transitional procedures, requests for asylum submitted before June 28, 2022, or claims that must be considered as if they had been submitted before June 28, 2022. 

As the request for asylum claims lodge before June 28, 2022. 

Difference between asylum and humanitarian protection

Mostly, the both phrases sound the same because asylum and protection claims in some circumstances. The only difference between them is 

  • You can claim for asylum for any reason but humanitarian protection can only be claimed when you need protection in some serious conditioning matter.

9. Immigration Bail Application

Immigration bail application in the UK can be applied easily in these two ways

  • Secretary of the State Bail
  • The Tier 1 Tribunal bail

Secretary of the State bail

In this procedure, you can apply for the bail to the Secretary of State from the very first day you arrive in the UK. you have to fill the Form 401 and apply for the immigration bail. You can also get this form from the welfare officer. The Home Officer will decide whether your application is hearable or not.

The Tier 1 Tribunal bail

This process is applicable when you arrive in the UK minimum 8 days ago. If you are in detention, you can ask the staff to fill the form. You can simply apply by filling the Form B1. an independent judge will hear your application and will decide about the bail. He will send you a copy of the hearing if your bail application is not hearable

Kqsolicitors offers

.the team of our experienced and qualified solicitors working under the kqsolicitors offering the complete guidance and services for the bail application submission. We serve you and guide you from the application submission, hearings and the decision taken by the judge. You can hire our staff to ease all the legal procedures.

Traveling to the UK for any reason like study, job, visit, or reunion with family, you must need the following certificates and documents.

  • Passport

Passport is the basic and essential travel document you need for visiting the UK. you must have six months expiry left till your tour ends up. Whether you are visiting the UK for any business trip, study purpose, meet up with your spouse, or any other reason, you must have your passport along with.

  • Sponsorship letter

Sponsorship letter is also needed if you are visiting the state on the sponsorship by your spouse or employee in case of a job. 

  • Invitation letter

If you are visiting the UK for a business tour or attending any seminar and conference, you should have the invitation letter from the authentic company.

  • Travel certificate for children

In case you are visiting the UK with children under 18 years, you need the travel certificate in evidence of parental hold. In this sense you need a birth certificate if you are traveling with your own kids and an adoption letter if you have different family names.

  •  Showing Personal details about financial condition

While your visit to the UK for any reason. You must have your personal circumstances to show your financial conditions. Moreover, your private bank balance or money must demonstrate that you can bear all the expenses during your visit. Also, you can bear the expected expenditures if you have kids along with.

Kqsolicitors in the UK can guide you in detail about all the travel documentation and certificates you need and offer you the free consultation for document checking.

In general, we usually use the term of deportation when a state issues the forced removal order of a person. The forced removal or deportation in the UK often happens when your stay in the State is illegal or your visit visa expires, or you conduct an offense and are involved in any criminal activity. 

Deportation act in the UK

  • Deportation law in the UK was obligatory till 2015 as the Home Office issued the order called “removal direction”. According to this order the State arranges the intended removal with specific date, day and flight.
  • In 2015 this law was upgraded called “ removal Window”, according to it the Home Office only notified and the intended person can be removed from the state within three months. This law was suspended and “removal direction “ is being observed again.

How can you remain in the UK if deportation orders are issued?

If you received the deportation orders, you can still stay in the UK if you have

  • An asylum claim
  • An appeal right in the UK
  • An injunction preventing removal
  • Submitted a fresh claim
  • Obligation under the Refugee Convention

How Kqsolicitors may help you?

 Kqsolicitors are the best in the town and can help you regarding deportation matters. They can use all the legal ways to stop and appeal against the order of deportation. As you know, a person who is deported from the UK cannot get a permit to enter the state again. So, our experienced solicitors can help you in this tough situation to come out of it.

Stateless individuals are a big challenge for the UK government as they are living in the country and are on indefinite leave to remain. You can apply as a stateless person if you are not able to live in any country or you have not citizenship of any other country. 

You can apply to remain to leave and if you are granted permission, you can stay here for five years. This time can be extended on the expiry if you apply for extension.

Kqsoilcitors efforts for stateless individuals

Kqsolicitors efforts for stateless people are incredible. They offer free consultation to stateless people and help them to apply for their stay in the UK. They guide the non-citizen persons properly and make efforts for their stay legally.

13. Long Residence Applications

Our experienced staff of lawyers, who specialize in long residence law, can offer quick, cordial, trustworthy immigration advice as well as legal assistance for the following long residency applications:

  • Indefinite leave for stay: Ten Years of residence
  • Ten-year residency with Extended Leave to Stay 
  • Request for Twenty-Year a long-term residence

14. Discretionary Leave Applications

Discretionary Leave to Remain (DLR) is granted based on human rights considerations and the applicant’s compelling compassionate circumstances outside the Immigration Rules. The SSHD retains the power to grant DLR, and may take the applicant’s compelling circumstances into consideration.

DLR Application Types

KQ immigration solicitors offer assistance for various applications involving DLR, including:

  1. The initial request for a leave of absence.
  2. Extension of Leave with Discretion.
  3. Using discretionary leave to establish an ILR application.

15. Visitor Visa UK

As we specialize as visitor visa solicitors, we can provide expert immigration advise for the following visitor visa-related matters:

  • Clearance of Entry for UK Visitor Visas
  • Extending or renewing a UK Visitor Visa
  • Appealing The Refusal of A UK Visitor Visa

Other immigration applications may contain the permanent work and stay permit in the UK called “Green Card”. You can also apply for this permit if you meet the basic needs of this immigration application. 

Immigration Refusal Decision-Making Services

As experts in immigration law, we can assist you in contesting the denial of your application by utilizing one of the legal avenues provided by UK immigration legislation to contest denial judgments. We offer the following range of legal services to help you contest the Home Office’s UKVI rejection letters:

  • Appeals for Immigration 
  • Protocol for Pre-Action (PAP) 
  • Judicial Review of Immigration (JR) 
  • Reevaluating nationality and naturalization 
  • Challenging the UK Visitor Visa Refusal Application

How the Process at KQ Solicitors Works

Work process at KQ solicitors is very smooth and legally much easy, promising the mind relaxation of our clients and providing the best advice according to the situation.

Get In Touch:

  • Reach out via email, phone, or online form.
  • Benefit from a 4-hour callback promise.

Case Review:

  • Discuss your situation.
  • Check eligibility and review required information.

Getting to Work:

  • Initiate the work promptly.
  • Keep you informed throughout the process.
  • Ensure simplicity in communication.

Further Information:

  • Request additional details, including biometric information for the Home Office.

Submit Application:

  • Apply to mutual satisfaction with the gathered information.

Wait for a Decision:

  • Home Office decision duration varies.
  • Optional express service is available for a quicker decision.

Final: The Decision:

  • Receive notice from the Home Office.
  • We assist with further appeals if they are needed.

Contact them for help or to learn more about KQ Solicitors’ services. Please email us at or call +44 7853 844688 to schedule your appointment.

Why Choose KQ Solicitors?

You can trust and choose KQ solicitors blindly as we provide the best services in the town. Our satisfied clients and their feedback is our asset.

Strong Reputation:

  • Clients often come through recommendations due to KQ Solicitors’ good standing.


  • Advisors are dedicated to their work and approach it with enthusiasm.

Quality Client Service:

  • Advisors prioritize client needs, offering patient and attentive service.

Reasonable Costs:

  • Tailored pricing considering client circumstances, providing competitive rates.

Clear Communication:

  • Emphasis on straightforward explanations for easy understanding.

Specialist Solicitors:

Fully accredited Lawyers with expertise, some proficient in multiple languages.


Immigration solicitors in Peterborough, like those at KQ Solicitors, play a crucial role in assisting immigrants through the complexities of the UK immigration system. From offering legal advice to representing clients in court, their expertise spans various immigration matters, including family visas, work visas, sponsor licences, EU settlement, asylum, and more. With a dedicated team of specialist solicitors, KQ Solicitors aims to provide top-notch immigration legal support in Peterborough, ensuring clients receive comprehensive assistance at every stage of their immigration journey. Their commitment to client satisfaction, reasonable costs, clear communication, and strong reputation make KQ Solicitors a trusted choice for individuals seeking immigration assistance in Peterborough.


Q: What immigration services do KQ Solicitors offer?

A: KQ Solicitors assists with family visas, work visas, sponsor licences, EU settlement, asylum, and more.

Q: How can KQ Solicitors help with family visas?

A: They navigate eligibility criteria, documentation, financial requirements, language proficiency, medical examinations, and the appeals process.

Q: What types of UK work visas can KQ Solicitors help with?

A: They assist with skilled worker visas, health and care worker visas, graduate route visas, Tier 1 entrepreneur visas, and global talent visas.

Q: What is a sponsor licence, and how can KQ Solicitors help?

A: KQ Solicitors guide employers through obtaining or renewing a sponsor licence for migrant workers.

Q: How can KQ Solicitors assist with the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)?

A: They provide expert advice and assistance with applications for EU citizens and their family members.

Q: What other immigration applications can KQ Solicitors help with?

A: They assist with study visas, asylum, immigration bail applications, travel documents, citizenship applications, and more.

Q: What services do KQ Solicitors offer for challenging immigration refusal decisions?

They help contest immigration refusal decisions through immigration appeals and judicial review.

Q: How does the process at KQ Solicitors work?

A: It involves consultation, case review, initiation of work, application submission, waiting for a decision, and assistance with further appeals if needed.

Q: Why choose KQ Solicitors for immigration assistance?

A: They offer a strong reputation, passionate advisors, quality service, reasonable costs, clear communication, and specialist solicitors with expertise in immigration law.

Summary table

Services Offered by KQ SolicitorsDescription
Family Visa UKAssistance with eligibility criteria, documentation, financial requirements, language proficiency, medical examinations, and appeals process.
UK Work VisasHelp with skilled worker visas, health and care worker visas, graduate route visas, Tier 1 entrepreneur visas, and global talent visas.
Sponsor LicenceGuidance for employers on obtaining or renewing sponsor licences for migrant workers.
EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)Expert advice and assistance with applications for EU citizens and their family members.
Study Visa UKAssistance with study visa applications.
British Citizenship ApplicationsSupport with applications for British citizenship.
Asylum & Humanitarian ProtectionAssistance with asylum applications and humanitarian protection.
Immigration Bail ApplicationHelp with immigration bail applications.
Travel Documents & Certificates of TravelAssistance with travel document applications.
Deportation from the UKGuidance for individuals facing deportation from the UK.
Stateless PersonsAssistance with applications for stateless persons.
Long Residence ApplicationsSupport with applications for indefinite leave to remain based on long residence.
Discretionary Leave ApplicationsAssistance with discretionary leave applications, extensions, and ILR applications.
Visitor Visa UKProfessional advice on visitor visa issues, including entry clearance, extensions, and appeals.
Other Immigration ApplicationsServices for contesting immigration refusal decisions through appeals and judicial review.
Process at KQ SolicitorsConsultation, case review, initiation of work, application submission, waiting for decision, and further appeals assistance if needed.
Why Choose KQ Solicitors
Strong reputation, passionate advisors, quality service, reasonable costs, clear communication, and specialist solicitors with expertise in immigration law.

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