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Immigration solicitors London free consultation

Immigration solicitors London free consultation

Are you struggling and facing some problems regarding immigration process in the UK? Do you also need some legal assistance for the UK immigration and different visa policies? To answer this query, we need some legal experts who can help to solve these issues and factors. Immigration solicitors London free consultation is the best choice if you are in need. As we know that the people have the mindset to move to the UK for study purposes and for career too. Furthermore, facilities and career opportunities in London also grab the attention of professionals for a brighter future from around the world. In this scenario, professionals want to grow their abilities in the career oriented environment where their profession can grow more and they can get stable and financial-oriented opportunities. 

The importance of immigration solicitors in London has become more expedient as the legal process of immigration from documentation to visa is complicated and knotty. However the complexity of this process can become easy and smooth if a professional and expert team of legal advisors guide in an appropriate manner. 

Kqsolicitors in London to help the immigrants

Presently, as a trustworthy and credible legal advisor team in the UK, Kq solicitors handle all the process and immigration affairs professionally and guide about each and every single matter smoothly. Moreover, we steer all the visa complexities in every category like student visa, spouse visa, and visitors visa. On the other hand, our competent and experienced team in the UK with a license, helping immigrants in every aspect of legal consultancy.  Whether it’s the matter of getting student visa or visit visa, spouse visa or dependents visa consultancy, our qualified and skilled team members support and guide the whole procedure in a peaceful way. And  make sure no headache or hussle is faced by our precious clients.

We offers

Kqsolicitors, being a well-known and reputed legal advisory in the UK and takes the responsibilities of immigrants visa procedure professionally. We offer our services in the following attires.

Student visa

  • Student visa is offered when you are of 16 years and have a sponsorship offer from any reputed educational institute.
  • You have to manifest the financial condition that you can bear the educational expenses
  • Eligibility criteria English language proficiency also.
  • Student visas also vary depending on application from inside or outside the UK.

Work permit or skilled worker visa

  • If they meet certain requirements, non-UK nationals will be able to get a skilled worker permit to live and work in the country.
  • Candidates must earn 70 points out of a possible 100 points based on their skill level, income, English language ability, and the proof that they have a job offer from a UK company with an active sponsorship permit.
  • The visa applicant may also request for the entry of dependents, such as spouses and children.
  • Visa charges may vary incase you apply it from inside or outside the UK

Outside the UK:

  •   Up to 3 years: £719
  • More than 3 years: £1,420

Inside the UK:

  •  Up to 3 years: £827
  •  More than 3 years: £1,500

Healthcare visa

Medical professionals are permitted to enter or settle in the UK on a Health and Care Worker visa if they have a job offer by the NHS. here are some requirements for the healthcare visa

  • hold the qualifications of a registered physician, nurse, health care provider, or adult social worker.
  • work in a health or social care profession .
  • work for a UK-approved employer.
  • have a “certificate of sponsorship” from your company detailing the position you have been offered in the UK.
  • got a minimum wage; the exact amount varies depending on the kind of work you do.

Spouse visa or family visa

If you want to enter and stay in the UK to live with a partner (spouse/fiance) for more than six months, you will need a UK spouse visa, also known as a marriage visa in the UK. the criteria for applying the spouse visa is

  • You have a legal relationship with your partner for a minimum of two years.
  •  pay the UK fees for a spouse visa.
  • The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) must be paid.
  • Provide an official identity document (typically a passport in order to fulfill this requirement).
  •  provide biometric data (fingerprints, pictures, and signatures).

Application fee for spouse visa

  • Inside the UK: £1,048
  • Outside the UK: £1,846

Why to choose Kqsolicitors in the UK?

In Fact the matter of choosing immigration solicitors London free consultation is very tricky as the legal advisory and issues vary from case to case. You must choose Kq solicitors for the following reasons

  • Our experienced solicitors guides and makes the legal process in such appropriate manner that every single matter smoothly ends up in right direction
  • Our skilled solicitors always try to figure out the issues and problems according to the clients satisfaction and try to sort the case as their needs and requirements
  • We deal in diversity of legal advisory like visa procedure, spouse mattes, child custody cases, and student visa applications
  • We also offer free consultation for the documentation checking and application form requirements.
  • You can easily get in touch with our immigration experts any time through email or call, our professionals guide you and give a prompt response

You can contact our skilled solicitors at or call us on +44 7853 844688. However, You can also visit our site


In the UK, the experts of Kqsolicitors provide the best legal consultancy and help the immigrants in every single matter of visa process. Meanwhile, our professionals take every legal case with vital attention and observe every little detail to comfort the clients mind. Moreover, free consultancy regarding the application form and documents checking also facilitates the client to avoid the wastage of time and money in hussle of visa procedure. Furthermore, our expertise in legal matters like visa application, spouse affairs, and other children related issues are at the top-notch of our team. So, you can blindly trust us to get support in any of your legal matters.


Q:1 What is the immigration status of the UK?

Ans: The permit required for you to enter or remain in the UK is referred to as your UK immigration status. This is known as an indefinite leave of inactivity, limited leave of absence, or entry clearance. 

Q:2  How do I bring my partner, kid, spouse, or dependent into the United Kingdom?

Ans: Immigration rules permit you to enter the UK with certain family members, including your husband or civil partner and your children under the age of 18. an expert solicitor can help you in this regard.

Q:3 What kind of document checking service do immigration solicitors provide?

Ans: To prevent errors and streamline the immigration process for their clients, immigration solicitors offer a document checking service to make sure all paperwork is in order. 

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