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PSW Visa

PSW visa

PSW visa is also known as the graduate route and is abbreviated as a post-study work visa. Under this visa route, students can apply for international studies for two, three, or five years, depending on their chosen degree. Studying abroad is the most efficient, fast, and easy route. 

However, there are some restrictions on this visa, such as a student on a PSW visa not being allowed to participate as a professional sportsman. The institute you choose must be registered. For further details, keep scrolling and get more information. 

What Is a UK PSW Visa?

The PSW Visa allows students from different countries to come to the UK for international study to complete their undergraduate and master’s degrees. Students on this visa are allowed a job to meet their expenses. PSW visa holders do not need someone to sponsor them and will not require a sponsorship letter. 

A PSW visa can not be extended after two years. The only condition of your stay is that you are the dependent of any UK citizen or a family member of any UK citizen. Moreover, if you are in the UK for a PhD program, your visa may last five years. 

What Are The Eligibility Requirements For a PSW Visa?

To become eligible for a PSW visa, students who applied under the point-based immigration system must score 70 points. Also, the applicant must:

  • Hold a solid application to support your visa.
  • I have not applied for a PSW visa before.
  • Have a complete degree of undergraduate or masters.
  • I will stay in the UK while I complete my degree.
  • Pass tests like security tests, criminal tests, and identity tests. 
  • Pay the immigration surcharge, health fee, and application fee. 
  • As an overseas citizen, do not break any UK law.
  • Have a bank statement that shows you can meet your expenses.

Additionally, suppose you are studying in the UK on a scholarship provided by your country’s government. In that case, you must have a permission letter from your home government to stay in the UK. Moreover, there is no English language test for this study visa. Be mindful that an EEA student who is EU pre-settled can remain in the UK without a PSW visa, but those without the application of EU settlement are not allowed to stay in the UK. 

Other Visa Options After PSW Visa?

After the PSW visa is expire and you have left UK, then you have multiple options to apply new application and for a new visa to get stay in the UK again. Such as work visa, family visa or other visa depends upon the situation. 

If you are doing a job During this visa then you have the opportunity that you can apply for skilled worker visa. Provide all the requirements in the application for an experienced worker visa and switch to this category. To qualify for the Skilled worker category, you must work for an employer with a legal license to sponsor skilled migrants.  

In addition to that, you must be a registered skilled worker according to the published list of registered sponsors. Along with that, follow the complete process; fulfill the minimum salary requirement in the application, which is £26,200 or more if you have a high-rank job. In some conditions, if an application is jobless and wants to secure it, it must be paid £26,200 or less than the given amount. 

The skilled worker visa gives you a change of settlement in the UK, as applicants must stay there for five years. After that, the applicant is eligible for ILR or UK citizenship. Now, it’s up to you whether you settle a business or marry a UK-settled person. Before doing something, consult with UK lawyers for the best advice. 

What Courses Are Eligible Under PSW Visa?

After getting a visa, the applicant is eligible to do any course under a PSW visa, but for your ease, let me name these courses:

  • Bachelor’s degree in the UK.
  • All Postgraduate degrees of UK including Master and PhDs.
  • A GDL conversion course abbreviated as (Graduate Diploma in Law) is validated by the Joint Academic Board Stage in Wales and England.
  • A LPC (Legal Practice Course) in Wales and England. Professional Legal Practice Diploma in Scotland, and North Ireland Solicitors Course.
  • Bar Course in Northern Ireland and BPTC (Bar Practice Course) in Wales and England. 
  • Foundation Programme in dentistry and medicine.
  • PGDE (Postgraduate Diploma In Education) and PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education). 
  • Any other professional course is allowed to study that is regulated by UK law and the UK public. 

What Are The Current Fees For a PSW Visa?

PSW visa fees for all types of visas are the same, but the health surcharges depend on the validity of the visa. So, the fees for the visa is:

Type Of FeeCost
Application fees£822
Healthcare surcharges for 3 years£3105
Healthcare surcharges for 2 years£2070

What is the processing time For PSW UK?

There is a main factors that decide the processing time of PSW visa, either you have applied from outside the UK or within the UK.

Outside the UK: If you are applying from outside the UK, then the time of processing is eight weeks after attending the biometric and submitting the application.

Within the UK: The processing time is generally three weeks if you have applied within the UK after submitting the application and attending the biometrics. 

The time officially given for the application processing is standard; however, there might be a delay depending on various factors. 

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What are the reasons for rejecting a PSW visa?

There are numerous reasons for the rejection of a PSW visa, which are listed below:

  • Providing wrong and insufficient details about qualifications and funds.
  • Providing fake information about personal details or fraudulent documents.
  • In case of criminal records or immigration violations.
  • I applied for this visa for the second time.
  • Not paying health surcharges or application fees.

How to apply for a PSW visa?

It is a simple process. Follow the steps:

  • Collect all requirement documents mentioned in the application, such as qualification, proficiency, financial support, or bank statement.
  • Fill out the application form online on the original UK website.
  • Pay the application fee on time.
  • Biometric details should be completed.
  • Submit supporting documents.
  • Wait for the approval.

How long does it take to get a PSW visa?

The processing time of a PSW visa depends on the time and the applicant’s country. But usually, it takes three to eight weeks to process your application and verify your details. 

What is the UK fee for a PSW visa?

PSW visa fees for all types of visas are the same, but the health surcharges depend upon the validity of the visa. So, the visa fee is £822.


The PSW visa allows students to go to the UK, gain valuable knowledge, and complete their studies there. It is not just a study visa but also a bridge of employment that allows the students to study abroad and find a better job. The PSW visa highlights the importance of international students in terms of their growth, work, and income, which also motivates other students.

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