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Tuberculosis (TB) Tests For UK Visa | Requirement & Procedure

Tuberculosis (TB) Tests For UK Visa | Requirement & Procedure

The Tuberculosis (TB) Tests For UK Visa is the main factor in the UK’s application to protect the health of the UK public. For this, some tests are performed to determine the lung infections in the applicants; if they clear the test, they will be allowed to enter UK borders; otherwise, they will be treated. 

However, the test will be conducted on behalf of the country you belong to. Applicants from countries with high tb ratios will perform these tests, and individuals from hygienic countries will check UKVI guidelines. To learn more and check the test requirements below, continue reading to learn more details. 

What Is TB (Tuberculosis)

Try your maximum to maintain distance from TB patients and it takes a few weeks to months to recover. TB affects the nervous system, kidneys, and lungs and may cause fever, cough, kidney disease, lung inflammation, chest pain, weight loss, and chest pain. 

TB is present globally, and the primary concern of the WHO (World Health Organization) is to eliminate this disease. To maintain public health, different governments provide free tests, vaccines, and prevention.  

Different Test Categories For Test

The following three are the categories of the TB test.

  • Kids under 11 
  • Pregnant women
  • Adults

Kids under 11 

TB screening test of kids under 11 will comprise of:

  • CXR will not performed
  • Physical examination
  • Screen Symptom
  • History of the kid and whether they have ever been in contact with active TB since last year.

Pregnant women

TB screening test of pregnant women will comprise of:

  • History of the woman they ever have been in contact with the active Tuberculosis (TB) Tests For UK Visa since last year or not.
  • Physical examination
  • If the woman is 13-26 weeks pregnant, her chest test will be performed, and women 29-40 weeks pregnant need to consult with a doctor.
  • During a chest x-ray, a fetus has a high risk of having harmful radiation, so a woman in the third trimester should avoid radiation.  
  • Women should go for this test after delivery.
  • Go for the Sputum test.
  • Should perform double shield chest x-ray in case of emergency. 


TB screening test of adults will comprise of:

  • CXR (chest x-ray)
  • Physical examination
  • History of whether the adult has been in contact with the active TB since last year.

What To Bring OR What Not To Bring During Test?

Things to bring during the test:

  • Arrive in-person.
  • You must have your original passport. 
  • You must bring a data page passport and two colored photographs.
  • Also, there are three pictures without glasses with neutral expressions not older than six months.
  • Complete UK address.
  • If you have a previous chest x-ray, you must bring it with you. 
  • If you have had TB in the past, provide complete documents of your treatment and medications, including information about the treatment date, medicine name, number of doses you take per day, and the results after the treatment. 
  • Students need to provide details like the address of their university.
  • After that, you will be notified by email with the appointment confirmation. On the day of the appointment, you must bring your medical history form, which you can submit online. 
  • Pay the medical fee and keep a copy of the confirmation appointment with yourself. 

How To Perform TB Tests?

The following are the easy you can use to perform a TB test:

  • Approved Clinics: The UK government has specified some Tuberculosis (TB) Tests clinics in every country. First, you must know about these clinics, get information about their location in your country, and confirm if they are associated with the British Embassy. 
  • Book your appointment: Visit one of these verified clinics, book your appointment there, show them your visa application, and learn about the medical examination process. 
  • Payment: UKVI also specifies a fee for each individual who performs their test at the certified clinics. 

Preparation For The Test

You must know this important point before the appointment:

  • Be on time for the appointment because other applications are also here, so they do not have to wait for you.
  • Always remember that for X-rays, sometimes they need to remove your clothes, so come in comfortable clothes that are easy to wear and remove.
  • Carefully observe the procedure and listen to the instructions to avoid mistakes.

What Happens After the Test?

Once you have completed the test, the following things will happen afterward.

  • You have to wait for the results. Your results will be sent to the clinic where you performed your test. They will give you a date to come and receive the test and also inform you through email. 
  • The clinic staff told you about the collection procedure for the results.
  • You will be awarded a clear TB certificate to receive a regular report, which you must submit with the application. If your results are not good, you must undergo medication and repeat this test.


To conclude, as you know, tb is a contagious disease, and a test for a UK visa is performed to protect the UK public. Countries with a high ratio of TB patients are allowed to perform this test. The UK government has strived to protect the borders of the UK from TB. UKVI requires two tests for the tb sputum test and chest test from approved clinics in your home country. If you are detected with tb, diagnose it early to protect your family. 


When will you get the results of your TB test?

There is no specific time for the test; the time frame may vary. Generally, a sputum test report takes longer to process, while you will receive your check report a few days after the test. You will get your complete report in a couple of weeks, but sometimes, the lab’s work capacity might need to be faster, so it may take a month.   

What happens if I detect Tb in my report?

If you detect Tuberculosis (TB) Tests For UK Visa, you need to go for your treatment before the approval of the application; otherwise, you will not be allowed to move from your country. Consult with the best doctor and take good medicines; typically, antibiotics are recommended for the tb doctor. After completing your treatment again, go for the test and ensure your test is straightforward this time. 

Who is exempt from this test?

People with a permanent visa or license to visit the UK at any time, such as people on protection programs, will not perform tests; they can see anywhere else in and outside the country. Individuals with returning visas whose ILR has expired due to their long-term absence from the UK will not go for this test. 

What tests are used for tb screening?

Two different types of tests are performed for tb screening are mentioned below:

  • Chest Test: This test involves performing an X-ray of the chest to determine the individual’s lung abnormalities. 
  • Sputum Test: It is performed to identify tb mucus in the lungs. 

If any of these are not okay, you must perform them again until your reports are normal. 

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