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UK Student Visa News

If you are searching latest UK student visa news updates then you come to the right place. January 2024, international students in the UK will no longer have the option to bring dependents on their Student visa, except for those enrolled in a postgraduate research program. Additionally, as of July 17, international students are no longer allowed to transition to work route visas unless they have successfully completed their course.

International students aspiring to study in the United Kingdom need to secure the appropriate student visa. With various types available based on the level and duration of study, it’s crucial to understand the guidelines for each. This article aims to provide insights into common challenges faced by students and highlight how the esteemed law firm, KQ Solicitors, is positioned to offer comprehensive solutions.

What is the new announcement for international students in the UK?

On May 23rd, the UK Government made significant announcements affecting international students. These changes involve the elimination of the privilege for international students to bring dependents, except for those enrolled in postgraduate courses currently designated as research programs.

What are the new rules for students in the UK 2024?

As per the updated regulations for UK student dependent visas in 2024, only international postgraduate research students are allowed to bring their family members on dependent visas. Additionally, starting from July 17, international students are no longer permitted to transition to work route visas before successfully completing their courses.

How long are UK student visas taking right now?

Currently, the majority of applications have reverted to their standard service timeframe. Visas for visits, studies, and work typically take about 3 weeks. However, family applications now take 24 weeks, more than twice the time compared to the previous year.

When to apply for January Intake 2024 in UK?

The January 2024 intake in the UK provides a great opportunity for international students who missed the Fall intake or require additional time to prepare their applications for studying in the UK. The application period will be open from June to September 2023.

When to apply for September Intake 2024 UK?

The UCAS application cycle for entry in September 2024 has commenced. The main application deadline for all courses, excluding those with a deadline on 15 October, and for art and design courses with a deadline on 24 March, is 15 January 2024. For most art and design courses, the application deadline is 24 March 2024.

Summary Table: Changes and Guidelines for UK Student Visas

Announcement DetailsEffective Date
International students in the UK can no longer bring dependents on their Student visa, except for those in postgraduate research programs.Starting January 2024
International students are not allowed to transition to work route visas before completing their courses.Effective from July 17, 2024
New Rules for UK Student Dependent Visas 2024Only international postgraduate research students are permitted to bring family members on dependent visas.
International students cannot transition to work route visas before successfully completing their courses.
Effective from July 17, 2024.
Current UK Student Visa Processing TimesVisa TypeProcessing Time
Visas for visits, studies, and workStandard ServiceApproximately 3 weeks
Family applicationsStandard Service24 weeks (More than double compared to the previous year)
Intake Periods for UK Student ApplicationsIntakeApplication Period
January 2024 IntakeApplication WindowJune to September 2023
September 2024 IntakeApplication Deadline15 January 2024 (for most courses, excluding some with specific deadlines)
24 March 2024 (for most art and design courses)

KQ Solicitors: Your Partner in Student Affairs

KQ Solicitors is a legal firm specializing in student-related matters, offering expertise and support throughout the educational journey.

Common Student Problems

when a students migrates to the UK for higher studies, he faces a lot of issues and problems. As we know, mostly new students get trouble in adjusting with new environment and people. some of the basic and common problems which are faced by students are:

Academic Challenges

  • Rigorous coursework and challenging exams can be stressful.
  • KQ Solicitors provides guidance on managing educational stress.

Legal Issues Faced by Students

  • Explore common legal problems students encounter.
  • KQ Solicitors offers legal remedies for contractual disputes and student conduct issues.

Emotional Struggles

  • Academic and legal challenges can impact mental health.
  • KQ Solicitors addresses emotional struggles with a holistic approach.

Why You Need an Expert Student Visa Immigration Lawyer

Understanding students’ unique needs, KQ Solicitors offers:

  • Legal consultations.
  • Representation in academic disputes.
  • Guidance on navigating complex legal processes.

Why Choose KQ Solicitors

  • Expertise in student-related legal matters.
  • Client-centric approach with personalized attention.
  • Proven success in resolving student-related legal issues.
  • Free consultation offer to discuss concerns without financial obligations.

Easy Steps to Reach Out

For appointments or inquiries, please contact us:

  • Phone Number: +44 7853 844688
  • Email Address:


In conclusion, the recent updates and announcements regarding the UK student visa news, particularly the changes set to take effect in January 2024, mark a significant shift in the landscape for international students. The decision to disallow dependents on Student visas, except for those in postgraduate research programs, and the restriction on transitioning to work route visas before completing courses, starting from July 17, 2024, present new considerations for prospective students.

It is crucial for those aspiring to study in the United Kingdom to be well-informed about these amendments and the associated implications. The comprehensive overview of changes, rules, and processing times provided in this article serves as a valuable resource for students navigating the complexities of the UK student visa system.

As students plan for the upcoming intakes, whether for January 2024 or September 2024, understanding the application timelines is essential. The extended processing times for family applications emphasize the need for early and meticulous planning.

Moreover, the article sheds light on the specialized services offered by KQ Solicitors, positioning them as a valuable partner for students facing academic, legal, or emotional challenges. With their expertise and client-centric approach, KQ Solicitors emerges as a reliable resource to address the unique needs of students throughout their educational journey.

In essence, while the changes in the UK student visa landscape bring forth certain challenges, they also present an opportunity for students to adapt and thrive in a dynamic academic environment. Staying well-informed, seeking guidance from reputable legal firms like KQ Solicitors, and proactively addressing potential challenges will empower students to make the most of their educational experience in the United Kingdom.

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