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UK visitor visa


The UK visitor visa, also known as a regular guest permit or UK vacation permit, enables foreign nationals to enter the country for a limited period of time, usually up to six months, for the purposes of employment, tourism, education, and other approved activities. Check on the Home Office website to determine if you require a visitor permit in order to enter the UK before you apply. You may not require a permit to enter the UK for up to six months, depending on where you are from. You must meet specific requirements in order to obtain a UK travel permit, such as having sufficient funds to cover your stay and actually intending to leave the UK when your visa expires. A variety of UK travel permits are offered for diverse uses, including business, family, marriage, general, permitted paid engagement, and Chinese travel group permits.

How a Visitor Visa Can Be Used

  • Take pleasure in travel, such as vacationing
  • Get hitched (if you intend to move after the wedding).
  • See relatives or acquaintances
  • Volunteer for a maximum of 30 days with a UK-registered charity.
  • Travel via the UK to get to another nation.
  • Take part in specific business-related activities (such going to meetings or interviews).
  • Take part in an educational exchange program.
  • Take part in leisure classes for a maximum of 30 days.
  • Study (less than six-month courses are required).
  • Finish your work placement.
  • Take a test.
  • Work as a dentist, senior physician, or academic
  • Obtain medical attention

What a UK travel visa cannot be used for

  • work, whether it is paid or not
  • Access public resources (such as benefits)
  • live in the UK by making repeated, frequent trips there
  • Give notice of your impending marriage, enter into a civil partnership, or get married (you will require a marriage certificate Visitor visa for any of the above cases).

Criteria for a UK visitor visa

In order to be granted a UK Visitor Visa, you must fulfill the following primary requirements:

  • You have to actually intend to depart the UK at the conclusion of your stay.
  • You need to bring enough cash with you so that you can survive.
  • You ought to have enough money for your subsequent travel.
  • With a Visitor Visa, you cannot live in the UK for extended periods of time.

You may need to meet additional eligibility requirements if you’re going to the UK for medical treatment, study, a placement, an exam, or if you work in an academic, senior medical, or dental capacity. If you would like to apply for a UK tourist visa, get in touch with our immigration lawyers at kQ Solicitors for a free consultation. Contact them for help or to learn more about KQ Solicitors’ services. Please email us at or call +44 7853 844688 to schedule your appointment with KQ Solicitors.

The paperwork required for a UK visiting visa

The documentation needed for a UK visitor visa differs based on your intended purpose of visit. You may need to provide:

  • When you intend to travel to and from the UK
  • Your address in the UK when you are visiting
  • An estimate of the costs associated with your visit
  • Your residential address
  • How long have you lived here now?
  • Names and dates of birth of parents
  • Your annual salary
  • Details regarding any prior civil, criminal, or immigration disputes
  • Your ten-year track record of travel
  • The contact information for your employer
  • Name, date of birth, and passport information for your partner
  • Information on any relatives you may have in the UK
  • a certificate of tuberculosis (TB) testing if your stay is more than six months (depending on where you are from).

How to apply for a UK visiting visa

To request a visitor visa for the UK, adhere to these guidelines:

  1. If you need a visitor’s visa, find out ahead of time.
  2. Fill out the online form to obtain a UK visiting visa. It is important to remember that every member of your family who is going must apply and cover their own expenses.
  3. Make the application fee payment.
  4. Schedule a time at the local Visa Application Centers (VACs).
  5. To send in any documents that need to be sent to the Home Office, make the appointment with the VAC. Additionally, a picture and a biometric scan of your fingerprints will be taken.
  6. You can expect a response to your visitor visa application within approximately three weeks.

How much does a visitor visa for the UK typically cost?

The usual fee for a UK visiting visa is £100, but individuals from non-EEA nations might incur lower charges. Should your stay exceed six months, you might require a long-term standard visa, which comes with different costs:

£432 for a two year visa

£771 for a five year visa

£963 for a 10 year visa

When journeying abroad, visa expenses can accumulate rapidly, making it crucial to plan ahead and budget for them to avoid unforeseen costs during the application process. The website offers a helpful tool to ascertain the precise visa fees applicable to your trip. Before applying, we always encourage candidates to use this resource to verify the correct fees.

Can you prolong your visa for visiting?

Visitor visas to the UK are usually only good for short stays, but if yours was granted for less than six months, you might be able to extend it for an additional six months at most. More than six-month extensions are typically only allowed for reasons relating to health, education, or graduate school, such as the need to finish a clinical attachment or retake the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) exam. Right now, extending a visitor visa costs £1,000.

If the embassy rejects your visitor visa application

Visas for visitors may be refused for a number of reasons, including if the Home Office believes:

  • You want to use the Visitor Visa program to live in the United Kingdom.
  • You endanger the security of the country.
  • You have previously broken immigration laws.
  • You possess unfulfilled criminal convictions.
  • Your visit doesn’t seem to be for a real reason.
  • You don’t have enough money to sustain yourself in the UK.

Generally speaking, there isn’t always a right to challenge a visitor visa denial. Usually, it’s best to draft a fresh application that clarifies the reasons for rejection. To make sure your reapplication satisfies the standards for a good outcome, our immigration advisers can assist you with it.

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People possessing a UK Guest Permit can arrive in the nation for a span of six months, engaging in endeavors such as commerce, sightseeing, familial visits, and academic endeavors. Aspirants need to demonstrate sincere willingness to depart the United Kingdom and possess adequate economic means to sustain themselves throughout their stay.

To apply, one must arrange to submit documents and biometrics at a Visa Application Center (VAC), pay the application fee, and fill out an online form.You may get a UK visiting visa for as little as £100 for quick trips and as much as £963 for longer stays of up to ten years. In certain situations, such as for academic or medical reasons, extensions longer than six months might be granted for a charge of £1,000.If your visa application is rejected, it’s advisable to resubmit, making sure to provide the reason for the denial. KQ Immigration Lawyers offers first-rate customer attention, affordable solutions, and specialized legal knowledge to assist with the visa application procedure. Their group of committed advisors guarantees open lines of contact and customized assistance to successfully address each client’s demands.


Q: What exactly is a UK Travel Permit?

A: People from outside Britain can enter the UK for a limited period, often six months, for reasons like work, leisure, and study, with a UK Travel Permit.

Q: How can I confirm if I need a UK Travel Permit?

A: Before applying, check the Home Office website to see if your nationality requires a travel pass.

Q: What choices are accessible to those who have a UK travel permit?

A: You are free to engage in activities like taking a trip, seeing friends or family, going to business meetings, or signing up for classes.

Q: What requirements must one meet in order to obtain a travel permit to the UK?

A: You have to be able to support yourself during your visit, have plans to depart the UK afterwards, and meet any other conditions, such as those related to your academic or medical treatment.

Q: What documents do I need to apply for a UK travel permit?

A: You may be required to present documentation such as your itinerary, evidence of funds, job description, and details of your visit to the UK.

Q: How can I obtain a travel permit to enter the United Kingdom?

A: Complete the online application, pay the required amount, and make plans to attend a permit application center to submit paperwork and provide biometric information.

Q: What is the price of a UK travel permit?

A: Two-year permits cost £432; ten-year permits cost £963. Short-term permits cost £100.

Q: Can I extend my UK Travel Permit?

A: Extensions are possible for up to six months for reasons like school or health, costing £1,000.

Q: What if my application for a UK travel permit is denied?

A: Rejection might occur due to suspicion of residency intent or insufficient funds. Reapply with clarifications if needed.

Q: Why choose KQ Immigration Lawyers for UK travel permit assistance?

A: KQ Immigration Lawyers offer expert legal guidance, affordable solutions, and personalized care to ensure permit approval. Their dedicated team provides clear communication and tailored support for every client’s needs.

Summary Table

UK Visitor Visa OverviewForeign nationals can enter the UK for various purposes with a Visitor Visa, valid for up to six months, including tourism, business, family visits, education, etc. Requirements include intent to depart, adequate funds, and meeting specific criteria for certain activities.
Permissible ActivitiesVacationing – Getting married and intending to leave afterward – Visiting relatives or friends – Volunteering for up to 30 days with a UK-registered charity – Passing through the UK to reach another destination – Business activities like meetings or interviews – Educational exchanges – Limited leisure classes or studies under six months – Work placements – Taking tests – Certain medical treatments
Inadmissible Activities– Paid or unpaid work – Accessing public funds – Living in the UK through repeated, frequent visits – Giving notice of marriage or entering into a civil partnership without a specific visa
Criteria for EligibilityGenuine intention to depart the UK – Sufficient funds for stay and onward travel – Prohibition on prolonged stays – Additional requirements for medical treatment, study, work, or academic purposes
Application ProcessCheck visa requirement on Home Office website – Complete online application – Pay application fee – Schedule appointment at Visa Application Center (VAC) – Submit documents and biometrics – Typical processing time of three weeks
Cost of Visa£100 for standard visa; different fees for non-EEA nationals – Long-term visas available with varying costs: £432 (2-year), £771 (5-year), £963 (10-year)
Visa ExtensionGenerally limited to brief visits; possible extension up to six months for specific reasons like medical or academic, costing £1,000
Visa RejectionReasons include suspicion of intent to live, insufficient funds, past immigration violations, criminal convictions, or unclear purpose of visit – Advised to reapply with clarifications if denied
KQ Immigration LawyersOffers legal expertise, affordable solutions, exceptional client service, transparent communication, and specialized knowledge in visa applications

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