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Unmarried Partner Visa UK: Requirements & Application Process

Unmarried Partner Visa UK: Requirements & Application Process

An unmarried partner visa in the UK is the golden ticket for individuals who love to start the novel journey of their love life in the UK’s gateways. The visa enables unmarried partners to reside and move to the UK to begin a new chapter with great opportunities to succeed. 

The visa allows your partner to join you in the UK. Even this visa enables your partner to study here and work if you get a good job. Not all partners can come to join their loved ones. There are some requirements, rules, and laws that you have to follow to make the process successful. Check the details mentioned below to avoid problems. 

Who Is Eligible for an Unmarried Partner Visa?

You are eligible if your partner:

  • Has UK citizenship.
  • Has permanent residency.
  • Your partner is currently living in the EEA and EU. And if your partner has settled or pre-settled EUU status.
  • Is a visa holder in Turkey a Turkish visa or a Turkish visa for a business person?
  • Has asylum protection and refugee status.

Please note that if you breach UK laws and try to move outside the UK as a couple, you will not be allowed back into the UK. 

What are the requirements For an unmarried partner visa?

Below there is a complete list of requirements for an unmarried partner visa:

  • The age of both partners at the time of application must be 18.
  • Both have been in a genuine relationship for the past two years and have evidence of their relationship.
  • Both will live together in the same house in the UK.
  • According to the English requirement, you both can speak standard English.
  • You have enough funds in your account to support you and your dependent.

Relationship Requirements

Partners darting to apply for this visa must show satisfactory evidence that they are in a relationship and will marry soon. They must prove they have been civil partners and have lived together for the last two years. Meet the given requirements to prove your relationship is not fake. 

Funds Requirements 

The minimal funds requirement for the unmarried partner visa for gross income is £29,000. This income does not depend only on your income. It also depends on:

  • Your property if you get rents from them.
  • Your annual savings should be £16,000.
  • Income generated from your pension.
  • Income generated from your own company. 

Do this to calculate your savings:

  1. Calculate your average saved income from the last six months.
  2. Not cut £16,000 from this savings.
  3. Now divide the remaining amount by 2.5.

Moreover, if partners have a child, then the one from you who has citizenship can apply for adequate maintenance if your kids have one of the following:

  • Police injury pension
  • Lies under war pension scheme
  • Mobility supplement, constant attendant allowance, war disablement pension
  • Scheme of armed forces compensation: you receive guaranteed payment or armed forces payment independent
  • Personal independent payment
  • Attendance allowance
  • Severe disablement allowance
  • Carers allowance
  • Disability living allowance
  • Benefits of industrial injury disablement

Language Requirements

Applicants have to complete the requirement of the English language test once in three years:

  • They belong to these English countries: Canada, Dominica, Bahamas, Barbuda, Guyana, Jamaica, Malta, New Zealand, Grenadines, Trinidad, Tobago, USA, Grenada, Belize, Antigua, and St Lavis, Lucia, Nevis, and Kitts. 
  • Have a degree or diploma equivalent to this test.
  • I need to pass level A1 of the English test. 

What Documents Are Required For Unmarried Partner Visa?

Below there is a complete list of required documents for an unmarried partner visa:

  • A valid passport and BRP card.
  • Provide these documents of your relationship to prove it is genuine:
  1.  Detailed about name, passport, DOB, nationality, valid paper that shows you have a right to live in the UK.
  2. Evidence of how and when you met and where you live.
  3. Show your shared bills, rental agreements, mortgages, and other bills you combined pay. 
  4. Show the birth certificates of kids if you have divorce certificates that civil partners have.
  • These financial documents are required:
  1. You combined bank accounts where you both have your shared incomes.
  2. Provide evidence of income from any rental house, business, or pension.
  3. Payslips of the last six months.
  • Show your old letter of immigration.
  • Show the records that you have never been involved in criminal activities.
  • National insurance number
  • TB test.

How To Apply For An Unmarried Partner Visa?

Follow these simple steps to apply for a visa:

  • Complete the online application with the mentioned details on it. Two forms are available online: from inside the UK and outside the UK. Fill out the one you need.
  • Pay the health surcharge and application fee.
  • Make an appointment with UKVCAS for biometric verifications.
  • Upload some supporting documents as well.
  • If required, go to the Home Office interview. 

How To Switch Unmarried Partner Visa To ILR 

Once you pass the qualifying period on an unmarried partner visa, you can apply for ILR. Some basic requirements of ILR are:

  • Still in a relationship with the same partner.
  • Meeting funds requirements.
  • Have a personal residence in the UK.
  • Meet level B1 language test.
  • No criminal records.
  • Must pass the Life in the UK test.

What Are The Current Fees For Unmarried Partner Visa?

Type Of FeeCost
Application fee inside the UK£1048
Application fee outside the UK£1538
Healthcare surcharges fee for adult£1035
Healthcare surcharges fee for kids£776
Biometric fee£19.20


To conclude, it is a path for unmarried couples to go to the UK and join their partner. It requires a lot of evidence and documentation to prove that you are committed to your partner and live like a married couple. Once you get this visa, you can do anything in the UK. Also, you can go for the extension once the current one will never expire. It gives the chance to get ILR but get advice from the home office when you apply for PR. Make your relationships strong with these opportunities and enjoy the peaceful environment of the UK with your loved ones.  


How do you extend an unmarried partner visa?

The general time frame for the validity of this visa is 2.5 years. After that, you need to extend it. At the time of renewal, you need to show that you are still in a relationship with a UK citizen. Further, all other documents would be the same that you provided previously. The only difference is that now you need to pass the level 2 English test; previous level 1 will not be valid for an extended period. 

What are the reasons for rejection for an unmarried partner visa?

The reasons for rejection are listed below:

  • You fail to claim that your relationship is not fake.
  • Need help to fulfill funds.
  • The home office would not be satisfied with your character.
  • Only fill in some of the required details at the time of application completion.
  • Provide fake information.
  • Refrain from paying an application fee or paying an incorrect fee. 

Can I get a visa for a long-distance relationship?

Yes, no problem. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you can get this visa. It would help if you had the requirements and eligibility criteria. Show proof of your communication, combined bank account savings, bills you paid together, and the kid’s birth certificate if you have one. Provide evidence to prove your relationship is not fake; you are civil partners. 

Can I get a visa if I have been in a genuine relationship for less than two years?

Yes, but in this case, you have maximum knowledge of what evidence makes your application strong and what brings you to rejection. It is essential to hire a lawyer or consult with the organization first about the detailed information about your case. 

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