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Youth Mobility Visa UK: Explore opportunites abroad

Youth Mobility Visa UK: Explore opportunites abroad

A youth mobility visa is special for overseas individuals who want to move to the UK. The visa gives you a chance to work with talented people, get experience from them and improve your skills too. Only the individuals with specific age groups can be applicable for this visa.

The visa aims to build strong relations with different countries of the world. Individuals can learn English fluently and get government funds during their stay for stability. Once granted this visa, you can get higher education from any institute in the UK, work in any company, and travel anywhere in the UK. 

What are the requirements For a Youth Mobility Visa UK?

The requirements for a youth mobility visa in the UK are listed below:

  • 18 – 30 age should be of the applicant. 
  • Applicants should have UK citizenship.
  • Each applicant should have £2530 in bank accounts to show bank statements for a month. This amount proves that the applicant will not depend on public funds.
  • You are not living with any of your children, who depend on all expenses.
  • Your TB test should be straightforward.
  • Your £244 application fee should be paid.
  • Your health surcharge of £776 should be clear.

Country-Specific Requirements Of Youth Mobility Visa UK?

People who belong to Canada, New Zealand, Monaco, and Australia will not need to meet any requirements. Apart from this, for the following countries, these are the requirements for a youth mobility visa in the UK:

  • Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong: Applicants from these countries must first submit an invitation letter to confirm their application. 
  • San Marino: You need to confirm your from your country through the Department of Diplomatic and Political Affairs about the application. If they allow you, then you need to apply. Your confirmation letter would be at most six months.
  • Iceland: Candidates of Iceland have a legally issued criminal record.
  • India: The government will issue an invitation letter with a due date. You are restricted from submitting an application within that due date. Also, you need to show a police certificate and three years of work experience. You must also have a degree equivalent to level 6 RQF.

Supporting Documents For Youth Mobility Visa UK

While applying for a visa, you must submit a vital document mentioned on the application. However, in a few cases, you must provide additional documents to complete your application. Sometimes, if the agency is not satisfied with the given documents, they will ask to provide these supporting documents:

  • Bank statement
  • Medical tests
  • Translated Documents 
  • Current passport and your valid national identity 

Conditions of Youth Mobility Visa UK

Things you can do while having this visa are: 

  • For two years you have to live there in the UK.
  • You can stay in the UK and return to your home country whenever possible.
  • Study on this visa for the program of your choice.
  • Work restriction is free, but you must know the restricted things. 
  • You can make your own business company. 

Things you are not permitted to do while having this visa are: 

  • Switch your visa for available options or extend your current visa.
  • Can not apply for a national sportsperson visa or not be allowed to be a sports coach.
  • Not to get any benefits from public funds and tax treaties.
  • You cannot bring your dependent on your visa and need to apply for a separate visa. 

How To Apply For a Youth Mobility Visa UK?

People still need clarification and learn how to apply for a youth mobility visa in the UK. Follow the mentioned steps for easy application: 

  • Open the official website online.
  • Search for an application form.
  • Fill in all the details mentioned on it.
  • Pay the health surcharge and application fee.
  • Go for a biometric appointment to give photographs, fingerprints, and evidence of the residence. 

What Are The Current Fees For a PSW Visa?

There are three types of fees that you have to pay these are:

Type Of FeeCost
Application fee£244
Healthcare surcharges fee per year£776
Biometric fee£19.20
Bank statement for a month£2530

What is a ballot scheme?

Applying from countries like Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong means you are selected first, which means you are on the ballot. Ballots open every year in January and July. Some applications are selected in July, while most have been chosen in January. Every time this ballot opens for just 48 hours, you have to send an email. In an email, this information is required:

  • Your name
  • Passport number 
  • DOB (date of birth)

Suppose your ballot is successful after 30 days of balloting. In that case, you will receive a confirmation email informing you to submit your visa application, application fee, and other fees in 90 days. If you cannot travel, you will get an extension of some days. 

You will receive a ballot closing notification in two weeks if your ballot is unsuccessful. However, you will have a chance to vote again when it opens. Remember that you will only be successful once you become eligible for their visa application. 

Countries on Youth Mobility Scheme Visa

Countries that are part of this scheme are:

  • Australia, with 30,000 places
  • Iceland, with 1000 places
  • San Marino, with 1000 places
  • New Zealand, with 13,000 places
  • Canada, with 6000 places

And also part of this scheme, but their candidates are selected on ballot systems:

  • Taiwan, with 1000 places 
  • South Korea, with 1000 places 
  • Hong Kong, with 1000 places
  • Japan, with 1500 places 

Several other candidates can also apply for this scheme, such as British overseas territories and overseas UK nationals. However, be mindful of the age at which it is mandatory. 


To conclude, youth mobility provides the best chance to explore the most significant opportunities coming your way. Going to the UK for work and study gives you valuable experience and knowledge that polish your personality. The visa opens the door to new traditions, British culture, and historical buildings of the UK. Look into them to enhance your vision. Whatever city you choose for work, university for study, and residence you will get the benefit from the UK government to make your stay a pleasure. 


Why was my youth mobility visa refused?

There are various reasons for the rejection of the youth mobility scheme visas. These are listed below:

  • The main concern of this visa is about the applicant’s character.
  • They might have a criminal record.
  • You provide fake or wrong information.
  • In the past, you breached the immigration rules.
  • You have under 18 dependents.
  • You are present in the UK at the time of application submission. 

Can I apply for a youth mobility visa inside the UK?

According to the visa rules, you can not apply from inside the UK. The application’s main purpose is to give talented applicants opportunities to work and study in the UK.

Can a youth mobility visa be extendable?

No youth mobility scheme can not extend once it expires. You have to go back to your home country and apply for another visa like a skilled worker visa if you want to come back for a job opportunity. You can also choose a PSW visa if you want to complete your further studies. 

What is the youth mobility ballot scheme?

The youth mobility ballot scheme divides the number of seats in specific countries. These countries specified a few candidates from their countries and allowed them to apply for this visa. These individuals get their results three weeks after applying and securing their UK seats. But this ballot system gives you limited time. If you use it at that time, you will be selected. You must attend the time to be allowed to apply even if you are qualifying.

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