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5 Main Points to Apply for UK Skilled Worker Dependent Visa

uk skilled visa

The United Kingdom offers a range of visa options for those seeking work, study, or settlement within the country. Among these options is the Skilled Worker Visa, which enables workers from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland to apply for a UK skilled worker visa. In addition, the UK government permits skilled workers to include their families through the UK skilled worker dependent visa and child dependent visa categories. These particular visa categories not only allow the family members of the main Skilled Worker Visa applicant to join them in the UK but also establish residence. Now, let’s delve deeper into the intricacies and prerequisites associated with these skilled worker-dependent-related visas.

UK Skilled Worker Dependent Visa Requirements

1. Relationship Verification Checks: The dependents are expected to be a close family member of the tier 2 visa holder (main applicant). This typically allows only spouse or partner and children under 18 years of age. In some cases, children over 18 may qualify if they’re currently in the UK as a dependent. However, in the end, you must provide solid documentation in the application like the partner’s police clearance certificates and the birth certificates of the children.

2. Financial Requirement: The primary Skilled Worker Visa holder must meet a certain income threshold to support their dependents without requiring public funds. 

3. Basic English Language Requirement: For spouses or partners aged 18 or over, there is no basic English language requirements for the UK skilled worker dependent visa in the current year.

4. Proof of Relationship: In cases of partners or spouses, there might be a need to prove that the relationship is genuine through cohabitation records or other evidence, like marriage certificates (English translations) and birth certificates.

Skilled Worker Visa UK Dependent Fees from Inside and Outside UK

Fees associated with the Skilled Worker Dependent Visa can vary based on where the application is made (inside or outside the UK) and can change annually. It’s recommended by KQ Solicitors to check the official UK government website for the latest fee updates. Commonly dependents have to pay for their IHS Health surcharge (per year),  in some cases, or can be charged if their job is on the shortage occupation list then.

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Documents Required for Skilled Worker Dependent Visa UK Checklist

1. Valid Passport: The dependent must possess a valid passport with at least one blank page, and at least valid for three months.

2. Proof of Relationship: This might include marriage certificates, family registration certificates birth certificates, or evidence of civil partnership. 

3. Tuberculosis Test Results: Therefore, if coming from a country where taking the test is mandatory, like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, etc., in some cases like Japan, Kingdom of Bahrain, United States of America, etc. you don’t need to provide this test.

4. Criminal Record Certificate:  For those from certain countries and if the dependent is over 18, a police clearance certificate from a country where a spouse has resided for more than or equal to twelve 12 months is mandatory to provide.

5. Proof of English Proficiency: This might be a test certificate or evidence of studying in English, which is exempt in the case of a UK Skill worker dependent visa.

6. Financial Evidence: This shows that the primary visa holder can support the dependent financially. You can be exempt if the employer assures you to provide first-month support for the skilled worker family while they are flying together. On the other hand, employer is not providing support then a skilled worker must show £12,74 for each individual for at least 28 days.

How KQ Solicitors Can Help?

It’s always recommended to consult with an immigration lawyer or expert when dealing with visa applications to ensure all requirements are met, and the risk of refusal is minimized. At KQ Solicitors, we do provide free first 15 minutes of legal advice, Email us at and book your slot.

Skilled Worker Dependent Visa UK Processing Time:

Skilled Worker Dependent Visa processing time in the UK varies and depends on these following factors.

1. Where you apply from: Generally, if you apply from outside the UK, the decision is often faster than if you are applying from inside the UK.

2. Type of service you opt for However, Some visa application centers offer priority and super-priority services for an additional fee, which can expedite the decision-making process.

3. Complexity of the application: If there are discrepancies or missing documents in your application, it can lead to delays.

4. Seasonal demands: There can be times of the year when the Home Office receives a higher volume of applications, which can impact processing times.

The typical processing time for applications made from outside the UK was up to 3 weeks. For those switching to a Skilled Worker visa from within the UK, the process could take up to 8 weeks, or longer in complex cases.

Apply for Dependent Visa UK Skilled Worker

The process typically follows these steps:

1. Online Application: The dependent visa application is typically complete online, We strongly suggest hiring a work visa solicitor certified by SRA. 

2. Document Submission: All necessary documentation (as highlighted above) should be compiled and submitted. At the end of the process before attending a biometric appointment if you want to lower your cost you have to pay a scanning fee as well. 

3. Biometric Information: The applicant may need to visit a visa application center to provide their fingerprints and photographs. After the biometric appointment, UK government case workers start working on your application for a decision. 

4. Healthcare Surcharge: Therefore, If applicable, the Immigration Health Surcharge needs to be paid, This charge is mandatory and normally varies on occupation categories. If you are on a shortage occupation list like a care worker or senior carer you are exempt.

5. Decision: So, Once all information is processed, an applicant has attended their biometric appointment at their identified centre the UK government immigration case workers will start working on your application and will provide a decision on the visa.

Skilled Worker Visa Dependent Refusal Reasons:

The refusal of such a visa can be due to various reasons. Here are some potential reasons for refusal:

1. Incomplete Application: If the application form isn’t filled out completely or correctly, it might result in a refusal. 

2. Insufficient Evidence: The applicant might not provide enough evidence to show their relationship to the main applicant (e.g., marriage or birth certificates).

3. Financial Issues: So, Not providing evidence that the main applicant or employer (if they are traveling together) can financially support the dependents without recourse to public funds.

5. Previous Immigration Violations: If the dependent has previously violated UK immigration laws, overstayed a visa, or provided false information on a previous visa application, it could lead to refusal Or maybe they have been deported at some time in the past and have 10 years ban.

6. On Grounds of Good or Bad Character: If the dependent has a criminal history or other character issues, the Home Office might take it seriously not, for instance if the dependents don’t provide their police clearance certificate application will be refused for a UK skilled worker dependent visa.

7. TB Test: Therefore, Dependents from certain countries are required to undergo tuberculosis (TB) testing.  A Tuberculosis Test certificate is mandatory and failure to provide a valid TB test can lead to a visa refusal.

9. False Representations and Failure to Disclose: However, the Home Office has general grounds for refusing entry clearance or leave to remain. These include false representations, failure to disclose material facts, or using deception in the application. This can lead to a life ban for the dependents in case of false representations. 


The Skilled Worker Dependent Visa offers a pathway for families to stay together while one member works in the UK. However, By ensuring all requirements are met and documents are accurately submitted, dependents can benefit from the rich experiences and opportunities the UK has to offer. At KQ Solicitors our professional staff will provide the first 15 minutes of general free legal advice (telephonic) please email your questions at


Can Skilled Worker Visa Dependent Work in the UK?

Yes, a Skilled Worker Visa dependent can work in the UK without restrictions on the type of employment or level of salary once they have their visa. They can also study in the UK.

Can be Dependent on Skilled Worker Visa Work in the UK?

To reiterate, yes, the dependents of a Skilled Worker Visa holder can work in the UK. Therefore, the UK recognizes the importance of family unity and allowing dependents to maintain or seek employment.

Can Dependent Switch to Skilled Worker Visa UK?

Transitioning from dependency to a Skilled Worker Visa is achievable if the dependent secures an appropriate job offer from a UK employer and fulfills other requirements of the Skilled Worker Visa. In this case, the dependent would need to apply separately and meet the essential criteria for the Skilled Worker Visa, which encompasses obtaining a job offer from an authorized sponsor and satisfying the stipulated points threshold.

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