Health And Care Visa Extension

Health and care visa extension is the primary topic of discussion for those who belong to the health and care profession. This visa category was mainly introduced in the UK to attract intellectual applicants globally, ensuring their secure and stable jobs and health system. This visa extension is significant for those who want to continue … Read more

ILR For Child After 7 Years In UK

ILR For Child After 7 Years

ILR For Child After 7 Years ,Under-18 children born in the UK who have lived there continuously for seven years are eligible for ILR. Obtaining ILR is essential for the kids to maintain a secure future in the UK. The process emphasizes kids with solid ties to the country, including schooling, community involvement, and a … Read more

Parent Of A British Child Visa Refused

Parent Of A British Child

Parent Of A British Child sometimes face refusal while applying for a visa to live with their child. There can be multiple reasons behind that, such as not meeting relationship evidence or financial requirements or failing to prove that their child’s upbringing is only possible with their presence.  It is crucial to ensure you fulfill … Read more

Switching From Skilled Worker To Spouse Visa

Switching From Skilled Worker

Switching From Skilled Worker To Spouse Visa is common for those applicants who wish to live with their citizenship-holder partner. With this transition, applicants can stay with their partner without being sponsor by their employer. However, applicants must understand the policies and rules of this process and apply with solid evidence.  In addition, applicants must … Read more

UK Fiance Visa Document Checklist

UK Fiance Visa Document Checklist

Applying for a fiance visa involves several steps, but the most crucial factor that increases the success ratio of achieving a visa is gathering documents to support the application. This is where our comprehensive UK Fiance Visa Document Checklist comes in. It is designed for unmarried couples who wish to marry each other in six … Read more

5-Year Spouse Visa Route

5-Year Spouse Visa

5-year spouse visa route is a common path for non-UK residents as it permits them to live in the UK with their partners. The visa is designed for partners interested in living together in the UK. On this route, applicants are free to get an education and can do work. Moreover, this route eventually leads … Read more

UK Spouse Visa 10-Year Route Requirements

UK Spouse Visa 10-Year

UK Spouse Visa 10-Year ,It is a settlement route that ensures that couples live together despite any criteria and financial requirements. The pathway is beneficial for couples who want to live together. It helps the couples maintain their ongoing relationship strong and ensures that both will support each other without relying on government funds.  In … Read more

UK Citizenship Processing Time After Biometrics

UK Citizenship

Obtaining citizenship is a golden opportunity for residents living in the UK on different visa categories. Applicants must consult the UK home office to apply for citizenship to avail of this milestone. After applying, the second step towards achieving citizenship is the enrollment for the biometric appointment. Applicants’ pictures and fingerprints will be verified so … Read more