British Citizenship Solicitor Fees | Complete Guide & Process

British Citizenship Solicitor Fees

Citizenship is a formidable journey that requires dealing with legalities, paperwork, and intricate requirements. To make this process easier, British Citizenship Solicitor Fees are here to offer invaluable guidance with their experience and knowledge. The process of citizenship includes various steps, such as understanding the criteria, filling out the form, and attending interviews. 

However, no assistance comes without cost, so knowing about the British citizenship solicitor fee is crucial before hiring a citizenship lawyer. By paying the fee, you can get a range of services like consultation, application preparation, document review, etc. Further, the cost of a lawyer varies depending on experience, case complexity, location, and the lawyer’s reputation. 

Role Of British Solicitors In Citizenship 

The following points will determine the role of British Solicitors In Citizenship:

  • These solicitors provide legal advice about eligibility criteria, necessary documents, application submission, supporting documents, and requirements.
  • They guide you on how to represent yourself in the court for the review of your application.
  • These lawyers will guide you on how to fill out the application form and what to avoid.

Factors Affecting Solicitor’s Fee

The British Citizenship Solicitor Fees can be affected by the following factors:

  • Different services have different scopes. For example, handling the entire process from starting to the outcome is expensive, while consultations are low-cost.
  • Solicitors located in geographical regions in the UK have low costs, while solicitors in law firms are high-priced.
  • Highly reputed lawyers who are professional in dealing with costs more than expected. 
  • Clients with complex cases pay more charges, while clients of application processing and document review pay less. 

Average British Solicitor Citizenship Fee 

The following are the categories of the British Citizenship Solicitor Fees:

  • British Citizenship lawyers charge £100 – £300 for an initial consultation. 
  • A range of solicitors in the UK offer fixed fees on citizenship services. Depending on the lawyer’s reputation and difficulty in your case, the average cost is £800 – £2,000.
  • The solicitors that charge hourly are high-cost, and people with a high budget can afford them because their charges would be too much for time-consuming cases. The average cost is approximately £150 – £400 per hour.
  • Document review, attending interviews, and appeals are the additional and surprising costs for the applicants, and their costs are not specified; on average, they can cost from hundreds to thousands of pounds. 

Breakdown The Fee 

Before hiring a solicitor for citizenship, you need to check the breakdown fee to avoid surprises:

  • Evaluating the applicant’s eligibility criteria and advising on the application process is an entirely different service that costs money.
  • You need to pay the lawyer if you get help preparing the documents, such as complete guidance on what documents are required and what to submit as evidence.
  • Getting assistance in filling and submitting the application accurately also costs you. 
  • In case of delays, if your lawyer contacts the home office to check the status of your application, you need to pay for it.
  • If your lawyer provides updates regarding the following procedure in the visa process, you will pay for it. 

Additional Costs 

There are some additional fees mentioned that are compulsory to pay:

  • Application fee: This is a significant fee that needs to be paid to the home office, and the current application fee for citizenship is £1,330.
  • Biometric fee: Applicants are permitted to provide biometric verification, including fingerprints and pictures, and it costs £19.20.
  • The English language test is mandatory for many applicants from non-EEA countries and costs approximately £150.
  • Life In The UK Test: This is an essential requirement for a UK visa, which costs £50.
  • Document translation: People from non-English countries must translate their documents before submitting them to the home office to make them understandable for the immigration officers, which costs you £50 – £ 

Ways To Manage Fee 

Solicitors charge high to manage it, so you need to follow the given tips:

  • Compare the fees of different citizenship solicitors to find one that provides services at a reasonable amount. Good research is required to find the best one. 
  • Some solicitors charge more than expected, so go for a fixed-fee lawyer to avoid that.
  • If you have enough citizenship information, do not hire a solicitor. Hire a lawyer when you feel you can not handle this specific service. It costs you less, and you can only get the first free consultation. 
  • Some lawyers offer payment plans that divide the fee into installments to make it easy for the client to pay.  

Low-Cost Alternatives

Those who can not afford the fee of British Citizenship Solicitor Fees solicitors go for these alternatives:

  • CAB (Citizen Advice Bureau): CAB offers free consultations on various services, including citizenship and immigration.
  • Legal Aid: It is free aid for individuals seeking asylum protection and deportation. However, you need to fulfil the eligibility criteria to get legal aid and those who qualify will get free assistance from british citizenship lawyers. 
  • Non-profit organizations: These organizations in the UK offer minimum  cost or free legal advice on citizenship matters. 


To summarise, to get citizenship, hiring British citizenship solicitors is worthy, but their fees seem daunting. These professionals offer worthwhile support and overpriced experience. They ensure their clients can confidently navigate complex cases and give their best final outcomes. British citizenship solicitors understand the services their clients want, then provide them with a payment plan, explore the details about their complexities with their experience, and give you peace of mind. It would help if you did significant research to find low- or free-payment plan lawyers to minimize your expenses. Ultimately, the cost associated with the payment plan of lawyers helps you until you reach your milestone. 


What services do British solicitors offer?

British Citizenship Solicitor Fees solicitors help individuals deal with problems in the journey of citizenship. These lawyers are mainly specified for those individuals who want assistance in citizenship. Except that they do not offer any other service. However, in citizenship, these lawyers offer various sub-services, such as the representation of citizenship applications, the application process, guidance, support, etc. 

What do British solicitor’s fees typically cover?

British citizenship solicitor fee covers the following services:

  • Document review
  • Consultation
  • Application Preparation
  • Corresponding with authorities
  • Representation in appeals and reviews

Before you start working with the lawyer, you need to confirm what services will be included in the fee. 

Are there any additional costs besides solicitors while applying for a visa?

Yes, beyond lawyer fees, there are some other additional fees associated with the visa. These include the visa application fee, health surcharge fee, and biometric fee. All these are compulsory fees for visa application; without them, your visa would be rejected.  

Can I find British solicitors who offer free consultations or payment plans?    

Yes, every lawyer offers the first consultation free, then checks your case and discusses the payment with you. On the other hand, some lawyers offer payment plans depending on the lawyer’s financial condition. During the first consultation, you must ask your lawyers for payment plans. 

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