Cheapest Immigration Solicitor Prices | Fees And Pricing

Cheapest Immigration Solicitor Prices | Fees And Pricing

Finding an affordable immigration lawyer is quite tricky and in demand. Individuals have to spend sufficient amounts on the visa procedure, and in some cases, if they need help, the only trustworthy option is immigration solicitors in an affordable range. However, affordability should not mean compromising on quality. 

Whether you are a student, skilled worker, or dependent seeking family reunification and want to learn about the cheapest immigration solicitor prices, you are in the right place. In this we will help you to explore the average cost of immigration solicitors for different services.  

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Immigration Lawyers

Following factors influence the cost of the immigration lawyers:  

  • Service type: The cost of all the services immigration lawyers offer are different. For example, visa applications are cheaper than asylum services.
  • Location: Lawyers belonging to geographic locations charge less than well-known law firm lawyers.
  • Experience: An experienced lawyer with a good track record charges high, while the rates of fresh lawyers are pretty low.
  • Case complexity: The Lawyer assesses your case and charges accordingly. You must pay a lot for complex cases, while lawyers charge prices for uncomplicated cases.
  • Fixed or hourly fee: Some solicitors charge hourly, while some offer fixed prices for every service. If your case is complex, you need a fixed-fee lawyer because, due to time consumption, hourly charge lawyers charge a lot. 

Average Cost Of Immigration Solicitors

The average cost of immigration for these services is given below:

  • Visa Application:  The immigration solicitor charges £500 to £2,000  for this service. As it is a time consuming process that needs more knowledge on how to fill an application, about documents, paperwork, and evidence.
  • Asylum claims: For handling asylum cases the solicitors charge £1,500 to £3,000 as it needs effortless energy to provide your protection.
  • Appeals and review: in appeal and review, the lawyer faces different cases, from complex to easy; therefore, they charge £2,000 to £8,000.
  • Consultation: For advice and consultation, time is not consumed too much, and lawyers have to offer suggestions so that the cost will be £100 – £300. 
  • ILR: The process of ILR is a prolonged period that takes almost six months, and lawyers assist you till your final results, which is why they charge £1500 – £3,000. 

How To Find The Cheapest Solicitors?

You can use the following ways to find the cheapest immigration solicitor:

Compare prices

You must contact multiple solicitors regarding your service, research them online, and compare their fees. It would help if you asked different solicitors what services they offer at a given cost. Some solicitors charge a fixed first consultation, which enables you to check their professionalism. 

Accredited solicitors

Ensure the lawyer you hire is accredited by OISC (office of the immigration service commissioner) and is part of the immigration and asylum accreditation scheme of the law society. Such lawyers are highly qualified in immigration law and provide legal and updated information about your case. 

Seek legal aid

People who are looking for asylum protection, trafficking victims, and deportation are capable of getting free legal aid. Check the eligibility criteria of getting legal aid and determine are you eligible for this legal aid or not. If yes, then search for lawyers who provide this service. 

Use online services

Some online services offer immigration services at low prices, in contrast to expensive law firms. The online services are low prices due to their minimum overhead costs. Despite that, these services offer quality support and reputable help to fulfill clients’ needs. 

Non-profit organizations

In the UK, some non-profile organizations offer low-cost or free services, which are known to provide the best outcomes. These organizations are Citizens Advice, Refugee Council, and local support immigration groups. Several success stories are available that show how their valuable support helps immigrants achieve their goals. 

Negotiate fees

Some people feel they should negotiate to discuss the fee with the lawyer. Do not negotiate; it is your right. In a few cases, lawyers offer discounts and payment plans, which you can get if you discuss the fee. But you need to be straightforward when telling them you need financial aid. 

How To Ensure Quality Service?

Before choosing an immigration solicitor, ensuring that this lawyer will offer is essential. The following factors the assures that lawyer offers quality services are given below:

  • Check the testimonials and reviews of the lawyers. Positive reviews indicate that the lawyer is worthy.
  • It would help if you ascertain the credibility of whether the lawyer is registered with legal bodies or not. It determines the qualification of the lawyer.
  • Lawyers with effective communication are adept at work. These lawyers respond promptly, communicate clearly, and explain every point. 
  • Before hiring a lawyer, ensure the lawyer can provide the service you want. Then, research the price of the lawyer based on service. 
  • Assess how lawyers deal with tricky questions and how lawyers respond during the first consultation to check professionalism. 


To summarize, immigrating to the UK is an intricate process that can be significantly improved with the help of the cheapest immigration process. After spending a lot on the visa process, people required a low-budget lawyer who provided good support. Do not bother; there are some ways to find an immigration lawyer at a low price. You must shop around, check credentials, utilize online services, visit non-profit organizations, compare prices, track the success record, and find the lawyer who suits you. With careful and good research, it is possible to find a lawyer of your interest because you can work with a lawyer who understands your case and suggests good results. 


Do cheap immigration solicitors provide low-quality service?

No, low-priced solicitors do not need to offer compromised quality services. Many such immigration solicitors in the UK provide reasonable legal assistance but charge less than others. Before hiring any lawyer, it is best to check the experience, track record of success ratio, qualification, and client review. 

How to find the cheapest immigration solicitors in the UK?

To find the cheapest lawyer, you need to do good research, visit various law firms, calculate the average rate, and compare prices of different solicitors to know the best amount to pay for the service you need. Moreover, never get stuck on one lawyer; check reviews of other solicitors and then measure their facts and hire the one that suits you. 

What is the general fee for the immigration solicitors in the UK?

The cost of immigration solicitors is not specified. The lawyer costs you on the type of your service and the complexity of your case. The average fee that an immigration lawyer demands is between £800 – £3000. This amount can be varied according to your case complexity and if you get additional support beyond your case. 

Are there free cost or low cost immigration solicitors available in the UK?

Yes, there are free and low-cost services available that non-profit organizations like Citizens advice Bureau offer. In the UK, some law centres and community organizations are available to provide legal aid in immigration law at low prices. You can hire an immigration lawyer for your assistance if you are not financially stable and want service in low amounts. 

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