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The Letter Police To Take The Child Abroad

The Letter Police To Take The Child Abroad

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A travel permission letter or document is needed for travelling abroad. Court issues this letter if a single parent wants to travel overseas with the child. This letter allows them to travel abroad with any group, family member or separated parents. The parents who have the child arrangements order from the court don’t need any permission letter. But the other parent, who has no custody orders, must have a letter from the police to take the child abroad. This letter includes the information about the child, birth certificates, your relationship with the child, how many days this trip will take, where to go, and who will travel with the child.

Permission to take the child abroad

In case of separation, parents need permission to take the child abroad. You need the permission letter from your ex-partner having the parental responsibility orders or from the court. The court issued parental responsibility orders in which the court decides who takes the child’s residence responsibility and other concerns about his/her future. You can travel only when you have a permission letter from the other parent or the court; without permission, you cannot travel across the UK border.

Certificates you need to travel abroad

When travelling across the UK border, you need these certificates to avoid any hurdle in the boarding process

  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Passport
  • Permission letter from the court or the parents
  • Medical certificate in case of any emergency in travel
  • The documents that show your relation with them if you have a different family name

The Letter Police To Take The Child Abroad

Parents’ consent letter for visa application

If you are under 18 years and want to go abroad for studies, you must have these documents along with for visa application

  • Your parents’ consent letter
  • Your birth certificate
  • Your passport
  • Your previous school studies certificates

But if a separated parent wants to travel for a holiday with the child, they must also have the parents’ consent letter with them. The parents’ consent letter has the following information in it.

Information about parentsFatherMother
Contact number  
Marital status  

Information about the child

Child’s name 
Date of birth 
School admission date 
Address of the parents 
Contact number 
Permission granted by one parentSigns
Permission granted by the other parentSigns
Relationship with the child (if from a different family) 
Any medical issue or allergy 
School certificates (optional) 


Discussing the letter police to take the child abroad, we solved the complexity of this process. Travelling abroad and getting a visa is a challenging matter. You must know all the operations of the UK embassy and the country where to travel. Parents’ consent is essential in written form or application.

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