Litigation is a method used to resolve disputes between individuals and/or companies. Disputes can be Contractual disputes which can occur at any time and include consumer disputes, debt recovery and business contract breaches. Disputes can be between neighbours over anything including issues related to  noise, boundaries, walls parking etc.

When people involve in disputes they find themselves either at issuing the claim or defending the claim against them.

We possess the requisite experience and expertise in negotiating on your behalf and if necessary, issuing/defending proceedings at the High Court or County Court depending on the nature and value of the claim being dealt with. We also make sure that you understand the whole procedure clearly and choose the best option for you. Litigation can have serious consequences and we, at KQ Solicitors, make sure that you understand all aspects of litigation and its effects on you and your family. We also give you detailed advice on the adverse costs implications in case you lose your case and advice you how to protect yourself for that unlikely unpleasant event.

We are more than happy to give you initial advice and try to resolve the matter on your behalf by using mediation and negotiation techniques saving you money and stress which some people take when they go to court.

We can offer civil litigation cases on fixed fee and in some cases on No Win No Fee basis.

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