One of the most stressful events in life is going through break up with your partner whether through divorce, separation or annulment and dealing with its aftermath. For some people, there are alternative ways to end a marriage. It may be possible to have a marriage annulled as opposed to getting a divorce. A court can declare a marriage void or voidable for a number of different reasons. Whatever is the reason or mode of getting separated from your partner, KQ Solicitors can help you in dealing with its full process and effects. The most common fears and questions which people have in their mind is that :

  • Who will the children live with?
  • What will happen to the house?
  • What will happen to the loans and bills?
  • How to divide the rest of the marital assets?
  • How long will it take to resolve the divorce and how much will it cost?


At KQ Solicitors we can provide you with those answers and guide you to a result that is mutually beneficial for the whole family.


Our specialist solicitors are trained to assist you in any of the following areas:

  • Divorce/Legal Separation: Divorce can be confusing and complicated. Our team will provide guidance in relation to the divorce process, your children and finances. A legal separation means that you do not have to live together but it does not bring your marriage to an end.
  • Financial Issues – spousal maintenance, lump sum orders, transfer of properties.
  • Children Issues – Contact/Access with children, Residence/custody, Parental responsibility
  • Domestic Violence- Our lawyers have experience in dealing with domestic violence and will help you to achieve lasting solutions within a safe and friendly environment. We can protect you by obtaining legal injunctions that prevent further abuse whether that abuse is physical or psychological

Father’s and grandparents’ rights:  Sometimes the law can seem unfair with the father when it comes to seeing your children but fathers do have rights. It is important to know what they are. Similarly Children should have the right to see both their parents and grandparents. Often the rights of grandparents to see their children are overlooked and everybody suffers as a result. But grandparents do have rights when it comes to their grandchildren. KQ Solicitors will help you in these areas with their specialist services

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