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Immigration Lawyer

Immigration Lawyer

Nowadays, migration is a general phenomenon for reuniting with family and finding better jobs, education, and health opportunities. Individuals find trouble in their visa process and find complexity in all these procedures, so immigration lawyer are there to ease their burden. 

Immigration lawyers are professionals who give better advice based on visa type. They specialise in the laws of their home country and give the best suggestions about citizenship, asylum, residency, and immigration. In this guide, we explore the details of immigration lawyers and how we can seek assistance from them, so stay with us and continue reading. 

What is an Immigration Lawyer?

An immigration lawyer is highly skilled in the law and knows all the rules and traditions. Consulting immigration lawyers for immigration purposes can help you with family navigation, citizenship, paperwork during visa applications, and residency permits

Moreover, hiring an immigration lawyer is a good option as they provide an incalculable amount of help throughout the immigration process, ensuring you understand the rules and responsibilities to achieve your goals. They also help their clients in court and advocate favourably on their behalf. 

Services and Advice Offered By An Immigration Lawyer

Several vital advances are offered by an immigration lawyer that is mentioned below in detail:

Deportation defence

An Immigration lawyer represents deportation proceedings individuals in courts to protect overseas nations. These lawyers judge the circumstances of every case of deportation with legal authorities and provide legal defence to overseas individuals for their safety.  

Employer sponsorship

Individuals who want to navigate their business and family in the UK rely totally on immigration lawyers. Immigration lawyers help such people and guide them properly through the sponsorship process, immigration laws, paperwork, and licences. 

Consultation and legal advice

Immigration lawyers assist their clients in every possible way regarding address, workplace, and best departments and answer all clients’ queries. 

Asylum claims

Individuals who complain about human rights should consult with their immigration lawyers, who help them find protection in the UK. These lawyers assist their clients in asylum appeals, hearings, and applications. 

Residency permits

Candidates who want to live long-term in the UK consult with their lawyers to obtain evidence of a residence permit that will support their application. 

Citizenship application

The people that are eligible to apply for British Citizenship will get help from Immigration lawyers. They guide them through the application process, supporting documents, and other processes. 

Visa application

An immigration lawyer helps their clients with various types of visa applications, such as family navigation. They help with these visas:

In terms of business navigation, immigration lawyers help with this visa:

  • Innovators visa
  • Sponsorship licence
  • Start-up visa
  • Sponsoring skilled workers
  • Global migration planning
  • Temporary worker
  • Illegal working compliance
  • Education institutes
  • Point based system
  • Work visa refusals
  • International transfers
  • Judicial reviews

Benefits Of Having An Immigration Lawyer

The following are the benefits of having an immigration lawyer:

Experience and expertise

Immigration lawyers have in-depth knowledge about their profession and guide their clients in the right way about UK law, procedures, and applications. Moreover, lawyers have so much experience that they can handle courts and cases proficiently. 

Maximum success chances

With their deep understanding, immigration lawyers help you manage your application process smoothly by sorting out all the complexities that increase your chances of obtaining a visa. Before you submit that application, your lawyer will guide you about the necessary documents, supporting documents, and other paperwork that minimize the chances of rejection. 

Legal Advocacy

An immigration lawyer takes your legal advocacy to the next level during the procedure, positively impacting your personality and making you more knowledgeable about the UK. Your image will be impressive whether you go for any court hearing, interview, or appeal. 

Avoiding delays and mistakes

Making mistakes and missing documentation results in application delays and rejection, and your lawyer is helping you to overcome these mistakes. Hiring an immigration lawyer is also peace of mind. You do not have to pressurize as your lawyer handles all the problems. 

How To Select The Best Immigration Lawyer?

An individual needs to consider the following things:

  • Specialized Reiss London lawyer is more expert in handling clients’ matters effortlessly.
  • Before hiring a lawyer, check the proven track record of success ratio to see whether this lawyer assists you. 
  • Also, check the lawyer you are hiring is qualified from the Law Society of England and Wales. 
  • Communication is vital for every relationship. Choose a lawyer with good communication skills because a lawyer who is friendly with the clients is more convenient. 
  • Always choose a lawyer who is comfortable with you and to whom you are comfortable because when you are not comfortable, you will not convey your thoughts to the lawyer. 

Our Services

We offer following services to our clients:

  • Super Premium Service
  • ILR application
  • Permanent residency
  • Human rights law
  • EEA applications
  • Family visa
  • Immigration Bail application
  • Temporary admission
  • Naturalisation
  • UK expansion worker visa
  • Global business mobility visa
  • Asylum and human rights application
  • Removal injunctions and deportation
  • Immigration advice on complex matters
  • British citizenship
  • British passport application
  • Domestic worker application and review
  • Sponsorship licence application and review
  • Sportsperson visa application and review
  • Tier 4 student visa application and review
  • Skilled worker work permit application and review
  • Start visa expansion and start up visa
  • Entrepreneur visa extension
  • Domestic violence visa application
  • Parents settlement visa application 
  • Long residence application


Can an immigration lawyer help if a visa application is delayed?

 Yes, immigration lawyers are instrumental in fixing these issues. They can contact agencies and immigration authorities to find out why an application is delayed. Before you apply, they do all possible things to make it strong, so there’s no chance of delay. Further, if an application is delayed after doing all these things, lawyers can give legal advice.  

How fast can an immigration lawyer submit and process my application?

Speed to application processing and application depends on various factors like the current workload in the agency, visa type, and case complexity. However, expert lawyers can process applications as fast as possible when they meet with agencies and make all efforts to make your application successful. 

Why hire a Reiss Edward immigration lawyer?

Reiss immigration lawyers offer many benefits in the immigration process. These lawyers are famous for handling immigration cases smoothly with the highest success ratio. Their way of making applications to clients is valuable, as the chance of rejection and delay is too low. Moreover, their track record of client satisfaction is very high compared to other lawyers, so these lawyers are highly recommended. 

Are all immigrants based in London?

Not all, but the maximum number of immigration hubs are present in London. The reason is that almost all legal services and immigration lawyers operate in London. Furthermore, some law firms are present in other countries in the UK at the national level. So, it is easy for individuals to find experienced lawyers throughout London. 


An immigration lawyer is necessary if an individual faces problems navigating business and family to the UK. Because from visa application to your residency in the UK, your solicitor would make your process easy. Another advantage of hiring a solicitor is knowing more about UK rules and laws. However, choosing the right lawyer benefits more, such as specialisation, experience, credentials, etc. 

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