Does The Length of Marriage Affect Divorce Settlement In The UK?

Does The Length of Marriage Affect Divorce Settlement In The UK?

Are you looking to divorce your spouse and are confused about handling your finances? Does the length of marriage affect divorce settlement in the UK? If so, we’ve got this detailed guide for you. We’ll explain this in detail to alleviate your concerns. Please keep reading!

Simply put, yes. Your marriage length in the UK affects divorce settlements between you and your ex. In short marriage, you can divorce quickly and return to your everyday life as before marriage. But several things, especially finances, need settlement in a long marriage. 

In any divorce process, the court gives its final statement regarding financial settlement based on some factors. One of them is the age of both parties and the duration of their relationship. This article will discuss how short and long marriages affect divorce settlement.

Does The Length of Marriage Affect Divorce Settlement In The UK – Overview

The divorce settlement is basically a financial settlement during any divorce process. If you want to divorce your spouse or get divorced, you’ll have to sort out your finances. Your local court can assist you in handling this matter, but the court considers the duration factor.

So, based on the duration, there are short-term and long-term marriages. When divorcing, this will determine the financial settlement to divide the assets. Let’s discuss both marriages in detail and explain your rights and what’ll happen concerning your finances.

Divorce Settlement In A Short Marriage In The UK

Short marriage means any marriage with a duration of fewer than 5 years and having no child, mostly. In this case, you don’t need to apply in court for your divorce or financial settlement. You don’t need a divorce settlement if your marriage duration fits this definition.

How Long Can A Spouse Drag Out A Divorce? If you or your spouse disagree on finances, the court will decide on asset sharing. You can hire a solicitor, like KQ Solicitors, to avoid complications for a better settlement. Using a solicitor’s service lets you enjoy a fair division of assets and decisions from the court.

Divorce Settlement In A Long Marriage In The UK

Generally, long marriage means any marriage lasting more than five years and having one child, at least. In this case, you’ll have to apply in court for your divorce settlement. You’ll need to hire an expert to look at the case and guide you through the entire process.

In your court hearings, you can increase the chances of saving your finances and getting the most out of it. As it’s a long-term marriage, the court tries to split the assets equally between both parties. Child custody and other issues are also decided during the proceedings.

Primary Perks In Short And Long Marriages

Whether you were a couple in a short-term or long-term marriage, you’ll get some benefits after divorce. In short marriage, it depends on your current position and interest. In a long marriage, it depends on the court’s decision and the financial status of your ex-partner.

The Financial Perks In A Short Marriage

  • You can get back to normal life and job right away
  • You no longer have to deal with financial divisions
  • You get an equal share of your combined assets

The Financial Perks In A Long Marriage

  • You can get an equal part in pension and other assets
  • You might acquire more shares from the marital pot
  • You can get child custody with your home possession

Things Your Court Considers When You Have A Child

Who Gets Custody Of Child In The Divorce UK? If you don’t have any children, you and your spouse can take your assets and divorce. But if you have even one child, the court will decide to give the most benefits to the child. If you have a child, the court considers these points when making its statement in the final hearing:

  • Your entire income and overall earning capacity
  • Your current age and the length of your marriage
  • Your assets, i.e., property and financial resources
  • Your child’s educational and financial concerns
  • Your role as a couple during your relationship

So, if you have a child, you’ll benefit from becoming the caretaker. Mostly, the mother gets the child’s custody, but it depends on several factors. If the mother gets custody, the father will be responsible for providing care in the future. Otherwise, the father will take care of everything.


Q. Does the length of marriage impact a divorce settlement in the UK?

A. Yes, the length of the marriage will impact a divorce settlement in the UK. The longer you have been married, the more likely the court will consider a greater share of marital assets, both financial and non-financial when determining the settlement.

Q. Does the court consider the contribution of each partner to the marriage?

A. Yes, the court considers each partner’s contribution to the marriage when determining the divorce settlement. This includes any economic contributions made by either party during the marriage.

Q. Does my occupation affect my divorce settlement?

A. Yes, your occupation may affect your divorce settlement. Generally, if one spouse earns more than the other, this will be considered when determining the settlement.

Q. Does the court take into account any debts accumulated during the marriage?

A. Yes, any debts that have been accumulated during the marriage are taken into account when determining the divorce settlement. Both parties will be liable for these debts and must agree on how they will be paid off.

Q. Can I get advice on how to reach a fair divorce settlement?

A. Getting legal advice on how to reach a fair divorce settlement is possible. Many experienced family law solicitors can advise and help negotiate between parties.


Well! That’s all about your question — does the length of marriage affect divorce settlement in the UK? So, yes. The duration of your marriage affects how your assets are divided between you and your spouse. All this depends on whether you were in a short or a long marriage. 

Every couple wants to end their relationship without extra burdens. But when it’s about the child, partners want to get what they can for their child — even the court does. If you are in such a situation, a solicitor, like KQ Solicitors, can assist you to your advantage. 

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