PBS Dependant Visa for UK

PBS Dependant Visa for UK

For your spouse, partner and kids, the PBS Dependant Visa is a crucial gateway to travel and stay in the UK with you if you possess a points-based system (PBS) visa for the UK. This article will delve into the objectives of the UK PBS Dependant Visa, the qualifying criteria, the application process, and how dependents obtain ILR, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of this significant visa.

Under the UK PBS Dependant Visa, spouses, single partners, and children of points-based visa holders can enter the UK. As long as the primary applicant maintains their PBS Visa and stays in the United Kingdom, adult and child-dependant visa holders have the right to live, study, and work in the UK. However, it’s important to note that PBS Dependent Visa holders, while enjoying these rights, are not eligible for government resources or benefits.

The following people are eligible to apply for a UK PBS Dependant Visa:

  • Spouse, civil partner, or single partner
  • Children born outside of the UK who are younger than 18
  • Younger than 18-year-olds who were born in the UK during your visit; these people have to be in the nation already and count as dependents (i.e., incapable of leading an independent life)

You may be able to think about the following other visa types to bring your child or partner to the UK if they are not qualified for a PBS Dependant Visa:

  • Family Visa (spouse visa, after the primary visa holder obtains ILR
  • Skilled worker visa (available to individuals who plan to work in the UK in a skilled capacity)
  • Visa for Temporary Employment
  • Student Permit

According to the Home Office’s PBS Dependant Guidance, the primary visa holder must hold a qualifying visa to carry their dependent family members to the UK on a PBS Dependant Visa. Visas that qualify include the following:

  • Visa for Skilled Workers
  • Visa for Health and Care Workers
  • Specialized or Senior Worker Visa (International Business Mobility)
  • Visa for Minister of Religion (T2)
  • Visa for International Sportsperson
  • Visa for Graduate Trainee
  • Worker Visa for UK Expansion
  • Worker Visa for Secondment
  • Visas for Service Providers
  • Graduate Visa
  • Startup Permit Visa
  • Visa for Global Talent
  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa
  • Tier 1 Investor Visa
  • Ancestry Visa for the UK
  • Visa for Charitable Workers
  • Visa for Creative Workers
  • Exchanges Authorized by the Government Visa
  • Visa for International Agreement
  • Visa for Religious Workers
  • British National Visa (Foreign Travel)
  • Visa for Turkish Businesspeople
  • Turkish Work Permit Visa

Requirements for the PBS Dependant Visa UK

Those who wish to apply for a dependant visa using the points-based system must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be a dependant who meets the requirements of a UK PBS Visa holder.
  • Have enough money for maintenance

Dependant Requirements

Partners of point-based Based System Visa holders may obtain a PBS Dependant Visa if they can demonstrate the following:

  • In addition to being above 18, both partners must be in a marriage or civil partnership (which requires approval by UK law).
  • Both have been living together for at least two years.

For your child to be consider a dependent, you must provide evidence that they are:

  • living with you (except for those studying full-time in UK boarding schools, colleges, or universities)
  • single (and not in a civil relationship)
  • Independent of your financial

Maintenance Money Requirements

If the Home Office is confident that the applicant has access to enough money to cover their stay in the UK, they will only issue an immigration PBS-dependent visa. Confirming the criteria that apply to your circumstances is crucial, as the maintenance funding needs differ based on the kind of visa the primary visa holder holds.

For instance, in order to accompany a family member on a skilled worker visa, the applicant must show the following in order to be granted a PBS-dependent visa:

  • As a dependent partner, £285
  • £315 for a single child
  • £200 for every extra child
  • It is on top of the £1,270 maintenance funds the primary visa holder needs.

Application Process for PBS Dependant Visa

To apply for a PBS dependant visa, candidates must do the following (assuming they are not in the UK):

  1. Apply online. Depending on whether they are your spouse or child, you will need to fill out a form on their behalf.
  2. The online application must include the Global Web Form (GWF) or Unique Application Number (UAN) of the primary PBS Visa application in order to guarantee that all applications undergo processing simultaneously.
  3. Obtain a biometric residency permit by proving your identification. You can do this by making an appointment to have your fingerprints and photo taken at a visa application center. An alternative method may be to utilize the “UK Immigration: ID Check” smartphone app.
  4. Send in any necessary payments.
  5. Add any supporting documents that the application requires.
  6. Await the decision.

PBS-dependent applications can be responded to in a minimum of three weeks following the identification process and receipt of the necessary evidence. If you need a quicker response, you can obtain a decision in as little as five working days (called “priority service”) for £500 or by the end of the following working day (called “high-priority service”) for £800.

ILR as a PBS Dependent

For individuals who are already in the UK, PBS dependent leave to remain allows them to stay for the rest of their visa. PBS-dependent leave allows anyone applying from outside the UK to enter the country at the border. As per the PBS dependant guidelines, those who are authorized to enter or remain in the UK in the role of a PBS dependent are eligible to:

  • Work for any employer, full- or part-time (no sponsorship needed)
  • Enroll in a UK school, college, or university full- or part-time.
  • Go and come back to the UK anytime.
  • Further, to extend their visa.
  • After five years of continuous residence in the UK, submit an immigration application (ILR); in certain circumstances, you may be able to do so sooner.

Dependents under the immigration points-based system, however, cannot:

  • Access to government resources and advantages
  • Become a professional athlete, physician, or dentist

Extension of PBS Dependent Visa

Before their visa expires, dependent visa holders may apply to extend it at any time or concurrently with the primary PBS visa holder. The PBS Visa holder must remain in the UK and fulfill the exact requirements as when they initially applied to extend their visa. The fees for PBS dependent visa extensions are determined by the type of permission obtained by the primary PBS visa holder and are filed online.

Refused PBS Dependent Visa

The following circumstances may delay the issuance of PBS dependant visas:

  • The two people are not in a legitimate or qualifying relationship.
  • The child doesn’t qualify as being dependent.
  • The child will not reside in the UK with both parents (unless extraordinary circumstances apply).
  • There is not enough money for maintenance.
  • The application must be complete and the applicant’s character must be more trustworthy.

Concerning the reason for the rejection, it may be possible to:

  • Apply for a judicial review to contest the legal grounds for the rejection.
  • Apply for an administrative review if the Home Office made a mistake.
  • Submit a new application.
  • Apply for a different kind of visa.


The abbreviation for a points-based system is PBS. It relates to the UK’s point-based immigration application evaluation system, which assigns points to applicants who satisfy the necessary eligibility requirements for the relevant visa category.

Certain family members of people who hold or are seeking a UK visa under the points-based system (PBS) are granted permission to enter and remain in the country with a PBS dependent Visa, also known as a Family Member of a PBS Migrant visa. The “primary applicant,” often known as the “visa holder,” must already be a PBS immigrant or apply to be one under point-based visa programs such as the Student, Health and Care, and Skilled Worker visas.


How long can PBS dependants stay in the UK?

Unless the primary applicant has obtained indefinite leave to remain, partners of the primary PBS visa holder will be given leave following the PBS migrant’s leave expiration date. In that case, you will initially be granted three years of holiday, after which you are eligible to extend your visa in order to reach the five years allowed to apply for ILR yourself.

Children of individuals with UK visas are permitted to remain for the duration of the parent whose visa expires first. You are allowed three years of visa if the parents are British nationals or have an ILR.

What is the processing time for the PBS Dependent Visa UK?

They decide 90% of non-settlement applications within three weeks, 98% within six weeks, and 100% within 12 weeks of the application date, under the Home Office service requirements for processing UK visa applications. In the UK, applications are submitted to Public Enquiry Offices (PEOs) on the same day, and decisions are often made on those applications.

Can dependents on PBS work?

Yes, PBS dependents are free to work in the UK and are not limited in what kind of work they can do.

Does PBS eligibility allow for UK study?

If a PBS dependent who is 18 or older wants to study in the UK, they must apply for a certificate under the Academic Technology Approval Scheme.

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