PSW Visa UK Fee | Details About Post Study Work Visa UK Fees

PSW Visa UK Fees

PSW visa UK fees refer to the whole process and the total cost generated during this procedure. The PSW visa is currently replaced by a tier 1 visa that allows international students to come to the UK to earn higher education degrees. When you get this visa, you can not move from the UK during that period. 

You need to pay two main fees: a health surcharge fee and an application fee. Your visa will only be accepted if you can pay these fees. The details about fees are given below. Keep scrolling to get more information about PSW visa UK fees. 

Application Fee

The application fee is a critical factor in the PSW Visa UK Fees, which you must pay while submitting the application. You submit your application to the UKVI department, and it is non-refundable. The application fee, according to the current date, is £822. Despite that, the cost may be different depending on the country and whether you apply from outside the UK or inside the UK.  

Health Surcharge Fee

Another important fee is the IHS (immigration health surcharge) fee, which you need to pay after you know that your application has been approved. This fee allows you to get free health care from the UK government without paying tax or any other additional fee. According to the current date, the IHS for one year is £1035

Total Cost Calculation

To calculate the total fee, calculate these costs, and the sum is your total cost:

Type OF FeeCost 
Application Fee£822
Health Surcharge for three years£3105
Health Surcharge for two years£2070

Additional Cost Of Documentation

Except for the IHS and application fee, some additional fees are compulsory for an application to pay. These are:

  • Biometric verification: Biometric verification is necessary, and you must attend biometric appointments on the given date for fingerprints and pictures. The biometric fee is £19.20. 
  • Translating Documents: If you belong to a non-English country and the language of your certificates and documents is other, you must translate them into English before submitting them. This may also cost. 
  • Postage Fee: Submitting documents from a courier may cost a fee. 
  • Legal Advice: People hire immigration lawyers if they get into trouble or complicate their visa processing. This may cost a lot, but it can make your procedure easy. 
  • English Test: Generally, people perform IELTS and other tests compatible with their degree or according to institute requirements. These tests are paid. 
  • Maintenance Funds: Applicants for the test must have maintenance funds for at least 30 days, which shows that they will not depend on the government for funds. 
  • Fee for Dependents: Any dependent will pay the exact cost as other applicants. For example, they have to pay the same application fee and IHS fee. 
Fee OF Additional DocumentationEstimated Cost
Translating documentationPer page £20 – 60 
English language test£500 – 2000
Legal advice£150 – 250
Maintenance funds£1270 for a month
Application fee for a dependents visa£822
IHS fee for Dependents£1035

Who Is Eligible For a PSW UK Visa?

The eligibility criteria for PSW is given below:

  • Applicants must have a tier 4 student visa.
  • Must be present in the UK.
  • Your minimum stay for your degree, whatever you choose, must be 12 months.
  • After completing your degree, you have to inform the Home Office. 
  • If your visa expires before the degree is given, you can not move from the UK until you complete your degree. 

What are the requirements For PSW Visa UK?

Following are the requirements for a PSW visa in the UK. You need to provide these verified documents:

  • Valid passport
  • You get that one BRP (biometric residence permit) while applying for a study visa.
  • While applying for a study visa, you had to receive a reference number to confirm and accept your studies. 
  • Provide proof of your relationship as a partner or a birth certificate from when you were a kid if you apply for a dependent visa. 
  • Sponsorship letter, scholarship letter, and your approved application.

Other Visa Options After PSW

Individuals who want to stay in the UK after the expiry of their PSW Visa UK Fees can do so. However, they must switch to work visas under the rules and apply again. The best visa options for such people are skilled worker visas. 

UK employers are searching for talented students to hire them for work, and they offer them skilled worker visas. After switching to this visa, these applicants can have a chance of ILR after five years. Also, there is an eligibility criteria for a skilled worker visa that is given below:

  • Applicants have to attain a 70 score of 70 on the English test.
  • Candidates have to score 50 points in the mandatory test.
  • You can get additional marks if you fulfill the minimum salary requirement of £38,700 annually. 
  • Also, candidates with PhD degrees will get additional marks. 


The article covers all the fees that are concerned with PSW visas, including health fees, application fees, and other additional fees. Be mindful that the total cost depends on the country you belong to and your stay in the UK. Sometimes, extra costs are higher than visa and health fees because of biometric verification, postages, and document translation. So before planning for any visa, consider all these costs, then make your budget. Remember to check the updates regularly to avoid rejections and delays. 


How to apply for a PSW visa?

Applying for a PSW visa is quite a straightforward process, and you must apply online:

  • First, download the original UK immigration app to check your ID.
  • On this app, scan your biometric permit for residence.
  • After that, create a UKVI (UK visa and immigration) account.
  • Lastly, go to the official government website, complete the form, and complete your application. 

Can I bring dependents on a PSW visa?

You can bring your dependents, like your kids, partner, and parents, on a PSW visa. There are some eligibility criteria for the dependents that have to meet this criterion first. After that, you need to pay the IHS fee, about £1035, and the visa fee, about £822. However, you need to pay these fees for each individual separately, and they also need to show maintenance funds that show that they stay in the UK without the assistance of public funds. Moreover, if you plan to move your family here, kindly consult with the home office and pay all additional costs. 

Can I extend or renew my PSW visa?

No, you can not extend PSW visa because it is a one-time visa that is issued for the type of degree you choose. Although you have the opportunity to switch your visa to a skilled worker visa. You are not allowed to stay in the UK after the expiry of your PSW Visa UK Fees you will go back and submit a new application and get a chance to come back on a work visa.

Can I apply for ILR or PR after a PSW visa?

No, according to UK home office rules, you can apply for ILR (indefinite leave to remain) or PR (Permanent residence). After the expiry of a PSW Visa UK Fees, you need to apply for other visa types that last for up to 5 years, such as a work visa, ILR, business visa, and family visa. 

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