Replacement BRP Processing Time | How Long Does It Take?

Replacement BRP Processing Time | How Long Does It Take?

The UK offers a biometric residence permit to their non-EEA overseas nationals for their identity in the UK. BRP is like an ID card for overseas individuals that help them to find jobs, for study, for other work. In case BRP loses, the UK gives a chance for the replacement. Replacement BRP processing time means how long it takes the UK government to issue a new BRP. Processing time depends on various factors. Report to the home office as soon as possible in case of BRP replacement. 

For the replacement of BRP, you need to go through an application process in which you have to claim a new one and explain the reason for the replacement. The home office checks the details of your application and issues a new BRP, but this process is quite time-consuming. Further details of the replacement and processing time of BRP are given below. Let’s dive. 

Understanding The Replacement BRP

It is necessary to understand under what circumstances you can go for the replacement of BRP:

  • Inform the home office if your BRP is stolen or lost.
  • Damaged BRP is unusable and illegible, and this kind of BRP needs replacement. 
  • BRP has a validity period after which it expires and requires replacement.
  • If the BRP contains errors, such as incorrect personal details, you are allowed to apply for a replacement. 

Application Process Of Replacement BRP

Following are the steps for the application process of BRP replacement: 

  • In case of damage, stolen, or lost, apply for its renewal.
  • Pay the application fee. 
  • Submit application.
  • Go for biometric sessions to provide your fingerprint and photos. 
  • Depending on your case, you must provide documents to the home office and, if required, provide supporting documents.
  • Now, after submitting the application, wait for the decision; if the application is approved, you will have time to receive BRP.

Replacement BRP Processing Time

BRP replacement processing time have three different processing categories: 

Standard Processing Time

The standard processing time for replacing BRP is six – eight weeks. This is not the exact time period; it is the average time frame. The time of biometric appointments is also included. Standard processing is free. 

Priority Processing

Pay an additional fee to get priority processing and expedite your process. You can get your decision in 5 days with this priority processing. It is the best processing type for those individuals who are in a hurry and want to go as soon as possible to attend some seminars, meetings, and tours. 

Super Priority Processing 

The fastest option for processing is super priority processing, which gives you results in 24 hours. There would be an additional fee for this processing. In these 24 hours, you will get your biometric results. Individuals with a short budget can not afford this high-standard processing. 

Factors That Affect Processing Time

The following are the factors that affect the replacement BRP visa processing time:

  • Seasonal Variations
  • Courier and postal times
  • Immigration status
  • Complex cases
  • Administrative reviews
  • Data Accuracy
  • Judicial Reviews
  • Changes in immigration policies

Seasonal Variations

Processing times depend on seasonal variations. For example, when the academic year starts in the UK, there are many applications in the home office for processing. During this time of year, the workload will be high, and processing applications will take time. 

Courier and postal times

After the overall work is completed and you get positive for the replacement BRP decision, you receive your decision through courier, and the courier delays also increase the overall processing time. After the decision, BRP needs to dispatch, print, and prepare, and courier delays make the processing process slow. 

Immigration status

Processing time depends on immigration status, too. For example, if your immigration status is for a temporary visa, it takes less time. Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) and citizenship application processing takes longer because of various interviews and multiple pieces of evidence. 

Complex cases

The complexity of the case increases the processing time of the application. If your application and case fail to prove your evidence, your application will be rejected or take longer to process. 

Administrative reviews

If your application is refused the first time and you consult immigration or an administrator, your case will be reviewed again. In this case, you have to attend interviews and make your case to avoid delays the second time, and this process takes longer. 

Data Accuracy

Before submitting the application, review it twice or thrice to make sure it is up to mark. Errors in the application make it seem like your application details are fake, which leads to rejection. Correctness in the application makes it easy for visa officers to understand and takes less processing time.

Judicial Reviews

When your application goes for judicial review due to some circumstances, the processing time extends from months to years. For judicial review, you need to go to court and hire a lawyer, which may cost you a lot.  

How To Expedite Processing Time?

The following steps will help you to expedite your replacement BRP processing time:

  • Recheck your application before submitting it, try to correct it, and provide all details and paperwork. 
  • This is to get quicker decisions for priority and super priority checking in case of emergency. 
  • To avoid delays, book your biometric appointments on time and provide all biometric details before deciding. 
  • Contact the home office to check the status of your application and see if it is taking longer and still can not be processed. 


To conclude, the processing time for the replacement of BRP generally takes 6 – 8 weeks, but it is not fixed. Various factors can affect the processing time, like workload in a home office, inaccurate data, complex status, etc. You can use priority services depending on your budget and requirements to expedite application processing time. However, it is simple to understand the factors that make processing slow, the criteria, and the application process. You can undergo a smooth processing period and get your decision soon. 


How long does it take to get a replacement BRP card?

Six to eight weeks is the general time frame for application processing. While replacement brp visa processing time outside the UK takes 3 weeks. Sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances processing time extends. So when your card is lost or stolen, quickly apply for a replacement to get a new one because, with BRP, you cannot travel. 

What should I do if my replacement BRP takes too long to process?

After submission, wait for a given time period of processing. If after that, you will not receive the decision, check it online with your given reference number. If it is in progress, you can show it online; otherwise, consult with home officers. 

Can I travel without BRP while waiting for a replacement?

No, you can not travel without your BRP card, as it is your identity card; without it, you can be arrested. In case of emergency, contact the home office and tell them your issue. The home officer will consult with the agency of the country where you want to go. 

What documents are required to apply for a replacement for BRP? 

You need to require the following documents for the replacement of BRP:

  • Previous card, if not lost or stolen. 
  • Personal details.
  • BRP details.
  • Address proof.
  • Reason for replacement.
  • Fee of replacement.
  • Application form.
  • Other required supporting documents.

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