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5 Quick Tips to Understand PBS dependent visa UK

Pbs dependent visa

PBS stands for Points-Based System, and this visa is a Dependent Visa issued by the Government of the United Kingdom for family members of individuals who already hold a valid UK visa under the Points-Based System for less than three or more three years. The visa allows dependents to join their loved ones in the UK for a specified period, depending on the primary visa holder’s permission to stay.

The Home Office uses a point-based system to assess the eligibility of the principal applicant, such as 20 points for relevant experience, 20 points for an applicant holding a valid COS letter, and 10 points for English Proficiency equivalent to a B1 certificate. But this system asses principal applicants, not their dependents. In this article, we will delve into the details of the PBS Dependent Visa, guide users on the application process, highlight its advantages, and address common mistakes that applicants should avoid.

What is a PBS Dependent Visa in the United Kingdom?

A Points-Based System Dependent Visa UK is designed for the family members of individuals who hold certain visas under the Points-Based System, such as Tier 1 (general), Tier 2 (general), Tier 2 (Minister of Religion), and Tier 5 (Temporary Worker). Dependents include spouses, civil partners, unmarried partners, and children under 18. Eligibility Criteria for PBS Dependent Visa UK: To be eligible for a PBS Dependent Visa, applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. Valid Passport or travel documents

2. Valid tuberculosis (TB) Test Certificate

3. Must be a family member of someone with a valid visa under the Points-Based System. 4. Provide evidence of the relationship with the primary visa holder, such as marriage or civil partnership certificates or birth certificates.

5. Show proof of adequate funds to support themselves, which is £1272 for the first month in the UK. Furthermore, employers can assure Home Office they are responsible for accommodating; you don’t need these funds to show.

6. Provide a Police Character or Clearance Certificate from a country where you have lived for over 12 months.

Skilled Worker Dependent Visa UK Application Process:

1. Gather Documents: Prepare all necessary documents, including passport, photographs, relationship evidence, financial records, and English language test results if required.

2. Online Application: Let KQ Solicitors help you file your PBS Dependent Visa Application online. Let us act as your immigration lawyer for very economical visa fees.

3. Biometric Appointment: Schedule and attend a biometric appointment at a designated application centre.

enter. Led Worker Processing Time: The UK Visas and Immigration will process the application, and the decision will be communicated to the applicant in the next 15 to fifteen working days. If the case is complex or some compulsory documentation is missing, then more than that.

Advantages of PBS Dependent Visa UK:

1. Family Reunification: The PBS Dependent Visa allows families to live together in the UK, promoting family unity.

2. Access to Healthcare and Education: Dependents can access the UK’s healthcare system and educational institutions.

3. Work Rights: Spouses and civil partners of Tier 2 visa holders are allowed to work in the UK without any restrictions. Tier 2 Dependent Visa Processing Time Standard Service will take 15 working days to process the application until the result. If the applicant or their dependent has booked priority service by paying £250 extra, they will decide in the next 5 five working days.

Common Refusal Reasons for PBS Dependent Application:

1. Insufficient Documentation: Failing to provide all required documents can lead to visa rejection. Ensure you have all the necessary paperwork.

2. Incorrect Information: Double-check all information entered in the application to avoid errors and delays.

3. Late Application: Apply within a reasonable time frame to avoid issues related to the primary visa holder’s status.

Are KQ Solicitors Providing Free Advice for Skilled Worker Dependent Visa UK?

Yes, our kqsolicitors professional team provides Free 15-minute legal advice for candidates who want to apply for a PBS-dependent visa outside the UK for their spouse or children. Please write us at or call us at +44 7429294455 and book your free appointment today.

UK Dependent Visa Requirements Application:

1. Title: PBS Dependent Visa UK Application

2. Personal Information: Name, contact details, and passport information.

3. Relationship Evidence: Provide marriage or civil partnership certificates, birth certificates for children, etc.

4. Financial Documents: To demonstrate sufficient funds, bank statements, payslips, or sponsorship letters.

5. English Language Proficiency: Include language test results if applicable.

6. Declaration: Sign and date the application form.


Can I work in the UK on a PBS Dependent Visa?

Spouses and civil partners of Tier 2 visa holders can work without restrictions.

Can I extend my PBS Dependent Visa?

Yes, you can apply to extend your visa if your family member’s visa is extended.

How long does it take to process a Points-Based System Dependent Visa?

Processing times vary, but it usually takes several weeks.

Is there an English language requirement for Points-Based System Dependent Visa applicants?

Depending on the primary visa category, but in most there is not an English language requirement that is required for pbs dependent visa or child dependent visa UK .

Can I switch to a different visa category from a Points-Based System Dependent Visa?

You can change to other visa categories if you meet the eligibility criteria which is mainly getting a certificate of sponsorship (mandatory) and an offer letter (optional) from new employer.


The PBS Dependent Visa UK offers a pathway for family members to join their loved ones in the UK and enjoy various advantages such as work rights and access to healthcare and education. By carefully adhering to the application process and avoiding common mistakes, applicants can increase their chances of a successful visa application and a smooth transition to life in the UK. Main Kw Pbs dependent visa Description PBS Visa allows main applicants spouses, un-married partners or children to come and join them in The UK


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