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UK New Immigration Rules 2024 Spouse Visa | Visa Guidance

UK New Immigration Rules 2024 Spouse Visa | Visa Guidance

New immigration rules were introduced in 2024 in the UK to make things easier for couples. Due to a smooth application process, couples can get their visas without hurdles now. Spouses of the applicant with UK citizenship can apply for their visa without raising extra financial funds. 

In addition, the application is simpler than ever, and new rules claim abuse and asylum protection for new individuals. In case of domestic violence, you can apply for ILR to get citizenship to avoid domestic violence. By removing financial barriers, abuse, and violence, and with other additional support, the process of a spouse visa is relatively easy. 

What Is a Spouse Visa?

A visa that allows someone to move to another to join their partner if they are civil partners or married partners. The visa helps you unite your family in the same workplace. Just like other visas, a spouse visa has its own rules and policies that follow these requirements to get this visa. 

In addition, new policies are introduced every year. In 2024, new policies will make things fair for couples. You will get chances to work together, although you can study on a spouse visa. The validity of a spouse visa is two years and nine months, after which you get an extension. 

Who Can Apply For a Spouse Visa?

To get a spouse visa, your partner must be:

  • UK citizen
  • Settled in the UK on ILR
  • Have refugee protection
  • Has a Turkish worker visa

What Are The Requirements Of Spouse Visa?

The following are the requirements for a spouse visa:

Financial Requirements

These are the financial requirements of the UK’s new immigration rules 2024 for spouse visas:

  • The couple has a minimum combined income to meet their financial circumstances.
  • Both partners need to claim they have funds above the minimum required and can support themselves without getting public funds. 
  • According to new rules, you can show rental funds, savings, investments, and self-employment funds if you do not have funds in your accounts. 

Language Test

These are the financial requirements of the UK’s new immigration rules 2024 for spouse visas:

  • New rules prioritize English proficiency for spouse visas.
  • With their visa application, applicants must submit an English test with successful results for approval. 
  • Only UK-approved institutes, such as IELTS and PTE-conducted tests, will be considered. 

Life in the UK Test

These are the financial requirements of the UK’s new immigration rules 2024 for spouse visas:

  • You must pass the Life in the UK test to successfully enter the UK.
  • This test demonstrates that you know much about British culture, traditions, and history.
  • The test will consist of questions related to UK general history, and you need to secure 70 points.

Healthcare Surcharge 

These are the financial requirements of the UK’s new immigration rules 2024 for spouse visas:

  • Now, a health surcharge is necessary for a spouse visa according to new immigration rules.
  • The fee you will pay will help you to get annual free health care from the UK government.

Digital Application System

These are the financial requirements of the UK’s new immigration rules 2024 for spouse visas:

  • Digital application is a new system that has been introduced for spouse visas. 
  • The system simplifies your application process, minimizes evidence, reduces documents, and improves efficiency. 
  • Applicants can submit applications and documents online. 

Application Process

Following are the steps of the application process for the UK new immigration rules 2024 spouse visa:

  • From the official website, get the form and submit it.
  • After the application submission, you must make a biometric verification appointment. 
  • Applicants must provide proof of marriage, an English language test, funds, and joint account statements. 
  • You can upload these documents online and send them in person by courier. 
  • To check the honesty of the applicant, in some cases, you are called for an interview. You must provide all possible documents in this interview to strengthen your application process. 
  • Once submitted, you will get time for UKVI to review your application. You can check the application process online using your reference number.   

Supporting Documents

You need the following supporting documents for a smooth application process. 

  • Previous passport and current valid passport.
  • Evidence of your relationship that shows your relationship is not fake.
  • I need to pass the CEFR test to be proficient in English. 
  • Document your financial statements.
  • Details of immigration application and all documents.
  • Proof of no criminal activities. 
  • Proof of personal residence.
  • Tb test.
  • Biometric verification.
  • Insurance number of your home country.  

Reasons Of Refusal

Following are the reasons for refusal, so before applying, you need to consider these points:

  • You do not have accommodation evidence to prove personal residence. 
  • Health surcharge is mandatory. If you forget to pay IHS, your visa will be refused.
  • If home officers are not sure about character, your deeds, and about your criminal record. 
  • You must pass a medical test; otherwise, the application will be refused.
  • In case of deportation order.
  • If your information is wrong and fake. 

What Is The Current Fees Of Spouse Visa

Type of feeCost
Application fee inside the uk£1048
Application fee outside the uk£1846
Annual health surcharge£1035
Biometric fee£19.20
Extension fee£1048
Priority service fee£1000


To conclude, the changes in the spouse visa make immigration rules inclusive and compassionate. The UK government believes in family unity; therefore, the new immigration rules make the application process easier and simpler. Further, the government aims to provide asylum protection to vulnerable families from domestic violence, abuse, and other criminal activities. New immigration rules in 2024 will make border shifts easy and permit long-distance couples to live together. However, the new rules allow families to strengthen their relationship further in the UK.  


What is Life in the UK test, and is it required for a spouse visa?

The test consists of British culture and traditions. The test is part of the application until and unless your application is rejected. In your test, questions about daily Life and the history of the UK. Passing this test ensures you know enough about UK traditions and how to live there. 

What new changes have been made regarding the health surcharge for the spouse visa?

According to previous rules, the health surcharge was not included in the spouse visa, while new rules make it mandatory. You need to pay a health surcharge annually during your stay in the UK. Paying the health surcharge ensures you can avail yourself of free health care benefits from the UK government. 

What is the processing time for a spouse visa under the new immigration rules 2024?

The average time frame is 12 weeks – 16 weeks, but sometime due to following factors time frame can be varied:

  • Case complexity
  • The workload in home office
  • Country you belong

Is an English test mandatory? 

If you are not exempt, you do not belong to an English-speaking country, are not under 18, and are over 65. You need to show an English proficiency test to enter the UK. Only tests approved by PTE and IELTS will be accepted. But if you have a master’s or bachelor’s degree in English, it will be equivalent to an English test. 

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