UK Shortage Occupation List | Key Jobs and Immigration Guide

UK Shortage Occupation List | Key Jobs and Immigration Guide

The UK shortage occupation list identifies those jobs in the UK for which UK citizens are inaccessible. In addition, this list addresses the employment shortage in the UK and assists employers in recruiting international employees. SOL does not offer all kinds of jobs. There are various sectors, for example, medicine, engineering, IT, science, and the creative industry, where you can get hired on SOL. 

Likewise, other visa processes this immigration route requires to meet eligibility criteria, but they are not lengthy and time-consuming. Check the updated list on the government website and take advantage of the opportunity to secure employment and a visa in the UK from this list. Moreover, the purpose of this list is to support the UK economy, and if you perform well and contribute to UK society soon, you will get more opportunities to grow. 

Application Process Of SOL

The application process to get hire SOL is mentioned below:

  • Employers need to advertise their job vacancies with a hint of ease in the requirements of employees.
  • Employers must provide Cos for employees to make their immigration process faster when hiring them.
  • The applicants apply for a skilled worker visa with the COS that they get from the employer. The employer will mention that the applicant is hire on SOL to expedite the immigration process. 

Benefits Of Shortage Occupation List

There are the following benefits of SOL:

  • SOL makes the process easy for workers who want to reach this milestone and work in the UK.
  • It reduces the case complexity in the application process.
  • SOL addresses the skilled shortage and allows authorities to hire workers to fill this gap.
  • With the new talented workers, the company’s growth will positively impact and automatically improve the economy.
  • Moreover, hiring skilled workers is crucial to compete in the global market.
  • With the help of new employees, new strategies will be implement to improve market growth. 

Occupation List 2023

According to 2023 July, the following job were add to the SOL:

Occupation CodeJob Type
9119Jobs in elementary occupation of agriculture and fishing 
5321All jobs in plasterers
5319Jobs in building trades and construction
5315Jobs in joiners and carpenters
5312All sorts of jobs in mason and bricklayer
5119Jobs obtainable in the fishing industry

Occupation List 2024 

There are a number of jobs here in SOL, according to the updated list 2024 in various sectors: 

Shortage Occupation List UK Healthcare

Occupation codeJob Type
6146Care workers (senior)
1242Proprietors and day, domiciliary, and residential care managers
1181Health directors and public managers and other health services. 

Shortage Occupation List UK Technology and Science

Occupation codeJob Type
2461Planning and quality control engineers 
2129Engineering professionals 
2127Process and production engineers
2126Development and design engineers
2124Electronics engineers
2123Electric engineers
2122Mechanical engineers 
2121Civil engineers
2114Humanities and social scientists are only limited to archaeologists 
2113In the gas and oil industry, physical scientists are delimited to Senior geologist in the mining sectorGeoscientistGeochemistIn the nuclear industry waster area, technical services managerGeophysicist 
2113Physical scientists that are related to construction ground engineering limited to:HydrogeologistGeophysicistEngineering geologist
2112Biochemists and biological scientists
2111Nuclear industry chemical scientists

Shortage Occupation List UK Construction

Occupation codeJob Type
5321All jobs in plasterers
5319Jobs in building trades and construction
5315Jobs in joiners and carpenters
5312All sorts of jobs in mason and bricklayer

Shortage Occupation List UK IT

Occupation codeJob Type
2139Communication and IT professionals 
2137Professionals in development and web design
2136Professionals in software development and programmers
2135System designers, architects, and IT analysts in business 

Shortage Occupation List UK Fishing

Occupation codeJob Type
5119Jobs obtainable in the fishing industry
9119Jobs in elementary occupation of agriculture and fishing 

Shortage Occupation List UK Medicine, Professional Services, & Other Trades

Occupation codeJob Type
5215Welding trades only pipe welders that would be higher for three years, and the worker must be experienced 
3111Laboratory technicians 
2425Statisticians, actuaries, and economists delimited to:Informaticians Bioinformaticians

Shortage Occupation List UK Creative Industry

Occupation codeJob Type
3421Graphic designers 
3416Directors, producers, and art officers
3415Only orchestral musicians who will meet the requirements
3414Choreographers and dancers 

Shortage Occupation List UK Medicine

Occupation codeJob Type
6141Nursing assistance and auxiliaries 
2219Health professionals 
2217Medical radiographers 
2211Medical practitioners 

Shortage Occupation List UK Therapy

Occupation codeJob Type
2223Language and speech therapist 
2222Occupational therapists

Shortage Occupation List UK Education

Occupation codeJob Type
2442Social workers
2315Gaelic teachers for medium and professionals of teaching nursery and primary education
2314In Gaelic secondary teaching professionals
2314Secondary teaching professionals in maths, physics, foreign modern languages, science, and computer science.


To summarize, the shortage occupation list is essential to fill the labor shortage gap in various sectors where UK citizens cannot occupy the vacancy. For a specific job without UK domestic recruitment, the UK government allows employers to hire skilled workers in these roles. It not only helps UK business people but also supports the UK economy. Moreover, suppose someone wants to be hire on SOL. In that case, they might check the regular updates on government websites to ensure that any roles in this list match their qualifications. Eventually, from industry jobs to high-valued employment, you can get a chance to enter the UK smoothly. The immigration process of the route is relatively easy and does not need any lengthy requirements. 


How does a job get on the SOL?

Jobs are add to the SOL by a process called MAC (migration advisory committee). The committee analyses market data to determine the number of vacancies in various fields. In this assessment, it considers factors such as recruitment difficulties, the impact of these jobs on the economy, and vacancy rates. Then, this committee adds the valuable job to the list to hire international skilled workers. 

Can all jobs be included in the SOL?

No, several job sectors are included on the shortage occupation list, and it is confirm that no one from the country is here to perform the duties of this specific job. This aims to hire international workers for vacancies that negatively impact the UK economy due to the lack of recruitment. 

How often is the SOL updated?

This list is update every few years to fill the labor shortage gap in the market and support the UK economy. The MAC reviews the list if necessary to make changes; otherwise, it updates it as previously. Moreover, the MAC aims to prioritize new market roles with insufficient labor, so it mentions this role in the list of workers to hire. 

Why does the UK have a Shortage Occupation List?

The UK has this list to manage the job shortage affecting the UK economy. It supports the economy and helps employers hire new, talented workers around the world to grow their companies. 

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