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Here's how we operate in just 3 easy steps.

Step 01

Initial Consultation & Eligibility Evaluation

✔ Speak to a specialist who will conduct a comprehensive UK immigration eligibility assessment with you.

✔ Discuss merits assessments and the complexity of your case during the call.

✔ Confirm your consultation slot to address your immigration needs effectively.

Step 02

Comprehensive Application Preparation

✔ Personalized advice and strategy sessions with a certified immigration specialist attorney.

✔ Collection and review of necessary documents.

✔ Comprehensive preparation of your application.

✔ Submission and follow-up communication for your application.

Step 03

Support After Submission

✔ Provide Status Updates and Address Queries

✔ Visa Decision Guidance and Advisory Support

✔ Long-Term Planning and Consultation

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Free Consultations

Our First aim is to provide professional services to our clients and those people in our community who can’t afford to pay for Legal Advice. We have good news for them, KQ Solicitors are offering FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION for the first 30 minutes. In All areas of Family Law & Immigration Law, you can choose a telephone appointment, a walk-in, or an email appointment if you desire.

Our address is 68-72 Stuart Chambers, LU1 2SW, Luton,UK, or for any query, you can email us at or Call us at 07853844688

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do offer free consultation in our practice areas of (Family Law & Immigration Law) up to 30 minutes at phone call and 15 minutes of sitting appointment at our KQ Solicitors, Temple Chambers LU1 2SW.

Sorry, but there’s no car park available but only 150 yards away theirs a car park and bus station at the same side.

You just need to call us on our contact number before coming to our office. You can also book a free appointment by emailing us at or at the appointment page.

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Eddy Designation

Its more then 2 years now with KQ solicitors and their service and way of giving you briefs about your case is really helpful and their team handled all my documents with very care until process finished highly recommended

Liam Levingstone Designation

My mother's visa been refused twice but a big thanks to Khurram Amir Qureshi who helped me out and fix all the paperwork for me yesterday I received email from Home Officer that my mum has been granted UK Visit am very happy I can't explain in words.

Afifa Designation

Well done Barrister Zakir Khan. You guys made my day I am very happy with the outcome of my asylum case all through processing they told me every step very nice attitude I will refer them to be honest.

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