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A Complete Guideline about a Skilled Worker Visa

skilled worker visa

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A skilled worker visa is a replacement visa for a tier 2 (General) visa. By getting this visa, you can work in England for any modified job or post. Qualified people are welcomed here for jobs to fill the gap in local market labor. Individuals from all around the world can apply for a skilled worker visa. This article will provide a complete guideline about skilled worker visa in the UK. You can get skilled worker visa easily when your qualification meets the criteria of this visa.

 Along with qualifications, you must fulfill the following necessities too

  • You must have experience in a relevant field
  • Your qualifications are equal to the UK standard studies
  • You have a job offer from a valid company
  • Must have sponsorship letter approved from Home Office
  • Your job is listed in the job occupation shortlist

Requirements for a skilled worker visa

When applying for a worker visa, you must know the requirements for the application and its criteria.Here is a short list of required things when applying

1You have at least a  bachelor’s degree with a minimum of two years of experience
2According to the British national language, you must pass the basic English language test.
3Must have enough savings that have been deposited for the last three months
4Have a cleared tuberculosis test if necessary
5Meet the requirements of 70 points which are introduced for individuals to apply
6Meet the minimum salary requirements of threshold £25600
7Have a job offer from a licensed company or employ

Documents you need to apply for a skilled worker visa

Here is the documents list you need to apply for a skill worker visa

  • A valid passport and identity showing documents
  • Reference the Sponsorship code of the applicant
  • Job occupation’s code
  • Name of sponsorship person
  • Annual salary documents

Skilled worker visa fee schedule

This visa costs differently according to the circumstances and job nature. This table will show the minimum visa cost according to stay duration.

Application typeApplicant’s stay durationCost for visa
If you apply from outside the UKUp to three years£610
 More than three years£1220
If you apply from inside the UKUp to three years£704
 More than three years£1408
Shortage occupation job (inside or outside the UK)Up to three years£464
 More than three years£928

You also must pay an amount of £624 per person as a health surcharge every year.

Points table for skilled worker visa

The UK government has established a points system for individuals interested in working in various firms in the UK. Accordingly, any individual must score 70 points to apply for a worker visa.

Requirements for skilled worker visaPoints
Authentic job offers from a licensed company20
 Clearing the Mandatory English test of the British language10
Your skill level is at RQF3 or above20
Minimum salary of £2304- £25599 or 90% 9f ongoing rate10
Minimum salary of £25600 or above according to ongoing rates of that specific job20
If you are qualified Ph.D.in relevant subject and job20

Benefits for a skilled worker visa holder

You can enjoy tremendous benefits when you get a worker visa in the UK.

  • You can bring your dependents with you in to the UK
  • You can easily travel inside and outside the country
  • Your spouse can also work in the UK
  • You can get a minimum salary threshold of £22500 – £30000
  • You can also work part-time in any other company if you need
  • If you are from a healthcare department, you can get fast visa tracking


In this article, we discussed a comprehensive guideline for skilled worker visas. How you can get it, how much it costs, the benefits of holding skilled worker visa, and the requirements for applying for the skill worker visa. If you have a genuine sponsorship letter from a UK-licensed company and score 70 points from the introduced point table based on your job nature and salary threshold, you can easily obtain skill worker visa.

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