Cheapest Immigration Solicitor Prices In UK

Cheapest Immigration Solicitor Prices In UK

Finding professional solicitors at an affordable price is such a time-consuming process, but it is also worthwhile. Before searching for the cheapest immigration solicitor prices in the UK, you must ensure they are experienced, good at communication, and can handle immigration issues smoothly. Because many low-price solicitors are in the market, they need to be more professional.

In addition, various professional solicitors offer fixed-fee services, for which you must check your budget before hiring. Research, compare market rates, and check the lawyer’s success ratio to find a good, low-priced solicitor. Always choose a lawyer whose success rate is higher and who is an expert in handling complex cases at an affordable price. 

Who Are Immigration Solicitors?

Immigration solicitors help individuals with all sorts of immigration procedures and rules. These professionals guide you in immigration matters, including visa requirements, the procedure to stay, and job applications. While applying for visas, applicants face many challenges, and individuals with less knowledge of the visa application process need to hire these specialized immigration lawyers. 

In addition, when you involve immigration solicitors in your case, they assist you in finding asylum protection, advice, and an easier process. These solicitors explain all the conditions to you and try their best to make you understand all the rules of your visa. Also, they help you get your approval faster. 

What Factors Affect The Prices Of Immigration Solicitors?

Following factors you need to consider before hiring an immigration solicitor: 


Professional solicitors have a high success ratio compared to new ones and have more experience handling complex cases. However, such experienced lawyers charge extra. Also, a skilled lawyer takes time to understand your case and gives you more knowledge about rules and policies.  

Case complexity

Case complexity determines which lawyer is best and who can tackle this case. Immigration solicitors with more knowledge about their field will perform best in these cases. Legal issues of visas involving the court are time-consuming; only experts can do it, and their costs are too high.

Geographical location 

Geographical location is a key to understanding the prices of immigration lawyers. Lawyers in the centre of London charged more, while solicitors in smaller towns charged less. But it does not mean small-town lawyers are not professional; they can take your case passionately. 

Law-firm reputation 

Solicitors who take complex cases in their field at the international level charge more than you expected. This is because of their brand and recognizable personality. These lawyers are not involved in visa issues, and these are simple enough that you need to hire law firm lawyers. 

Cost Of Common Immigration Solicitors

The costs of immigration solicitors in different services are given below:

Visa application 

A visa application is the first step, and it is quite sensitive. As an applicant, you need a lot of knowledge and help. Hiring a lawyer for an application may cost you £5,00 – £2,000. In case of rejection and delays, an additional fee will be required. 

Judicial reviews and appeal

Visa rejections, reviews, and appeals can become complex and sometimes can not be handled thoroughly and charge £2,000 – £8,000. It is mandatory to make your budget before planning a tour and consider all conditions. 

Immigration consultation and advice

On immigration consultation and advice, lawyers charge £100 – £3,00. This is not the rate per consultation; the final price will be determined by the case complexity and the number of advices. It depends on the lawyer how much he charges per meeting. 

ILR applications 

The application process for ILR immigration solicitors costs £15,00 – £30,00. The process involves the permanent settlement for the applicant in the UK. It takes a considerable time frame and a lot of documentation to prove whether an applicant is eligible for the visa. In case of delays, your lawyer helps you make a quick decision by directly approaching consular officers. 

How To Find Best Immigration Solicitors In Affordable Prices?

Following are the points you need to consider to find the cheapest immigration solicitor:

  • Research the average cost of a lawyer for the service you need.
  • Also, getting information from your surroundings would assist you if anyone has the same situation.
  • Try to utilize as much knowledge as possible in free consultations.
  • If it suits you, only get stuck to one lawyer; go for another one.
  • Immigration solicitors with fixed fees are more affordable.
  • Be mindful not to hire an unpracticed lawyer. 
  • For a few cases, immigration solicitors are free to explore your case. 

How To Get Start With Solicitors?

Follow these simple steps to get started with your lawyer:

  • Keep your solicitor in contact with you. Plan a meeting to discuss the case and ask questions that may confuse you, including questions about the immigration process, fees, and other information about your case.
  • After this meeting, your lawyer will take some time to understand the critical points of your case. After that, your solicitor asks to meet again to discuss the nook about the visa application and how to avoid it. 
  • Your solicitor helps you to manage your budget. And lawyers suggest you take the net amount required for your whole procedure. 
  • Once you connect with the lawyer, you can get assistance. 


To conclude, affordability is critical when choosing the cheapest immigration solicitor. Before deciding, you must know general market rates and manage your budget accordingly. Finding an expert solicitor at an affordable price is challenging, so it is necessary to balance a lawyer’s cost and experience. A lawyer with good communication skills, a perfect sense of humour, and the ability to listen to your case carefully and work on it potentially proves best for you. Because such types of lawyers provide peace of mind and provide you with much knowledge about your case, remember to take your solicitor’s success and failure records. 


How do you find the cheapest solicitors without sacrificing quality?

Research is the key to helping you find the best solicitor with good skills at an affordable price. Perform tests on your solicitor by asking difficult questions and asking him to answer your queries. In the initial few meetings, you will learn whether this solicitor can handle your case. 

Will choosing the cheapest solicitor affect my case?

Yes, it might affect your case. A professional solicitor is an expert in handling complex cases, can represent you at court hearings, and can understand the complexities of your case quickly. In addition, the cheapest solicitor will not have enough experience to tackle courts and will not know how to deal with immigration officers.  

Are there any other hidden costs besides the fee?

No, there are no such expenses. Solicitors get their fees, but you have to pay if any amount is required for court hearings, paperwork, and documentation. But these expenses are not included with the lawyer’s fee; these are your visa expenses. 

Why are some immigration solicitors cheaper and some are not?

The cheapest immigration solicitors are those with less experience and expertise in this field. You need to affirm whether they can perform well in your case or not. It is advisable that for complex cases, hire an experienced lawyer who already handles such cases. The cheapest lawyers are also good, but before hiring, check their history. 

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