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7 Year Child Route Application Fees | Application Fee Breakdown

7 Year Child Route Application Fees Application Fee Breakdown

The 7-year child route is a track for children who have continuous residency and are permitted to stay in the UK. It is designed to provide protection to children who do not have a secure residence in the UK, although this route prioritizes establishing new lives with secure humanitarian rights under your legal status. 

In addition, this route involves different fees you must pay at the time of application submission. This route involves the biometric fee, application fee, and IHS fee. Moreover, this route provides benefits to those who can not pay the application fee by providing fee waiver. It is a kind of concession but under some conditions. 

Eligibility Criteria

The 7 year child route eligibility criteria are given below:

  • The applicant must be 18 at the time of applying.
  • Applicants must be qualified for the seven years residency period.
  • You need to prove that the child will not leave the UK as this route is for the betterment of your kid. 

Application Process

The application process of 7 year child route consists of the following steps:

Gathering documents

An applicant needs to provide the following documents that support the application:

  • You need to submit identification documents like an ID card and a valid passport.
  • Provide documents to prove the continuous residency. You can submit a school record, letter of support, medical record, and a letter of community integration. 
  • Also, it would help if you showed that your kid has strong ties with school, community, friends, and a certificate of participation in curricular activities. 

Completion of the application form

  • Get an application form from the official government immigration website.
  • The application form requires details about you, which you must complete accurately. 
  • You need to give original personal information, immigration history, and an authentic reason why it is not reasonable for your kid to leave the UK. 

Fee submission

  • Fee submission includes the application fee, biometric fee, and immigration health surcharge fee. 
  • Submit the fee with an application form online.
  • Use a credit card or debit card to pay fees online. 

Application Fee

The application fee and application form are crucial parts of the submitted visa. According to the latest update, the current application fee is £1,033 per individual; the fee constantly changes, so it is advisable to be updated. People who can not afford the cost can get a fee waiver by following the criteria.

In addition, applicants need to pay an immigration health surcharge, which is mandatory and costs £624 per year. The advantage of paying this fee is that you will get free healthcare from the UK government. You need to pay it annually before paying it. You need to check the updated fee. Another fee associated with the visa process of this route is the biometric fee, which is £19.20 for the verification of your fingerprints and pictures. 

Processing Time

Validity of visa Two years and nine months
Validity for extensionTwo years and six months
Application processing time in the UK8 weeks – 12 weeks
Application processing time outside the UK12 weeks – 16 weeks
Super priority service in £800One working day
Super priority service in £573With in 2-4 working days
Eligibility to apply for indefinite leave to remainYes 
Time required for ILRTen years for parents and seven years for child

Financial Considerations

Some applicants are eligible for fee waiver who comes under the following conditions:

  • If these people are at the risk of being impoverished or already destitute.
  • When paying the application fee, you must compromise on food and housing. 
  • In your circumstances, you must justify why you are eligible for a fee waiver. 

After Application

Two types of outcomes are there at the time of decision:

Successful application

Once an application is submitted, you get the standard decision within eight weeks of applying. If the application is successful, the child and the family will remain in the UK for a limited duration of 2.5 years. During this time frame, you can study, work, and assess public funds. After that period, you can get the chance for an extension, and when you qualify for the permanent residency period, you can apply for citizenship. 

Unsuccessful application

In case of a denied application, home officers send you a letter on which they mention the reason for your failure. But relax, you have another chance to reapply again. You need to prepare a new application, also you can hire an immigration lawyer that assists you to overcome your errors. 

Challenges and Considerations

The seven-year child route offers a range of opportunities, but sometimes applicants face these challenges:

  • Gathering documents can be challenging because some people must save and discard records. Home officers sometimes ask you to provide statements from institutes and community leaders, which could be troublesome. 
  • The application fee and health surcharge are an additional burden on low-income families, and when they think they can not pay the fee, they cancel their plan to apply for this visa.
  • In handling complex cases, some people get legal advice from immigration solicitors, which is an additional cost for them, but it increases the chances of success. 


To conclude, the 7-year child route is essential for kids and offers them a chance to build a new life in the UK. The pathway provides stability and security to the children and their families. However, the application process involves matchless efforts and financial stability. But do not worry; individuals who can not afford the fee can get a waiver after qualifying. Before applying for this route, you must understand the requirements, application process, gathering documents, mandatory fee, and decision. Eventually, this route aims for continuous growth and welfare of the kids. 


What happens if I can not pay the application fee all at once?

If you can not bear the cost of application fee or paying fee leads you to poverty you can get fee waiver. You need to write an application letter in which you address the home officer. You will demonstrate that paying this fee leads to hardship for your basic financial needs. 

Can the application fee be refunded in case of rejection?

No, it is not refundable. The cost is nonrefundable once paid and can not be returned. To save this fee, you must make your application error-free and provide necessary documents and other supporting evidence. Otherwise, you will need to pay this fee again on the next try. 

Do I need to pay for the application for each child?

Yes, each child or family member needs to pay an application fee separately. If you have four kids, you need to pay the application fee for each kid; with a single fee, you can not apply for all of your kids. Every kid has to fulfill the requirements and other visa rules.

Can I get a fee waiver for the application fee?

Pay the application fee online. You must claim sufficient funds to pay the fee and enter the payment details during the online application process. If you want a waiver, you need to apply for it before application, and if your waiver confirms afterward, you need to proceed further. 

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