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ILR Application: Complete Process, Requirements, & Guidance

ILR Application

ILR Application: Complete Process, Requirements, & Guidance

People who want to start their business and reside in the UK Indefinite leave to remain is the best option for them. People can live there securely without having any limitations when they have ILR. in addition to this you will have the chance to study, work, avail public funds, travel all around the UK, and citizenship. 

ILR (Indefinite leave to remain) is another term also referred to permanent residency, or settlement visa. It is one of the greatest achievements if you get this opportunity. ILR is a complicated and time taking process but has a milestone as after that you have free education and healthcare. 

What are the requirements for an ILR application?

Follow these requirement to fulfil the eligibility criteria of ILR application:

  • Applicants have to spend their maximum time in the UK during the ILR period.
  • The candidate should be good in character.
  • I need to pass the LifeLife test in the UK.
  • Proof of English language certificate with levels C1, C2, B1, and B2,.
  • During the ILR period, candidates must be within the UK for at most 180 days. 

The time requirement for ILR depends on different visa types, such as the five-year time requirement for the ILR spouse visa and skilled worker visa. In comparison, there is a three year time period for the time requirement for the innovator visa and global talent. However, after having ILR you can apply for citizenship and this procedure will take only 12 months.

What Are The Exemptions Of ILR Application?

In a few cases, some individuals are waived from applying for ILR, such as spouse visa holders whose partners die before the ILR required period. Also, there is no English language test for those with poor mental health, ages under 18 and over 65, and applicants who belong to English-speaking countries, including:

  • New Zealand
  • Malta
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Jamaica
  • Dominica
  • Belize
  • Barbados
  • Australia
  • Antigua
  • The Bahamas 
  • Tobago
  • USA
  • St Kitts
  • St Lucia
  • Trinidad 
  • Grenadines
  • Grenada
  • Barbuda
  • Guyana

However, a person with the following is not waived to pass the LifeLife of the UK test:

  • Person of domestic violence.
  • Commonwealth citizen who is currently discharged from HM forces.
  • HSMP program judicial review and also their dependents.
  • Unmarried partners, civil partners, people who are already living in the UK, and bereaved spouses. 
  • Relatives of already settled people like parents, dependents, etc.

Process of Applying For ILR Application?

  • The process of applying for an ILR application is relatively easy. You need to consider the following points:
  • Submit an online application form on the UK government website, complete the form, and provide the correct information.
  • Pay the ILR application fee.
  • Go to your nearest UKVCAS point for biometric identity. 
  • Provide all documentation on the day of the appointment when you go for biometrics. 
  • If you want to know more about your application and procedure, please attend an interview with the UKVCAS setup.

What Documents Are Required For ILR Application?

Documents required for ILR application are mentioned below:

  • Possessed travel documents and passports you will have when you are in the UK.
  • Being a dependent, you must have your adoption or birth certificates attached to your application.
  • If you register with the UK police, provide a police registration certificate.
  • If required, provide proof of an English language certificate and LifeLife of the UK test.
  • Two colored-sized pictures of each applicant and write their name at the back of the photographs.

Refusal Of ILR Application

If your application is refused before applying, hire an immigration lawyer to consult correctly and take your lawyer’s advice seriously to secure your settlement. All applications are not based on human rights and can not appealed again, so in this case, go for other options such as:

  • Judicial review
  • Administrative review 

Further, a lot of reasons for application refusal are listed below:

  • Criminal records
  • Provide wrong or fake information.
  • Sometimes, individuals still need to be eligible for the visa but still apply. In this case, they face rejection.
  • Individuals are involved in sham relationships or have sham partners.
  • Did not UK laws previously.
  • Exclusion from the UK
  • Provide only some information that is written in the application.

When To Apply For ILR?

This is the most crucial question asked by various applicants, and the answer is quite simple: it depends on the visa category. Some can apply after 3 accelerated routes, and some can apply after 5 or 10 years. 

Visa types of accelerated route

The following visa types are considered under accelerated route:

  • Investor visa
  • Global talent visa
  • Innovator visa
  • Entrepreneur visa

Visa types of 5-year route

The following visa types are considered under the 5-years route:

  • Work visa
  • Business visa
  • Child visa
  • Skilled worker visa
  • Spouse visa
  • Ancestry visa
  • Family visa

Visa type of 10 years route

The following visa types are considered under the 10-year route:

  • There is no specific category of visa for this type; it is a long route that you have to pass due to some delays. 

ILR For Dependents

The following dependent of any settled overseas can apply for ILR:

  • Your partner is like your husband, wife, unmarried partner, civil partner, or relationship partner that have been together for the last two years.
  • Under 18 kids.
  • Those over 18 who are independent can also apply.

Like others, these dependents must meet the requirements, such as language text, the life of the UK test, bank statement, residence, proof of funds, and proof of first-month income. 

  • For dependent partner £285
  • For dependent first kid £215
  • For other dependent kids, £200

In some cases, all family members complete their citizenship period simultaneously, so they apply for settlement at once. In case the individual who came later will apply for IL after the completion of their IL given period. 


In conclusion, ILR is a complex process for individuals, but making an application with proper guidance and detailed knowledge makes your settlement possible, and your route becomes more accessible than ever. Try to gather all necessary information about the application, provide the required documentation and supporting paperwork, and fill out the application correctly. If you follow the procedure smoothly with patience, the results will improve, and your success ratio will increase. Lastly, follow these steps and take advantage of the golden chance to become a permanent resident of the UK. 


Can my ILR be revoked?

Yes, the government of the UK has the right to revoke your indefinite leave to remain (ILR) application under the following circumstances:

  • If you break UK laws
  • If you do any offense criminal activity

So, to avoid such situations, it is important to maintain a good curriculum and be a good UK citizen.

What is the best and earliest time to apply to the ILR?

Your visa type will decide the processing time of your application. Some visas process quickly, and some take time, but for good results, make a proper application under the supervision of your lawyer. Consult with the home office if you need clarification about something. The best time to apply for ILR is after spending five or ten years in the UK. After that period, your application will be processed as soon as possible. 

What is the cost of an ILR application?

The application fee also depends on the visa category, but according to the government website, the current standard fee is 2380 euros. 

How long does an ILR application take to process?

ILR application takes time to process as compared to other visas, and the processing of the application depends on various factors like:

  • Case complexity
  • Visa category
  • Workload of agency 
  • Fee submission
  • Biometric verification

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