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Immigration Lawyers Sheffield

Immigration Lawyers Sheffield

In the vibrant city of Sheffield, nestled in South Yorkshire, immigration is not just a national issue but a local reality. Moreover, with its diverse population and thriving economy, Immigration Lawyers Sheffield attracts individuals from across the globe seeking opportunities, refuge, or reunification with loved ones. Nonetheless, the journey to establishing oneself in a new country can be fraught with legal complexities and bureaucratic hurdles. Consequently, this is where the expertise of immigration lawyers becomes invaluable. Additionally, KQ solicitors offer professional assistance and guidance on a range of legal issues. This includes expertise in areas like family law and personal injury claims, ensuring our customers get the best effective legal representation.

Services Offered by KQ Solicitors 

As a qualified and experienced solicitors team, we, KQ solicitors offer our services in all immigration aspects. Mostly lawyers offer only immigration services, some of them can cover other visa issues too. But KQ solicitors offer a wide range of immigration aspects including family visa, study visa, work visa, asylum issues, humanitarian protection, and any emergency case of immigration. Some of the basic services we offer are

  • A complete and thorough understanding of the case with free consultation
  • Application submission of the case with acknowledgement
  • Documents checking process which is absolutely free of cost
  • If you are applying for business visa, we will guide you completely about all the possible ups and downs
  • If case outcome is not according to your desire, we help you to file the appeal again the decision
  • For refugees, we offer emergency services for asylum too.

Nationality and Residency in the United Kingdom

There are several ways to apply for British citizenship.

  • One option to apply for British citizenship is through an application for indefinite permission to remain.
  • For many immigrants who want to live in London, obtaining indefinite leave to remain is the last step towards obtaining lawful permanent status in the UK.
  • Obtaining UK Nationality and British Residency signifies that the immigration procedure is over.
  • This procedure is essential for individuals looking to live a secure and legal life in the UK.

Family and Partner Visas

Specifically for individuals already residing in the UK, facilitating the reunion with spouses or close family members. Various visa applications are available, and our immigration lawyers are experts in the following: 

UK Family Visas:

  • Enables British citizens in the UK to bring family members to join them.

Spouse Visas UK :

  • Allows the legal partners of British citizens residing in the UK to apply, covering married couples and civil partnerships.

UK Fiancé Visas:

  • Tailored for couples intending to formalize their legal partnership in the UK.

UK Unmarried Partner Visas:

  • Designed for couples in de facto marriage relationships who are not married but wish to reside together in the UK.
  • Qualification for these visas may open avenues for indefinite leave to remain and potential eligibility for British citizenship in the future.

Requirements for the indefinite leave to remain

Before discussing the requirements for the indefinite leave to remain, we must have knowledge for the indefinite leave to remain.

What is the indefinite leave to remain?

 Indefinite leave to remain is basically the permit to live in the UK for studies, business, or work for as much time as you want. This permit is issued by the UK government when you qualify and meet all the needs for this application. You can also apply for British Nationality if you successfully obtain the ILR. 

Requirements for the indefinite leave to remain are as follow;

Duration of Residency

  • This basic and fundamental requirement for ILR is the time period you spent in the UK. Mostly you have to spend a minimum of five years continuously to apply for ILR. Whether you are working here on a work visa or you are studying here, you can apply for ILR and can enjoy all the benefits of “settled status”. 

Compliance with Immigration Conditions

  • You must not have violated any laws or immigration requirements in the UK.

Absence Limitation

  • Must have spent 180 days traveling outside the UK in 12 months while residing there.

The UK Test of Life

  • You must pass the Life in the UK exam. This test is designed to measure your knowledge of UK history, customs, and culture.

Proficiency in the English Language

  • You must demonstrate that your proficiency in the English language is at least B1 in speaking, writing, listening, and reading.

Business and Work Visas

Skilled worker visa basically describes the official work permit for the foreigners to allow them to work in the UK legally. Skilled worker visa and global Business Mobility visa are two common types of visa, granted to overseas individuals who seek to settle a business in the UK.

Sponsor Licence for EU or EEA Workers:

  • Businesses hiring EU or EEA workers must possess a valid sponsor license.
  • Our business immigration lawyers in Newcastle provide expert assistance.

Tier 1 Investor Visa for International Businesspersons:

  • KQ Solicitors provide extensive assistance to international businesspeople planning to enter the UK for investment or entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Our services cover all aspects of the Tier 1 Investor Visa application process.

Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa for International Workers:

  • Immigration advice and assistance tailored for international workers seeking employment in the UK.
  • Focus on guiding applicants through the Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa application process.

Requirements for the Skilled Worker Visa

Do you want to work and settle in the UK? Are you ready to fly to the UK for a bright future and great work opportunities? Let’s discuss it together about the requirements and essential needs for a skilled worker visa. When you are ready to apply for a business or work visa for the UK, you must keep in mind these basic and primary requirements.

An employment offer from a UK company

  • You must have received a job offer from a UK company with a sponsorship license.
  • Your potential employer must provide you with a special certificate of sponsorship license.

Requirement for Minimum Salary

  • The employer must offer a minimum compensation appropriate for the position.

Points-Based System

  • To proceed, one must receive a minimum of 70 points.

Fluency in the English Language

  • You must demonstrate that, unless you are from a nation where the majority language is English, you can comprehend and communicate in English at the level of B1 as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Financial Abilities

  • While in the UK, you need to have enough money to maintain yourself.

Certification for Tuberculosis

  • A current TB certificate is required, if applicable.

Mandatory Points for Skilled Worker Visa Applicants

Here are some mandatory and cardinal points for skilled worker visa applicants that must be followed as per the directions of the  UK government

Offer of Employment

  • Offer a job from a UK company with a sponsorship license (20 points).

Skill Level of the Job

  • Job at the appropriate skill level (20 points).

English Language Proficiency

  • English-language ability at the level of B1 (10 points).


  • File an asylum claim in the United Kingdom.
  • If immigration authorities reject your previous asylum application, we advise you to submit a fresh one.
  • File an appeal with the First Tier Tribunal on the denial of asylum.
  • File an appeal against a decision granting asylum support.
  • Humanitarian protection or refugee settlement.

How do we Work

KQ Solicitors has refined the immigration process into three simple steps, making it easy for clients to navigate.

Step 1: Consultation

The process begins with a consultation where clients provide information about their situation. This allows the solicitors to understand the client’s needs and determine how they can be assisted.

Step 2: Application Planning

The solicitors plan the application after the consultation. They identify the best visa pathway for the client and ensure that the application is correctly filled out and supported with the necessary documentation to avoid potential issues.

Step 3: Application Submission

Once we thoroughly prepare the application, KQ Solicitors submit it to UK Immigration on behalf of the client. They then monitor its progress and resolve any issues that may arise, such as requests for meetings from the Home Office.

Contact them for help or to learn more about KQ Solicitors’ services. Please email us at or call +44 7853 844688 to schedule your appointment with KQ Solicitors.

Why us?

Expert Guidance

Clients benefit from the expertise of KQ Solicitors, who have in-depth knowledge of UK immigration laws and procedures. This ensures that clients receive high-quality assistance throughout the application process.

Efficient Resolution

In case of any complications or requests for additional information from the Home Office, KQ solicitors promptly address them, ensuring that the application process progresses smoothly and efficiently.


In Immigration Lawyers Sheffield, KQ Solicitors stands as a reliable guide through the intricacies of immigration law. Furthermore, offering expertise in various areas, from Indefinite Leave to Remain applications to business and work visas, KQ Solicitors ensures clients receive tailored support. Moreover, the streamlined three-step process reflects their commitment to efficient service, including consultation, application planning, and submission. With a focus on meeting specific requirements, such as those for the Skilled Worker Visa, KQ Solicitors navigates clients through the complexities of the UK’s immigration system. Whether it’s family reunification, business ventures, or asylum claims, KQ Solicitors provides expert guidance, making the journey towards legal residency and citizenship in the UK smoother for individuals in Sheffield.


Q: What types of legal services do KQ Solicitors offer in Sheffield?

A: KQ Solicitors offers a wide range of legal services, including expertise in immigration law, family law, personal injury claims, and more.

Q: How can I apply for British citizenship or residency in the UK in Sheffield?

A: There are several pathways to British citizenship or residency, including applications for indefinite permission to remain and various visa options tailored to individual circumstances.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for Indefinite Leave to Remain status?

A: To qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain, applicants must meet criteria such as residency duration, compliance with immigration conditions, passing the Life in the UK test, and demonstrating proficiency in English language skills.

Q: What visa options are available for family reunification in the UK?

A: KQ Solicitors specialize in assisting individuals with family and partner visas, including options for spouses, fiancés, unmarried partners, and other close family members.

Q: What are the critical requirements for the Skilled Worker Visa?

A: Requirements for the Skilled Worker Visa include securing a job offer from a UK company with a sponsorship license, meeting minimum salary criteria, scoring at least 70 points on the points-based system, demonstrating English language proficiency, and providing proof of financial capabilities.

Q: How does KQ Solicitors assist with business and work visas in Sheffield?

A: KQ Solicitors provide expert guidance on obtaining sponsor licenses for EU or EEA workers, assisting with Tier 1 Investor Visas for international businesspersons, and guiding applicants through the Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa application process.

Q: What services does KQ Solicitors offer for asylum seekers in Sheffield?

A: KQ Solicitors offer comprehensive support for asylum seekers, including assistance in filing asylum claims, appealing decisions, and seeking humanitarian protection or refugee settlement.

Q: What is the process for working with KQ Solicitors?

A: KQ Solicitors’ process is streamlined and consists of consultation, application planning, and submission. Clients benefit from expert guidance throughout the application process, ensuring efficient resolution of complications or requests for additional information.

Q: Why choose KQ Solicitors as Immigration Lawyers Sheffield?

A: Clients choose KQ Solicitors for their Immigration Lawyers Sheffield expertise in UK immigration laws and procedures, commitment to efficient service, and dedication to providing high-quality assistance tailored to individual needs.

Summary table

Services OfferedEligibility/ Requirements
Nationality and ResidencyAt least five years of residency in the UK
Compliance with immigration conditions
Maximum 180 days outside the UK per year
Pass the Life in the UK exam.
English language proficiency at B1 level
Family and Partner VisasVarious visa options are available
Eligibility may lead to indefinite leave to remain
Business and Work VisasSponsor licence for EU or EEA workers
Tier 1 Investor Visa for international businesspersons
Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa for international workers
AsylumFile asylum claim in the UK
Submit a fresh application if immigration authorities reject the previous one.
Appeal against denial or decision granting asylum support
Humanitarian protection or refugee settlement
How We WorkConsultation
Application Planning
Application Submission
Why Choose UsExpert Guidance
Efficient resolution

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