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Settled Status Application EU Citizens | How to Apply For It

Settled Status Application

Having settled status means you are a UK national with all freedoms and blessings, including free education, employment, tax treaty, and health care. You can travel around the UK and Europe on behalf of this settlement. 

However, there are some restrictions, such as your settlement status being canceled if you stay outside the UK for up to two months or in case of violation and serious crime. If you do not participate in such activities soon, you will get citizenship. Although it is quite complex, individuals need to pass the requirements and eligibility criteria to achieve settlement. 

How To Achieve Settled Status

When you become a lawful resident of the UK after the required time, you can live there without restrictions and earn a good education. Once you spend this amount of time without breaching UK laws, you will get ILR. After ILR, you can apply for PR, and within six months, you will achieve citizenship. 

In addition, the process is smooth and fast. Still, individuals will be unable to fulfill the criteria, are unaware of how to complete the application, and need help understanding the required documents. The result is that they are rejected. First, you need to understand whether you are meant for this visa or not. Then, consult with a lawyer and figure out what the application requirements are. When you are able to do all these things, your application will be approved soon.  

Settled Status For Pervious ILR

If you had an indefinite leave to remain but you were absent from the UK from the previous two years, your ILR would be canceled. You will apply for a returning visa to go back to a visa and get ILR again. To become eligible for the visa again, you have to:

  • Proof of good character certificate.
  • Have good intentions to come back
  • Proof of absence 
  • Previously had fair relation with the company you work or with your neighbors

In this regard, you should consult with your immigration lawyer about how to get your ILR back and how to reapply. 

EUSS (EU Settlement Scheme)

The EU settlement scheme was introduced during the Brexit period to control immigration. The scheme permits EU individuals to stay permanently in the UK after the referendum. After applying, people get either settled or per-settled status. 


People who belong to EU countries and have spent less than five years will get pre-settled status. This status allows them to complete the remaining time, and afterward, you will get ILR. After spending five years, that individual will apply again, and this time, they will be awarded settled status. 


Settled status permits the individual to live in the UK with those rights which a normal UK citizen has. You will get everything and can live there with no restrictions.

What Are The Requirements Of Settlement?

The following are the requirements of settlement:

  • Meet the minimum given financial requirement, which costs £18,600 annually. 
  • If you are under 18 and dependent, provide your guardian’s written proof that this person sponsors you.
  • Submit the salary slip that you get in the UK.
  • Provide a certificate that shows you are not involved in criminal activities and domestic violence.
  • Pass level B1 language if you are between 18-65.
  • It is necessary to pass the Life of the UK test. 
  • The exact requirements are for the dependents.  

Who Is Eligible for Settlement?

People who fall under this criteria will be eligible for settlement:

  • If you are the family member of the person who has citizenship.
  • You are the dependent of the settled citizen.
  • Have passed the qualifying period of 5-10 years.
  • Considered under the route of long-residence.
  • Previously, you had a visa that takes you to a settlement.

How To Submit Settlement Application?

When you know that you meet all the requirements, complete your application either in Set M or Set O form. If your dependents have the following visas, you need to go for the Set O form:

  • Self-employers
  • PBS dependents
  • Work permit holders
  • Ancestry visa holders
  • Artists
  • Bereaved residents

Set M Form: But if you depend on a settled person, fill out the M set form. 

How To Apply For Settlement Application?

If you are applying from inside the UK, you need to have one of these four routes:

  • A worker visa lasts for five years; you can apply for settlement.
  • Spouse, ancestry, and settlement visa directly take you to settlement.
  • Under the route of long-term residence, if you spend ten years in the UK and are eligible to meet requirements, you can go for ILR or PR.
  • People under protection programs are considered under ILR.

When To Apply For Settlement?

After spending the qualifying time period of 5-10 years, you can apply for settlement. If a person with a three-year visa goes for the renewal and gets the chance to renew the visa, the person will remain in the UK for more than three years, and after that time, ILR is applicable for that individual. 

While applying for the settlement, try not to move from the UK for up to 28 days; otherwise, your settlement will be canceled. If you are on a skilled worker visa, spouse visa, or long-residence visa, you can apply for PR after the required time. Your time will start from the first day you arrive in the UK. 


Applying for settled status application is a battleground opportunity for the EU, EAA, and Swiss nationals to settle their whole family in the UK. The settlement ensures the benefits of good health care, employment, education, and public funds.  The process is user-friendly; it involves submitting supporting documents and completing the application. People who take it as a challenge can get assistance from government websites and hire immigration lawyers to make this procedure easy. Once settled, you can live peacefully in the UK without any asylum violation. 


How do I check my settled status application?

Follow these steps to check your settled status application:

  • Visit the UK official government website.
  • Sign in to this website, or you can create your account.
  • Assess the immigration service and go to the settlement visa application
  • Fill in the required information.
  • View to check your status. 
  • If you are waiting for approval, check your status regularly. 

What happens if my application is rejected?

It might be possible if your application needs to be stronger and you must complete the necessary paperwork. You need to provide additional and supporting documents to strengthen your application. If you do not understand the reason for your rejection, you may consult with organizations and immigration lawyers for the right advice. 

Is there any deadline for settling the status?

Yes, there is a deadline for submitting the application, which is present on the website. Keep yourself up to date because dates change regularly. There is a six-month time gap between the settled status application of the UK and that of other countries. For example, if 30 December is the deadline in the UK, in other countries, this deadline would be 30 June. 

What are the required documents for a settlement application?

You must apply for the same documents, whether online or physically. These necessary documents are proof of your relation with EU nationals, passports, national identity, and evidence of your residence, except that some support will be required in a few cases.

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